Planting Tulips and Daffodils

If you love spring flowers like daffodils
and tulips, then you need a plan and plant ahead… because spring blooming bulbs start with fall planting.
Hi, I’m William Moss and I’m going to show how to plant bulbs for stunning spring garden. The most
popular type of spring bulbs include tulips which come in in a vivid array of colors
like reds, yellows, oranges, purples and whites, and daffodils also called narcissus. Typically they vary in colors of yellow and white but there are also some peach varieties. They have that little cup in the middle
surrounded by the frilly petals that everyone is so familiar with. The first step is to dig a hole. We’ve already got our hole here.
And the depth of our hole is determined by the size of the bulb. The general rule is
three times as wide as the bulb is how deep you need to go. So this particular bulb is about two inches
our hole is about six inches. You can see here for these smaller bulbs
there about one inch so there are only three inches deep into the ground. And then you have to plant it right side up. You’ll notice but the bottom of the bulb has some old ruffled roots on the bottom
and the top of it will be more tapered. The next step is to sprinkle a little fertilizer
in the bottom of the hole turn it all in, that way the bulbs are
fed, and they have food and nutrition
right at their roots right away. So you simply just place the bulbs in the
hole. You want to make sure they aren’t touching. So I’m arranging them with the tops up and
have them not touching. If you’ve got the space you can plant them by the hundreds. It
really looks nice. If you’re working in an exisiting garden like we are here, we put
about twelve of them in this hole. You never want to plant once single bulb.
Always plant them in mass to give you a big show. The next step the cover them up with soil. After you water, Now it’s time to mulch. You simply spread About two inches of mulch over the top, you can actually go to four, two to four inches
over the top, and that helps keep the soil a consistent temperature all winter. And that’s it. You step back and let
nature take its course. In early spring you’ll notice the green shoots start to pop
up. Plant these beautiful bulbs every fall and you’ll have a flower filled yard every spring.

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