Ph of Bottled Water | Water pH Level Test (2019)

Ph of Bottled Water | Water pH Level Test (2019)

Alright, guys in today’s video, we will be
doing a ph level test for some of the most popular bottled waters on the market. We’ll be testing to see if the water is either
acidic or alkaline, and see if it holds up to their labeled pH values they are marketed
as. The more blue it appears means the more alkaline,
and the more green means the more acidic, so without further a do, lets start testing! Alright guys, so I have 10 ml otherwise 2
teaspoons of each water poured into these plastic cups. Ill be dropping 3 drops of the pH reagent
to see how acidic or alkaline the water becomes. Let’s drop these in and see what we get. First off starting with Coca-colas brand of
water dasani, already we are noticing some acidic coloring going on. Thanks coke, I’ll give that a 4.0, so very
acidic, depending on your health needs, stay away from dasani if you are avoiding acidic
waters. Moving on to essentia, complete opposite,
you can tell it turned a deep blue almost purple, gonna give it a 8.5. Already we got opposites going on. Let’s move onto Smart Water, so smart water
is looking acidic to me too, but less acidic than dasani, im gonna give it a 5.5. Moving onto aquafina, a product of pepsi,
a rival to cocacola, also on the acidic side, i’m gonna give it a 4.5. Moving onto Fiji, water that actually is sourced
in Fiji, branded as natural artesian water, looks alkaline to me, I’ll give it a 8.0. Moving
On, aqua hydrate, a purified water with electrolytes, claiming to be 9.5 and up, looking more like
8.5. Now testing life water, also a purified water
with electrolytes Added for taste, can you guys taste a difference,
let me know in the comments below if you do, looks more on the acidic side, i’m gonna give
it a 5.5, now a popular One i grew up with, crystal geyser, a mountain
spring water from Mt. Whitney, looking alkaline to me, i’ll give it a 8. Now for another electrolyte water that claims
its free From fluoride, chromium 6, mtbe, arsenic and
chlorine, sounds all good to me, comes out alkaline, i’ll give it an 8 as well. Moving on next we have arrowhead,
Which like crystal geyser is 100% mountain spring water, we have, a very solid blue color,
i’ll give it a 8.5, close to 9. Next up we have icelandic, spring water coming
from iceland, created by a volcanic eruption that caused an underground spring with its
own natural filtration system. We get 7.5 to 8. Now i’m gonna test the water we have from
our sink, we don’t have any filtration, so it’s just pure tap water, and awesome, looks
blue to me , and i’ll be giving that a 8 as well. So you might be wondering is acidic or alkaline
water really an issue i should be Worried about, first off I’d love to see what
you have to say about it in the comments Below, so write in and lets discuss there. I’m actually saving that topic for an entirely
different Video to go over in depth, so subscribe to
not miss that, as it might be interesting. Now i have all the water lined up from acidic
to basic so you can get a better overview, Ill also list them out in the description
as well. And if you guys want to test the ph of your
own water bottles or your tap water at home, check out the link i have for this ph tester
in the description below, i think it was like 10$ dollars, and is a cool tool to show your
friends and at the same time be conscious of the water you are drinking. I hope you guys enjoyed the video, and have
learned exactly what your bottled water pH’s are, if you guys liked the video, I hope you
do give it a like, and subscribe to my health channel to never miss important health topic
videos I have lined up in the future. As always, thanks for watching.

3 thoughts on “Ph of Bottled Water | Water pH Level Test (2019)

  1. Let me know what you think about acidic vs. alkaline water below! I'd love to hear your opinions!

  2. Thank goodness I had always been drinking Arrowhead for years. I remember trying Smart Water and Dasani and always telling my friends that it tasted terrible, I guess I can see see why now. Thanks for the video man, really great stuff!

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