Peter Becomes Every Millennial Hipster Ever – Family Guy

Peter Becomes Every Millennial Hipster Ever – Family Guy

Remember, Peter, never walk anywhere when
you can ride something weird instead. What’s that? Sorry, I was taking a selfie while shooting
a Snapchat while Periscoping that Snapchat while Instagramming latte art while Shazaming
The Weekend while streaming Master of None while retweeting George Takei while saying
“This wins the Internet!” while still being hashtag soooo bored. Hammer? Hammer? Come on, man, don’t make me look up from my
phone. – (CHIME) – Oh, you’re texting me. Oh, no! Hammer! You! Call 911! You! Give me your shirt to make a tourniquet! You! Snap a pic. Clarendon filter. Clarendon! Hammer, stay with me, buddy. Peter, if I die, chop my body up and serve
me as street tacos. So selfless. No! I won’t let you be made into tacos! (WHEEZING): Peter it’s-it’s too late. Listen, I’ve got this idea for a business,
and I want you to have it. It’s artisanal. A-Artisanal Artisanal what? Is it pretzels? Is it artisanal pretzels?! Has that been done? Does anyone know if artisanal pretzels is
a thing? It seems so obvious, yet I don’t think I’ve
ever seen them. I better do millennial CPR. One ugh, whatever Two ugh, whatever Three
ugh, I’m gonna let my parents take care of this. Great news, Chris. I figured out how to recreate the best part
of the Internet. I’ve got pictures of five celebrities who
you’d never believe used to be fat. – Great, let’s see ’em. – Sure, buddy. But first you have to watch this unwelcome
pop-up ad. I don’t want probiotics. Then press the “skip ad” button. Why should I do all this work? They’re really good pictures, Chris. Number three will shock you. Okay, I’ll press it. Oh, no! You pressed in the wrong place, and now you’re
being sent to the ad’s website, which also has additional pop-ups. This is a nightmare! Just tell me one of ’em. Kenan Thompson. That’s not a surprise! Peter? What are you doing? Oh, I’m your Waze app today. – You on your way to work? – Yeah, I am. All right, you will be there in six minutes. Just start heading straight. Okay, sounds good. – So, how’s everything at – Take a right! Right now! (TIRES SQUEAL) Geez, okay, calm down. Left! Take a left immediately! (WOMAN SCREAMS) PETER: Would you like to upgrade
to an ad-free experience for $4.99? – QUAGMIRE: No. – Try new Domino’s Pizza.

100 thoughts on “Peter Becomes Every Millennial Hipster Ever – Family Guy

  1. Episode? Gonna watch it. Can't believe Family Guy did this. Guessing hatemail will be sent to them by angry folks. Edit. Saw the DDR one. Must be a compilation triggering social media folks.

  2. Funny vid nice one i like the man dancing and singiing barbie girl hes funny๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

  3. The bus driver should get the key to the city for taking out the biggest millennial loser!!! ๐Ÿ‘

  4. They are actual games that you can find at cec like ddr and busy ๐Ÿ. The sky tubes were also spot on what is this part of the millennial episode or is this spliced in from a different episode?

  5. "I got hit by a ๐ŸšŒ. Feeling โ˜น๏ธ
    Get off your phone and look ๐Ÿhind you! I might be RIP."


  6. i don't think i could ever be friends with someone who has that incredibly annoying haircut, the "undercut man-bun" i think it's called. every person has one regardless of their own style – thugs, nerds, normal average people, everybody. same thing with those septum rings. totally out of place. a normal person who has nothing else "alternative" about their appearance should not have a septum ring. it just looks plain stupid.

    but back to the haircut – do people do it just because it's a trend or because they actually think it looks good? people who have that haircut must have their stupid head up their ass.

    the other thing is with people constantly on their smart phones – what are they all doing constantly? i walk into a classroom and all 25 people are just looking at their phones. instagram, snapchat, whatever else – how can any of that be entertaining? are you people ever going to take an opportunity to just look out a window, walk around with no music or devices or distractions of any kind, and conceive a thought – any kind of thought that has anything to do with existence?

    i'm just full of complaints and i'm just eager to get my opinions out there. i'm a "millennial" as well and i despise the generation's culture, obviously. i mainly hate the phone thing. it's like, save using the internet for when you get home. don't you have to pay attention at school/work? focus on what's important. read a book for god's sake.

  7. Como no les vendes lo que quieren a estos triplehijueputicas.
    A las suelas me llegan todos.
    Un error andar con esas basuritas.

  8. 0:30 I'm hysterically laughing because that's how my one friend will text me. I die email I see the "look ๐Ÿhind you"

  9. I was born in 1992. Technically Iโ€™m a millennial. And to me, most of the stuff Hammer was showing Peter just seems dumb.

  10. I'm a millennial born in late 1999 and I can tell you this is not entirely true. Not all millenials are annoying hipsters who think they are superior to everyone else

  11. Without the electric scooter, he would look like a gen z; as a millennail this is not how they would look

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