POP ART style inspired DIY hanger

POP ART style inspired DIY hanger

Hi everybody, I’m Mika and today we’re making something!! and the story behind today’s diy is one you guys asked for it!! I asked you what you wanted to see and you said something simple, so today I’m delivering the simplest of simple!! and secondly because, the ones who follow me on instagram might know this already, but I moved recently and all my supplies are in boxes and in suitcases, and in my car and I didn’t have that many options… and lastly because I had this hanger forever and I got it with the intention of painting over it, but I never got around to do it enough was enough the time had come! anyway I hope you guys enjoy! so that was it!! simple, the simplest of simple as I said.. but hopefully you got an idea, some inspiration and if you have something and you don’t like the look of it, that you can change it to however you like!! if you decide to recreate any of the diys shown here on my channel, I would very much loved to see them, so you can tag #sailordiy or tag me @mikasailor or you can post them on my facebook page sailor’s handmade you would make my day!! let me know if you have any suggestions any recommendations for DIYs, for videos in general and also let me know what’s your favourite music genre … what’s that word..?? anyway you get what I mean, let me know in a comment down below and I’ll see you again next time, thank you for watching!! bye!!

9 thoughts on “POP ART style inspired DIY hanger

  1. I do this all the time also. Most of my decor pieces, and some furniture also is altered with paint, and other easy metods. That way I save a lot of money, I can find things on clerance, because they dont look as much, but a little effort, and Bam! I¨ve got something awsome  =) Or trifted pieces. or just old things, who I love, but are seriously out of fashion. Feks, my big candle stick, started out as brass, went to black, then white, and now silver =) Thanks for sharing, this is awsome inspiration, who many people doesnt think of =)

  2. Ooo I love it! Such a good idea 🙂 (quick heads up: there's a typo in your title. It says "hunger" instead of "hanger"!) xx

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