peacock Painting Demonstration

peacock Painting Demonstration

Hi, this is Miriam Schulman. Welcome to my studio. Today, I’m going to paint a peacock for you, surprise, surprise. Peacocks are one of my favorite subjects, and my collectors love them. This one was supposed to be a 4 by 6 foot commission, and I don’t know if
you can tell just by looking at it, I certainly couldn’t, but my canvas is actually only 5 feet wide. So, I had to paint this peacock again for my customer. So, this
peacock actually is available for sale, and I am in love with it. I’m not… I’m going to be listing that in my Etsy shop, and in the meantime, I’ll be fostering the
peacock in my living room, lucky me, ’cause it goes beautifully in my living room. So, I spent probably 15 to 20 hours on this
particular commission. I have this sped up about
sixty to seventy times the actual speed. See, there’s my cat in the window she loves sitting there. Her name’s Ebony, by the way, and she loves keeping me company in the studio. See, this is one of my favorite things to paint, and the striped shirt, you’ll see me wear it a lot. I do change clothes though. I do wash it in between. Here I am, getting my exercise by squatting on the floor while I paint. You can see I have lots of layers in these peacocks. The colors will change over time quite a bit as I make adjustments, go back and forth, Here I am, just sketching it out. …Going back to that yoga pose again My husband says I do everything while I put groceries away… He says I do things a lot faster if I use both hands. Okay, so, here I am, it’s a different day. This is something else I like to wear a lot, my red peasant blouse. I mixed together a very neutral collar around… and don’t I paint fast… but I mixed together the blue and the purple to make this neutral gray that harmonizes with the rest of the painting. I’m probably mixing something off camera right now. Maybe that, or I’m checking my lines out. Not sure which. I’m actually taking a long time to put in a neutral background color Okay, new outfit, new day. same shorts probably. You can see the background takes me a few days to put in. …keep mixing up the same mixture over again… Oh, I’m using a Vogue magazine as my palette for some reason, I don’t know why. Now I’m just adding finishing touches That’s it! So, thanks for joining me. Hope
you enjoyed this demonstration, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for

8 thoughts on “peacock Painting Demonstration

  1. That was totally awesome watching that painting come to life.  You are really good, and I love how you sped up the video… so people watching wouldn't get bored, and watch it all the way through.  I know I did.  SUPER.

  2. Watched the whole thing. Very cathartic. Love this type of video. Even the subject is calming. Brings back sweet childhood memories of going to our local zoo. The peacocks roamed freely within the zoo and to this day, when I hear a peacock call, I remember being at our zoo. Thank you for filming this and showing it to us, Miriam.

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