Print making: screenprint

Print making: screenprint

My name is Jennifer Talbot, I am in my final year of printmaking at Camberwell, MA print. I am interested in the expressive mark, of the Abstract Expressionist movement but I wanted to see what would happen if I interrupted the expressive part of it, with a technical process. Screen offered that opportunity, I could recreate images kind of re-building up. The mark will go through so many different translations that by the time I get to working with it, it’s quite aways removed from what it was. There is a photographic element to it and I was interested in the idea of a kind of trapping of the mark that the screen print offers. There’s a lot of, a lot of preparation, 90% clean up and 10% action but, you know, the results are worth it too. Also, I am very interested in colour, Screen offers the most opportunity to explore colour and when I am printing I can work with transparent layers or opaque layers and there’s just possibilities with colour are quite enormous And of course, its that Pop language, the Abstract Expressionist Movement, all of it is sort of the foundation of my practice. So I grew up looking at those and I’d say that those images are probably embedded quite deeply just in my memory, so I’ve chosen to do print because I want to look at that language again through new print technologies and new attitudes towards print too. I think print was previously seen as purely a reproductive process but now there is an opening out to print and it is now being seen more as a fine art.

7 thoughts on “Print making: screenprint

  1. There seems to be a big chunk of information missing, surely "The art" is in how to make screen print actually have the image or graphic that the artist wants. There is no explanation of what technical process is being inserted. Looks like the real purpose of the video is to advertise the exhibition rather than actually capture the process involved in an art form.

  2. Can you stop with all the Americans on this Channel? And the phrase 'American Dream' is a ridiculous delusion.

  3. Please change the misleading title if the actual video doesn't share the technical process of making a print.

  4. Clickbait alert. How to make Screenprints without actually telling us anything. That's a fast way to lose subscribers. Nothing pisses people off when they click on something they are interested in, and it turns out to be just bullshit. In real life we call that SPAM!!!

  5. I agree with the general consensus… this would be fine if it were just an intro to something bigger, but on its own it feels empty.

    I'd love to see a showcase of different ways to create prints that maybe focuses on one or two artists of the medium. Talk about their history and experiences as well as the history of the printing format, and the technicalities behind it.

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