Pottery Barn Knock Off for Fourth of July Decor /Table Red White Blue

Pottery Barn Knock Off for Fourth of July Decor /Table Red White Blue

coming up on this episode of designed to
the nines we are preparing for our patriotic tablescape with a couple of
Pottery Barn dupes and another bonus dupe but the end so much stars so much
stripes so much fun if that sounds good to you then stay tuned I’m NataLee Callahan and this is the first time we’re meeting hello and welcome I’m so
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today’s episode is in conjunction with Yummie from the Latinas next door look
for less challenge and her co-hosts this month is Casey from coffee with my
sunshine now I have enjoyed so much participating in this challenge and I’ve
done some fun pottery barn dupes I’ve done some from williams-sonoma next
month I have a dupe plan for Balor design so you’re gonna want to stay
tuned for that with all of the fun patriotic holidays coming up I’m going
to be doing some projects that will be knocking off pottery barn items I’m
really excited about it I love knocking off pottery barn items however I do buy
them sometimes but I’ve got some really great dupes for you today that’s gonna
save you a ton of money and look so adorable for your patriotic themed
tablescapes so I went over to pottery Barn’s website looking for some
inspiration for 4th of July and I saw some really cute things there including
a table runner and the table runner had two options one was Stars and Stripes
and then one was just stars and I just loved them but they were $70 for the
runners and I and I knew that we could get the look for less so though table
runner is going to be in all stars but I knew I needed to bring the stripes
for my patriotic theme table so I went over to their napkin section on Pottery
Barn and I came across these really cute ticking napkins and then I looked at
their price tag and it was $90 for a set of four I was just totally blown away
beautiful though I loved the way they looked so I’m like that’s what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna make some making napkins it’s gonna be so easy so I got my star
fabric from Hobby Lobby on sale for six ninety seven a yard I got two yards
because I wanted to have a little extra maybe for this project a little bit
later but I think we’re gonna be able to get away with squeezing out in one yard
of fabric and I’ll show you how we’re gonna do that my red and cream ticking I
also got at Hobby Lobby and it is a really soft fabric I think it will make
great napkins and it was on sale for 349 a yard I got a couple of yards of that I
don’t think we’ll use all of it and so I’m really excited about it now I wanted
to offer you two different ways to do it because I know not everybody sews and
doesn’t feel comfortable sewing or have a sewing machine so I’m gonna do each
project differently so for the table runner I’m going to be using some
iron-on adhesive and so there won’t be any sewing on that and for the napkins I
just wanted to sew those and just have the the nice ham on it I learned how to
sew when I was 8 years old and my husband actually says Oh Chloe I’ll
probably be in the doghouse for sharing it with you so if I could learn to sew
at 8:00 and he can sew I promise you you guys you can do it buy an inexpensive
sewing machine possibly borrow one from a friend or your parent or somebody who
has a sewing machine that would let you try it out making napkins would be a
perfect way to start your sewing it will be easy but again I wanted to offer you
two options so we’re gonna do both so let’s get started this will be a no sew
option for you and you can take these principles and use them on the napkins
if you’d like but again we’re just going to do it on the table runner for this
one we’re going to be using some heat and bond tape you could use
peel and stick it’s basically adhesive tape you’re gonna need an iron so you
I’ve got mine heating up I’ve got a Renta I love my Rowenta I can’t believe
the difference having a good iron makes so this fabric is only 45 inches wide if
you were able to find a fabric that’s similar that’s 54 inches wide you could
do the hundred and eight inches that the Pottery Barn is I’m only going to do 90
inches which is the width of this twice because my table is a little shorter and
so it will work just fine you could also cut it the other direction as well what
we’re going to do is I’m going to measure my fabric to 19 inches and then
I am just going to cut on that line and we’re going to cut two panels and at some point you can just fold it
over on itself and use itself as their pattern okay so now we’ve got our two
panels and before I start doing anything I always like to press out my fabrics so
you can get out any wrinkles and have a nice fresh start
all right so we’re done ironing our panels and what we are going to do now
is we are going to take our bonding tape Oz box so we can use it and if you hear
any background noise I apologize they’re building a house next door to ours and
they are working outside today and they’ve got loud music going on and
they’re having a good time so we’re gonna have to put a seam in ours because
I’m using two panels and I thought that that would be okay because that I’m
gonna be putting a center piece over it and I just didn’t think that it would be
a big deal if it had a seam in it so we’re gonna take our hem tape and we’re
gonna match it up to the width of our runner and then we are going to cut it
and then we’re going to iron this on and just to protect our iron from getting
all gooey I’m just gonna put a paper towel down and you can see that we’ve
got the tape on and now we need to peel it back and we are gonna take our other
panel and we are gonna put right sides together and line it up really nicely
just kind of slowly iron it on it doesn’t take too long but you want to
make sure that you melt the glue you should have a seam okay so I allowed it
to cool and then I kind of fold it out and press down the middle just to create
a nice crisp seam now we’re going to start doing the edge banding now I’m
only going to be using this may be a handful of time so we’ll
probably pull it out on Memorial Day and fourth of July so the proper way to
probably do this is to go around create a lip and do it like a finished edge but
I’m just gonna leave the rough edges exposed and that’s going to be fine it’s
not gonna be getting heavy use so I think that it will hold up just fine so
what we’re gonna do is we’re just going to kind of repeat that process on all of
the seams so just follow the instructions on the box as far as how
long to hold that iron down that creates a nice crisp line without stitching okay
so our table runner is done and it turned out great
and our version was about $10 and it could be $7 if you decided to sew it the
bonding tape was about 350 and so you’re about 1050 the original was about 69
fifty or $70 so a really good savings for an almost identical look the pros of
working with the heat bond tape are that you get a finished product that doesn’t
have any stitching in it as well as you don’t need a sewing machine or any
sewing skills the cons against it are that it takes a
little bit longer than it would to have sewn it and the center seam wasn’t quite
as flat as you could get it by sewing it because you can open up the fabric and
flatten it out really nice and flat but honestly for a table runner this is
great it’s gonna work perfectly on our patriotic table I’m thrilled with it so
I think it’s a success let me know in the comment section below if you liked
this method if you would prefer to use the heat tape over sewing or if you like
it for certain applications let me know that down below also let me know if you
think this is a successful duper nut stay tuned with me to the very end
because I have a special bonus project for you and you’re not gonna want to
miss out on that one because it’s gonna be really cute as well I’m ready to
start my napkins that are going to be just a ginormous
of savings what I’m going to do is this fabric should tear and give us a
straight line so I’m just going to start by tearing the fabric get us on a
straight line that will help us just keep the squares nice and square and
sometimes it will like kind of snag a little bit and you just take your
fingers and run it along and pull out that snag and we are making 20 inch
squares so what I’m going to do is measure down 21 and a half to allow some
seams and this should tear straight so I just make a snip and then I rip it like
so and we’re going to just do it the same thing in the other direction make a
snip I usually snip about an inch so you have enough to grab and then so that’s
our first square and it causes it to kind of curl around the edges so I think
at this point I will iron them out that’s gonna be so adorable and love it
I’m gonna need six for my table so you just tear out what you need for yours I
want to show you how I do this and I’ve already done it on the sides but we just
fold it up like a quarter of an inch and I’m just eyeballing it because this
doesn’t really need to be that perfect because we’re not hemming something it’s
just to have a nice finished edge and not have a frayed edge so I’m I balling
about a quarter of an inch and I’m pressing it down with the iron which
creates a nice crease and this iron does a fantastic job we’re going to fold it
over about a half an inch again I’m just eyeballing but what I want to show you
is here on the corner I actually fold it on a 45 degree angle and I kind of tuck
that in you don’t have to do that but it just
gives it a more finished quality with this all iron and with all of these
edges iron down we are ready to sew so I’m going to sew up this seams to this
it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes but if you’re not sure how to
sew you’re gonna want to pop on over to my IG TV channel because I show you all
of this sewing basics from threading the machine to winding a bobbin to doing a
straight stitch it’s all in my episode this week over an IG TV so if you’re not
sure how to sew yours and then definitely want to check that out
because this project is a perfect starter sewing project it couldn’t be
simpler and you could totally do it you just need to get a little bit of
learning basics if you already so then all you do is sew it up and that’s what
we’re going to do right now I promised you a bonus project and
that’s what we’re going to do right now on Amazon I found a couple different
options as far as flag banners like kind of like the long narrow kind of flag
banners to hang outside I wanted to do that kind of like behind the food table
or like on my arches outside and I just thought that they would be really cute
the ones that I found online were about $33 to about $45 per panel and so it was
a little bit pricey and I thought that we could do a little bit better and I
thought this would go really well with our other projects today so what I found
is I picked up this red and kind of off-white striped
outdoor fabric from Walmart of all places it was about $7 a yard and I got
two yards of it and then we have left over of the star fabric from our table
runner project and then I cut it down lengthwise down the center and that’s
going to be the top portion of our banner and so that’s already pre-cut so
what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this fabric also cut it down the
seam lengthwise and that should give us 28 and a quarter each panel we should be
able to get two panels out of our fabric making this a very affordable project
and the fun thing about these projects are that once we make them we can use
them year after year after year I have my panels cut out and it doesn’t that
look like a flag just we’re going to start by sewing these two fabrics
together then we’re just gonna hem around the entire panel and then I’m
going to create just a little pocket so that we can slide it onto a dowel our
panel is complete I will hang it on a wooden dowel outside if you want to see
what it looks like all finished some hung and everything then you’re gonna
want to stay tuned for next week’s episode where I do my patriotic
tablescape poolside it’s gonna be amazing
so stay tuned but that’s what we got so far our projects are done this is our know
so table runner looks so much like the original $10 vs. $70 and if you wanted
to save a few extra bucks you could sew it and it would be a little bit cheaper
because you don’t have to get the hem tape but that turned out so good I’m so
thrilled with it and then our set of four napkins these were about five
dollars versus $80 massive savings same look it’s awesome I am totally excited
to do this tablescape I really loved my Easter table and I really love my
Thanksgiving table but I am Telling You this is definitely gonna be my favorite
it’s gonna be poolside it’s gonna be just so much I can do you can hardly
stand it so you’re gonna want to come back next week to see that for sure it
is gonna be just a blast I’ve had so much fun putting it together
so if you like today’s episode hit the like button below consider subscribing
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to miss out on a thing I’ve got so many fun things in store for you you are not
going to want to miss it and I really means a lot to me all of your support
I’ll see you next week with my big 4th of July table scape poolside so much fun
I’m so excited we’ll see you next week bye you

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