Pimping your flower pot with wall putty (faux concrete effect) – DIY

I am wearing my bad clothes old clothes that I don’t mind getting dirty or that might even tear bad clothes for doing things like working in the garden that is something i usually do when i have put on my bad clothes but now I’m going to do a DIY with an old flower pot that I no longer liked and I had bought flowers for this but I thought “what else can I do with that flowerpot” and then I started searching the internet and I came across a nice tip to cover the flower pot with wall putty and then paint over it that’s something I’m going to try now the first time I try so I hope it succeeds because the photos that I saw on the internet look very beautiful. in the meantime, the sun has started to shine that’s great I’ve done the whole plower pot full of wall putty. On the sides… also under the rim of the pot and also the upper part now I have to wait until the pot is dry I don’t know yet how long that will take so that will wait When it is dry I can start painting I have a tester of loam paint. It’s eco-friendly paint based on loam This is a sample I received this because the store stopped using this brand and I also bought other paint so I got this sample The paint is liquid So you don’t have to dilute it You also smell immediately with natural paint, that is not so extremely penetrating, as chemical paints. So that’s ideal. What I did with that just went over the pot with a paint brush and due to the texture of the flower pot you will also see color differences some pieces lighter and some pieces darker That is precisely the intention to accentuate that extra I dabbed in with a piece of toilet paper.

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