Primitive Technology: Termite clay kiln & pottery

Primitive Technology: Termite clay kiln & pottery

Making a grate from the usual clay I use It’s a bit less than 50 cm in diameter and about 5 cm thick Making holes in the grate to let the flames through Getting clay from a termite mound. Termites mouths are too small to include sticks and stones in their structures, so the clay doesn’t need processing. Putting the clay in the pit left behind after building the tiled hut Crushing the clay Slaking the clay with water Treading the clay to break up lumps Dead palm fronds for tempering the clay Treading in the palm fiber Digging the kiln fire box Fitting the grate Making the front wall of the firebox Digging firebox entry Fire to stiffen clay Building walls of the ware chamber Enlargeing firebox entry Adding grate bars to firebox. These are important as they increase heat production several times. Another termite nest built on red clay soil It’s a source of clay that keeps replenishing thanks to the worker termites Crushing Slaking Treading The clay has no stick or rocks in it due to the termites being too small to carry them into the nest Crushing up an old kiln grate to make grog for the new clay Mixing grog into the new clay. Grog prevent clay from cracking as it dries. Making an urn Adding coils Scratching the last layer. I have to let the layers so far dry so it doesn’t slump. When I come back new wet coils will easily stick to the drier last layer due to the rough surface. Urn, pot, and 5 tiles made of termite clay. Blower housing and 2 tiles made of normal clay. In kiln ready to fire Covering with flat tiles (previously fired) Making fire Fire sticks are easier to make and maintain than pump drills and I’m so fast with them now I use them instead Transfer punk to tinder pile (crushed candle nut leaves) Blow coal into flames Add kindling Making fire under firebox grate to set sticks on grate alight Adding sticks above grate bars from now on 10 minutes in 1 hour in 2 hours in. I over stacked the firebox and the kiln cooled down a bit as the air supply was choked. So I let it burn down a bit and only put in a few sticks at a time 2 hours 30 minutes in. The kiln started heating up again. 3 hours in. The pots are glowing a low orange (845 c or 1550 f degrees) The next day after it cooled down A broken tile. First pot ok The urn spalled but is ok The forge blower housing is now fired Spalling was probably due to the urn not being totally dry Watering cassava patch Forge blower housing is well fired and water resistant now. It goes in the shed. Broken tiles go into a pit to be ground into grog later Spare tiles for the shed

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  1. been watching this guy, I call him the cave Man" for quite some time now. I, for one, still can not understand how anyone can give him a thumbs down. This channel isn't about survival, or how to do stuff. Its about pre iron age experimentation. My family and I absolutely love this channel!

  2. Making fire, the Australian way:
    -rub fire sticks together until you produce a glowing ember
    -place ember in wad of easily burnable fibers/leaves
    -take wad of flammable material in hand and blow in to hand
    -light some kindling with the fireball you are now holding

  3. Hes like fuck that I just dug this hole plus pounding the shit out of this mound. Ima use a lighter to start this! Away from the camera.🤣🤣 jj you probably used 2 sticks.

  4. Try doing that in the United states the government will find some kind of code violations and kick you off your land a seize all of your terracotta vessels

  5. Some moments i will suddenly expect he will do some HowToBasic kind of stuff that he will just go crazy and smash everything up

  6. question
    why dont we all unsubscribe from pewdiepie and tseries and subscribe to this man who actually deserves the subscriptions

  7. a couple thousand years ago, those sandcastle building skills would have been real useful in the adult world

  8. Интересно: когда он прикуривает, он носит с сабой палочки для рожига?

  9. Where are you doing this? You seem to have some ideal resources that don't normally coexist. Im not saying its fake at all I just want to know the general region.

  10. Включите субтитры, он говорил все это время, но очень тихо 😂😂😂

  11. I’d love to live like this but the chance of going into my hut to find a massive ass spider chilling there puts me off

  12. can u make a Florida Edition of this channel because clay is actually non-existent in Florida

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  14. What the fuck are you trying to achieve in the end game all your doing is playing in mud and beating on Shit that's not survival how to fish hunt and build weapons is what would be useful

  15. We do not have termites in Canada, so my knowledge of them is exclusively from nature channels, david suzuki and the movie Ants…. Do they bite?
    All I know is if,, if you did this to a comparable sized ant hill, run. just run.

  16. We dont have termite mounds here so what do u suggest using as a substitute? Great video by the way! 😉 ps mr termite who lost mrs termite and all his babies would ask u to relocate him cos hes tired of building new mounds and wants to raise his family in peace lol

  17. At 10 million subscribers, you should just, randomly, in the middle of a video stop, look straight into the camera, say Hi, and then go right back to work.

  18. What about mixing the termite clay with the creek clay and maybe throwing in some regular sand to stretch the resource a bit more?

  19. Why does he always have to make a new fire. Any REAL Bushman would save the embers from past fires. This guy sucks. Lol.

  20. this channel is the only legit ones the other ones are just 5 minutes of them pretending to work on camera while off camera men with construction vehicles and tools go to work

  21. I saw a video of a pottery manufacturer that uses molds to make their plates. They make a lower mold, then lay a solid layer of sheet clay over the bottom mold., followed by the top mold on top. Pressure is then applied from the too squeezing the excess clay out if the sides. A final trimming of the edges needs to take place before the top mold is removed. Finally the plates are fired, glazed and fired again. I think this would be a different way to make dishes, instead of the ribbon method.

  22. So awesome, I am a potter and I am always in awe when I think of the painstaking work and trial and error that early potters overcame. Have you considered making a primitive pottery wheel?

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