Piggies paint the walls with hands story

hey kids I’m almost done painting the
living room then it needs to dry cool that will just stay in here and play almost done just need to cover up a few
more spots oh honey it looks great the color is even and perfect thanks honey I
work extra hard to not miss a single spot you know what I want to do I want
to paint the walls – yeah why can’t we paint the nose well I say we see if
there’s any spots left to paint hmm it looks pretty good but I think it
could use some pizzazz I agree with you let’s get creative I think that some
added color would do the trick some green and blue now that looks a whole lot better I
agree we are the future Picasso’s Oh what do you think dad
we added our own touch Wow trips it looks great I love it it goes
so well with the calyx and the Judean fishbowl and the plan

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