Pot of Gold Putty Review and St Patrick’s Day Musings | RainyDayDreamers CC

Pot of Gold Putty Review and St Patrick’s Day Musings | RainyDayDreamers CC

– Hi! – We’re Rainy Day Dreamers. – And we’re ready for St. Patrick’s Day! Today we’re gonna check out Pot of Gold Thinking Putty. ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ – [Parris] This Pot of Gold
Putty is actually thanks to a viewer recommendation. A week or so back, we
did Zombie Flesh Putty and asked for suggestions on other Crazy Aaron Thinking
Putties we should try. There are lots, and this is
a very nice seasonal choice. Pot of Gold Hypercolor changes from green to gold from
the heat in your hands. Goes for about $15, I’ll put a link to it down below this video. So, when is St. Patrick’s Day? Does anybody know? – Three days from now. – That’s good, yes, it’s on Tuesday. Who is St. Patrick? – A saint whose name is Patrick. – [Parris] Yeah, good–
– [Ximena] Um, um, um. We watched a BrainPOP video about this. He was a guy who got kidnapped when he was young, and
he worked as a shepherd and then he became a priest and he changed his name to Patrick. – Wow! You know more about it than I do. The story I know about St. Patrick is that he got rid of all the snakes in Ireland. Now, I don’t know how true that one is, but that’s the story I know about. But I think you know quite a bit more about St. Patrick than me, good job. – Yeah, he got kidnapped
and was taken to Ireland and he went back. When he came back to Ireland, he came and he brought them Christianity. He tried to switch ’em
over to that religion. And he set up churches and, yeah. – I wonder how the
snake story got started. Maybe somebody from Ireland, I know we have some viewers in Ireland. Maybe you can tell us,
how did that get started, the story about St.
Patrick and the snakes? But today, we have the putty. And it’d be funny if
this was in the shape of a snake or something, wouldn’t it? While we’re opening up the package, why don’t you tell me about
St. Patrick’s Day customs in America, for kids at least, you know? – Wear green. – Wearing green, mm-hmm. – Technically I am wearing green, on my shirt and on my glasses. – Yes, she does have green on. Now what happens in school
if you don’t wear green? – People pinch you? – Has that ever happened to you? – No. – Has that ever happened to you? – No. – Happened to me all the time! I think people just
wanted to pinch me, maybe. But oh, it was so terrible,
maybe just kids don’t do that kind of physical
attack stuff as much. But has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been pinched for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments down below. But when I was a kid, oh you had to plan for St. Patricks Day,
if your mother forgot to put out something green for you to wear, you were in big trouble. Everybody would pinch you. And hard, too! Maybe it has to do with the anti-bullying, that kinda has tamped
down that sort of stuff with pinching as well. Oh my gosh, this one’s
holdin’ it together. Saying, “Hello!” (laughs) That is a deep green. – Just like our shirts. – Okay, you work on getting that. – I’ll work on it. – And I’ll work on this one. – Now it’s hypercolor, so this, as you can see, is
green at room temperature but when you heat it
up to body temperature it’s supposed to change color. Now what do you know about leprechauns? You ever heard of those? – [Roxanna] Yes.
– [Ximena] I’ve heard of ’em, but I don’t know much about ’em. – What, besides them being
on the box of cereal cover, what can you tell us about
leprechauns, Roxanna? – Well, I was thinking
about your snake theory, and my theory is that maybe
snakes are allergic to gold. And so that’s how the whole
gold thing came into play. – Hmm! That’s a theory. – And… And St. Patrick, he wanted also to keep the snakes out, so he created leprechauns
to go and spread gold to keep the snakes out
’cause snakes were allergic. – So, leprechauns! Are they large or small? – Tiny, yeah. – Okay. Kinda like I have always
imagined the garden gnomes. And what happens, there’s probably a lot to
the story of leprechauns. We don’t know that much here in the U.S., or at least, I don’t. But what happens if
you catch a leprechaun? – He has to give you all his gold? – Right. The pot of gold– – Oh, that is right? – Well that’s the story. – I was just randomly guessing. – Yeah, that’s good. – I would just have
the leprechaun keep it. I’m good without any gold. – (laughs) Okay. – Wow. – What? – Oh, there we go. – Ah. – Kinda, sorta. Yeah, once you get it started, it will come out. Perfectly clean can. – So I’ve been thinking, and I really like their cans. – Of the thinking putty? – Yeah. – Oh. – ‘Cause it makes, it’s a really efficient mobile holding case. – It’s true. Takes good care of it, so
you can take it with you. All right. – Can I just leave it in my hands? – We’re gonna try to turn
this from green to gold just like the leprechauns do. So let’s see how that works. Let’s see who has the
highest body temperature. – I’ve had practice with
this, with the other putty to get it all.
– [Parris] Oh, okay. Then I’ll do exactly what
you’re doing. (blows) (Roxanna laughs) – [Roxanna] I wonder–
– [Parris] I think I know why this is related to St. Patrick’s. Look at Ximena and me. (all laugh) Go, go ahead. – Well I was just gonna say, that’s really funny by the way. But I was just gonna say, maybe if you give a
leprechaun something green, it’ll turn it to gold. – Yeah, I think we’ve
already extended on our little knowledge of the Irish stories. – Well, I’m just thinking, they create gold out of nothing, right? – Each leprechaun has gold, apparently. And if you catch them, they have to give it to you. – Well they’d be gold-less then. Where do they get their next thing of gold for next St. Patrick’s Day? – That’s true. – And, you know, about
getting rid of all the snakes, why’d you get rid of snakes? What is so bad about them? – Because Indiana Jones doesn’t like them. – I think it goes further back than that. If you look to The Bible, about the snake, the serpent that tempted
Eve to eat the apple and caused all the problems. – I thought it was the boat. – The what? – The boat. – [Parris] The boat?
– [Roxanna] Yeah. – The boat in the Garden of Eden? – [Roxanna] No!
– The rowboat they kept there in the lake, uh-huh? – No, no. Later. And they had all the animals or something? – Oh, Noah’s Ark. Yes. He brought snakes. – Yeah. And then they went and they put a big hole in it or something. In the boat, I dunno, something like this. – (laughs) This is a new book of The Bible called “Roxannacus”. (laughs) – But no, I remember
something like that happening. – [Ximena] But what’s so —
– [Parris] In some movie or show, they might have made that happen. – What’s so bad about snakes? – No, snakes serve a
perfectly good purpose. Everything in nature does. And so snakes eat mice and rats and rodent-y kind of things. They eat insects too, I think. But they have a bad reputation. – They tried to eat Indiana Jones. – Did the snake try to eat Indiana Jones? – Well he fell into a
pit of ’em, so I mean, free feast, so–
– [Parris] Poison, yeah. To bite him, which
would have poisoned him. – Still, snakes are very nice. – You’ve never met one. You don’t know that. – I do. I have.
(Parris laughs) ‘Cause a kid in this week’s Science Expo did a thing about snakes.
– [Parris] Oh! They had snakes at Science Expo, remember? We wondered about that, if that was his own snake, or if he went to rent a snake.
(Roxanna laughs) It really looked like he rented the snake in a special case. – He had like six of ’em
and they were all his. – Wow. – They were all his? – So he keeps ’em in those
acrylic cases at home. I mean, where are you gonna keep, (Roxanna laughs)
do you sleep with ’em? It’s not like a dog. Is it? You don’t sleep with the snakes, let ’em go around the living
room, watch TV with ’em. I guess you do occasionally,
otherwise what’s the point of having the snake just
in the acrylic case? – Well… – Though, that’s where you keep your fish and you don’t take your
fish in the fish bowl and put it in your lap so
they can watch TV with you. – I mean, why wouldn’t you? They’re alive too. And they’re almost like people too. – I guess it’s the tactile thing, it’s the touch thing. That cats and dogs, you pet them and they’re furry and soft. And they seem to like that. But snakes and fish… – Oh, no fair. Hers is so much better than mine. – ‘Cause I told you to
keep your hand closed (Roxanna grunts)
and blow on it occasionally. (trumpeting with mouth) – What’s blowing going to do?
(Ximena blows) – Your breath is hotter, ’cause it’s coming
right out of your lungs. Why do you think you blow on your hands when you’re out walking and it’s cold? – I don’t. I just stick ’em in my pockets. – Well all right, but you
can blow on your hands, then use your breaths to warm ’em up. – Okay. – This is how gold we could turn it. Ooh, really gold! It’s still got the green tint, but it really did turn light color. Okay, who got the lightest? That’s pretty–
– [Roxanna] That’s Ximena. – You’re definitely darker,
but what do you think, Ximena, you or I, who got it? – Stretch it out to see
how deep you got it. – The depths of my gold. – Same. – Same? Okay. So we tied on that. So it does work. Now what we’re gonna
do is take half of this and put it in the refrigerator. Because, remember that trick you can do? And they talk about it here. They tell you different tricks you can do with their putties. With the hypercolor putties, you take half of it
and get it really cold, and then you take half
of it and get it warm and you twist ’em, remember? – No! – Oh, yeah, we did this in another, maybe you weren’t in that video. – Yeah, she wasn’t in– – Oh, you’re gonna like this. Here we have the dark green and the ones they’ve been playing with that have stayed gold-colored. Ximena’s gonna braid us somethin’. Gotta do it quick before it warms up. It’s too sticky, Ximena. I think twisting it was the way to go. There we go. This is the same putty
in its dark green state and in its sorta gold-ish state. So this Crazy Aaron’s
Thinking Putty Pot of, go ahead. D’oh! Yeah, that one! What’d you guys think of it? – [Ximena] I really like it. – It’s great! – [Ximena] Although,
it’s sorta a duplicate. – Some of the other
putties that are hypercolor are similar in that they change
from one color to another, but this is a unique color combination. – [Roxanna] Yeah.
– [Ximena] So? – Okay. – And… – You’ve never seen that before, where it changes from cold to warm like we did with the refrigerator, huh? – [Roxanna] Right.
– [Parris] You like that? – I made a TARDIS out of it. – (sighs) TARDIS, TARDIS. And it does change, it could kinda glow. – Oh! I didn’t even think of that.
– [Parris] Yeah. So that’s our St. Patrick’s Day Crazy Aaron’s Pot of Gold
Thinking Putty review. You guys liked it. So if you’re interested in it, we’ll put a link to it down below. Now today, this Saturday, we will also be doing a Shopkins video. ‘Cause I know we usually
do Shopkins Saturdays. So later on you’ll be seeing that. And in that video we will tell you about our idea for doing something for reaching 2,000 Instagram followers. We’re going to be doing
something different yet again to give something away to somebody who’s following us on Instagram. If you’d like to see the funny and crazy things we do on Instagram, I’ll put a link to our Instagram right down below this video. For that Shopkins video
and our other videos, you can keep checking back for those, or you can click that “Subscribe” button down below this video. You’ll get notified
when those videos go up. And you will – [All] Join The Green Team! ♫ It’s raining in our house ♫ Is it raining where you are? ♫ Kind of day to stay in to play ♫ Or eat a big chocolate bar ♫ Hang out with friends
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  1. I always got pinched. At first I wore this bright green and ppl were all like "THATS YELLOW" and I got pinched lots of times HARD

  2. Snakes are represented as the devil. In the story of Adam and Eve the devil was a serpent and God turned the serpent into a snake and told him humans will fear you and you will fear humans and than he had to slither on his belly and something like that that was like him cursing the devil

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