Persona 3 and 4 Wall Art! My Poster and Wallscroll Collection

Persona 3 and 4 Wall Art! My Poster and Wallscroll Collection

Waves and roooooooocks Hello from your buddy OhMySuperSaiyanGod! My love for collectibles from Atlus’s Persona
series is too big to be contained in the figures themselves- so I’ve gotta display it on my
walls, too! Here’s my collection of posters and wallscrolls. We’ll start with what you can see behind me:
You might remember this from my Chie collection video: my prized possession, signed by Erin
Fitzgerald, THE Chie herself! I got this at Anime Expo a couple years ago
and love it more than life itself. Am I exagerating? NO. Next is this gorgeous Japanese Persona 4 Arena
Ultimax poster, or Persona 4 the Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold as they called it there. Kinda a mouthful. I was gifted this by Atlus staff at Evo 2015,
I guess they can recognize a Persona 4 fanatic when they see one? Here’s my newest aquisition. This massive Persona 4 the Animation wallscroll
was on clearance, and so cheap that I naturally assumed it was going to be alot smaller. This was literally the only spot on my bedroom
wall that I could fit it! And now, we’re going to go where no OhMySuperSaiyanGod
video has gone before- that’s right, we’re leaving the bedroom, and venturing out
into my apartment! Remember my Japanese P4AU poster from five
seconds ago? I hope so, it was five seconds ago. I’ve also got an american one, once again
straight from Atlus staff at an event, in this case it was when they were demoing the
game as well as Persona Q before they were released at an event at UCI. The difference between the two posters is
pretty striking! I do like how this one includes all the characters,
and Yu is looking very, uh, studly, for lack of a better word. Finally, something that ISN’T Persona 4! This Persona 3 wall scroll is as massive as
my Persona 4 the animation one, and it features everyone staring down thier Personas. Very dynamic composition wise! Even if the negative space in the center kinda
bothers me. Still though, absolutely gorgeous and it’s
nice to have best dog up on my wall. Thank you so much for watching! It is always my pleasure to share my fanaticism
with you all. Yay! Waves and roooooocks

5 thoughts on “Persona 3 and 4 Wall Art! My Poster and Wallscroll Collection

  1. Sweet Persona posters and wall scrolls.Especially the signed Chie one.Can't wait for Persona 5 even though it's been delayed 🙁

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