Primitive Technology: Lime

Primitive Technology: Lime

Terrestrial rain forest snail Looking for shells Unoccupied shell (i.e. the snail died) Shell pile Fire wood Wood pile Back at the old tiled hut Kiln Stacking wood Fire sticks to make fire Blowing on hot coal Hot coals from subsequent fire Fire burns down from top towards grate Shells added to fuel bed Layer of wood added over shells More shells More wood Hot shell fragments shooting out of the kiln causing annoyance Hot coals and shells that fell though the grate From my research, burning wood on top of the grate rather than under it produces the highest temperature possible in an updraft kiln (approaching 1400 c) Time taken: 1 hour 30 minutes Removing the cooled down shells a few hours later Adding water to a burnt shell Note the steam coming off the shell. It is decomposing into slaked lime and releasing heat in an exothermic reaction. After a while it turns completely to paste Slaking more shells More steam A stronger reaction Crushing old pot sherds for aggregate to mix into lime putty (normally sand is used) Mixing in grog (crushed pottery) ratio of 1: 2.5 lime putty : grog This is basically mortar used for joining bricks or rocks together but I’m just going to make a block of it as an experiment 10 days later the block has set Water testing for a few minutes. The block is water resistant for this length of time. Note however that full strength is developed over weeks, months or sometimes years of setting. Lime

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  1. Reading up on slaked lime after this video: Mentions that it is Inorganic compound. SO he found an inorganic compound from something organic?

  2. What an epic video! The early Australian settlers, or invaders, or prisoners, (depending upon whom you talk to) used clam shells in a similar manner to create alot of the first structures that were built. They did this due to a lake of limestone in many of the first regions of prison camps. I really enjoyed the show on the channel. Definitely a great episode!

  3. I though lime was caustic….as in make you go blind if it gets in your eyes and stuff

    seems fairly inert here….might investigate this just for intrest now

  4. I don't understand why he did it… What is the use of that block? It's a block that he drop in the head of an animal? Is a new kind of hunt?… But is amazin in the same way

  5. Wäre es nicht besser gewesen würde man noch eine Lehm platte bauen um oben die Muscheln zu erhitzen ein 3 Stufe Ofen Open die Sachen in der Mitte das Feuer und unten für die reste und in der Mitte ein Loch bauen das man auch verschließen kann und mit noch kleinen luft Löchern

  6. I’m sorry but I am still confuse what’s going on. I went back and watched it with CC and I do not get it. Is he making cement or a brick. Is an experiment to prove something? I’m sorry but I can’t seem to understand. It’s very satisfying to watch.

  7. It's interesting that humans around the world somehow stumbled upon making lime mortar and then managed to do it on a scale great enough to build huge structures.

  8. believing or not when world war happened they use human bones and animals bone to make this kind concrete. because no time and resources for mining lime.

  9. Me: playing TerraFirmaCraft, thinking i know how to Crusoe in the wild

    This guy: silently professionally Crusoing irl for fun

  10. This can lead to next primitive technology vid… Nixtamalizing corn and making tortillas like they did in Mesoamérica 3000 years ago.

  11. Теперь я знаю, как делать самодельный цемент, если в России в очередной раз введут новый идиотский налог…

  12. Sometimes I wonder what he does with all that YouTube money. He spends most of his time barefoot in the woods in the same pair of shorts.

  13. plane with PT guy on it:*crashes on an island*
    other survivors: oh my god what do we do?? call for help! Anyone has signal???
    PT guy: Hey guys wanna check out my 5 star hotel with 4saunas and 2 swimming pools?

  14. As soon as I saw this shit on Dr Stone I went right back to this video since I remembered it. You and Senku would be great friends!

  15. crushed rock would work as Cement, mixing your lime, sand, and cement would make concrete.
    Anyway, can you go bronze age or atleast copper age and show us some awesome tool making and how they were used ?

  16. 2000 thousand years from now archeologists find the primitive stuff this man uses and draw the conclusion that although there were events like industrial/information revolution, there were still some people in 21st century who were left out of all these developments and lived as cave-man used to live.

  17. why aren't you making pickaxes? if you do, you can make artificial mine shafts
    or you can find a cave

    blame me if this doesn't make sense

  18. Красава! Я думал ты ракушки те будешь готовить

    + кто понял что он хотел сделать известь

    Из неё кстати можно было ещё и мыло сделать

  19. Hi I’m new here. I can see that this is quite primitive tech indeed… except for the camera that was used to film this.

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