Prismacolor Art Markers Tips & Techniques

Prismacolor Art Markers Tips & Techniques

(♪♪♪) Prismacolor Double Ended
Art Markers feature an advanced dye based
alcohol ink formulation for rich colour,
even coverage, and silky smooth flow. They are perfect for the
professional artist, student, or crafter. When you first
begin using markers you want to
look at paper choices, and there are a variety of
papers that you can choose. When you use the Prismacolor Double Ended
Art Marker you’ll see that it has
two distinct nibs: a fine line that will make
a very fine point, or a broader line, and a double ended
on the other side. On the other side of
the marker you have a tip that will
create broad, fine, or medium strokes also. When you’re colouring in, and you see that
you have some stripes, you may want to
go in another direction, and that will help to
even out the stripes. If you go out of the edge,
you’ll find that the Prismacolor Premiere
Colourless Blender Marker is great for cleaning up
your edges and it will act as an eraser
on tracing paper, and then you simply
clean it on some scrap paper by rubbing it around
and it’s good to go back in and use again. Another paper that
you may like to try would be the Marker Paper, and when you use
Marker Paper, it’s a good idea to try using
three different values of one colour
instead of simply one colour. A cool technique
that you could use with the double ended
art markers would be to take a Prismacolor
Colourless Blender, and double load it
with colour like this. I’ve loaded the green already,
and now I’m loading the red, and you get stripes
when you colour. This would be perfect for
interior designers or someone that
would want stripes. Another cool thing that
you can do with these is to take a plastic palette and put down some of
your marker ink, take a Prismacolor
Colourless Blender Marker and go in and create
custom colours here. You can pick up
some of this colour and put it into this one, and bring it back here, and create wonderful
custom colours, and remember to
clean off your Blender. If you’re finding that
your markers are too dry, you can simply place
a piece of acetate underneath your paper, or if your markers are
too juicy simply place a piece
of plain white paper, and that will alleviate
that problem. If you find that your
marker work is too dark or the colour is uneven, simply take a Prismacolor
Premiere Coloured Pencil and add highlights,
or make corrections to the colour. Our Prismacolor Premiere
Double Ended Markers are available in
156 beautiful colours and come in sets,
as well as open stock. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

100 thoughts on “Prismacolor Art Markers Tips & Techniques

  1. how do you make the line finer? what kind of paper should i use since I use printer paper to test it out and the color bleed a lot.

  2. Didn't know that the colorless blender can work like that, this is a very useful technique, thanks for the advise.

    And nice illustrations you have there. ^_^

  3. My uncle is a artists so he gave me over 400 of these markers( they are kinda old but they steal work like there new 🙂 ). Thanks alot for this video, it gave me an idea of what I am doing.

  4. how do i know what colors are in the 2 or 48 packs i was thinking of getting individual ones but im spending more

  5. I just bought the set of 24 in the carrying case that came with 8 Premier Illustration Markers (chisel tip). I was using the blender marker and made the mistake of blending the ink of one of the Illustration markers, and now the ink won't come off the blender. I tried all the methods of cleaning the blender shown in this video, but there's still a streak of blue on it. It doesn't seem to be affecting the color of the blender, but I was just wondering if there was something I should do. Thanks!

  6. @FRB1420 Actually it is normal that the blender tip may remain "stained" with color. As long as it goes back to clear on the paper, that is what is important. So it sounds like you cleaned the blender correctly!

  7. @FRB1420 It has the same formula as the Premier Art Markers but it can be used with other alcohol-based markers.

  8. @BlickVideos Huuum..I have a set of 48 prismascolor pencils, and I have a colorless marker . Does the blender marker work with prismacolorpencils?

  9. @GeorgeSampsonLoveYou Yes – you can watch the demonstrator using the colorless blender with the Prismacolor pencils in our Prismacolor Pencil video

  10. @craftlover9 No, the markers in this video are not paint markers. It is best to contact our Product Information team who can help you find a product suitable for your project. You can email them at: info @ dickblick . com. Thanks.

  11. "These stripes may be good for interior designers or… … … people that would want stripes."
    I like this lady.

  12. @PurelyTruly Hi and thanks for the comment. We actually do have a video for the Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers. Please go to "Markers" in our Playlist. I hope it helps.

  13. @vintage357 The colorless blender does not work in the same way as water and will give you completely different effect.

  14. The artist is using a tracing paper here. Make sure to use a paper that indicates it is specifically for marker or that it states 'bleed-proof' to get the results you are looking for.

  15. All of the products in our videos can be purchased through Blick Art Materials. You can find the link to our website in the video description. Thanks

  16. Great video!! I was wondering how are this markers 😀 thank you very much, and by the way, she explain it exceptionally 🙂

  17. These type of markers will always bleed a bit when they are brand new. You just have to use them a little bit and you won't get the bleeding.

  18. Omg… I'm glad you guys posted this… I seriously wouldn't have had any idea how to blend colors. When I first bought the markers I was kinda upset that I couldn't. Glad I watched this instead of putting away my markers xD

  19. I think he was referring to how expensive these markers are.

    Totally WORTH IT though….totally worth it.

  20. I don't understand why people would chose an $8 marker that acts like a paintbrush when they can spend less on real paint and brushes and get the same effects, for a cheaper price, easier to blend, and did I mention easier to use for the same effect? Am I wrong? Does artwork look nicer using markers rather than acrylic or oil?

  21. I really don't want to ruin the tips to my markers. will this affect color output if I lay down like say green and then overlay a light grey over it?

  22. @Purp1eSh33p 
    The prismacolor tips do tend to absorb color.  If you run a light color over a dark, the lighter marker tip may pick up some of the darker color.  Good rule of thumb is to mark a separate sheet of paper after each stroke to clean the tip.

  23. I recently purchased at set of 12 of these. A little pricey but TOTALLY worth it. I fell In love with them the second the nib touched the paper.

  24. i just splurged and bought 5 of these today, and it was the best decision i could have made with that money! these markers are exactly what i've been missing in my life for so long. the coloring in my artwork has never been more vibrant and even, i look forward to buying many, many more and trying these tips! i'm so excited c:

  25. I guess you can say these are genuinely top notch markers, but in the long run if you are wanting to become a more professional artist you might want to try investing in Copic Markers. Yes, they are a bit on the high side price range wise but the pay off is worth every penny.

  26. I got into using Prisma markers when my college store had a moving sale and was selling them for $1.25 each which, as anyone who has bought these before well tell you, is a freaking amazing price. I snapped up every color the store had–about 100–and haven't looked back since! Love these things.

  27. How much are these markers it would be great I you could respond soon I'm really looking forward to getting these markers for Christmas!

  28. @Jason Railson If the model is made of plastic, the Prismacolor Markers would appear transparent on the surface. For that type of model, a paint marker such as the Testor’s Enamel Paint Marker would give more opaque coverage.

  29. Warning to anyone who's never used these tho: yes they're vibrant and lovely and high quality, but they will dry out depressingly quick. I've gotten MAYBE 3-4 uses out of these each before they gave up on me, and it wasn't even for particularly large projects. Save up ur money and invest in Copics instead, where you can at least replace the ink.

    I can draw a mean picture on paper, but I'm not sure what to use on walls since I dislike the wiggliness of markers

  31. I got a set of 24 prismacolor markers for Christmas this year. I love them so much. Before Christmas, I bought 6 individual markers to test them out. I instantly fell in love with them when I used them. Before using prismacolor markers, I was using many different colored sharpies. I bought different sets with a wide variety of colors. I've been using those for about 5 years, so I gained the experience of using markers to draw. I'm currently working on a drawing using my set of prismacolor markers. I hope to have it finished soon so I can move on to another drawing.

  32. I want to buy my first set of Prismacolor markers but I don't know how to decide between chisel tip or brush tip -can you help? I would like to draw, sketch and do children's book illustrations.

  33. A tip that produces broad and fine.Sorry but it's a chisel tip also the colorless blender is mostly for blending more colors that don't typically blend

  34. These markers are great if your a beginner to alcohol based markers them if you want to try top notch markers try out buying copies from your local art store or online

  35. I absolutely love these markers. I’m still learning how to blend using different values of one color.

    So far I’m doing pretty well. Though my only issue is the streaks. If I’m doing a good drawing and I look back at the art I can see a ton of streak markings on the sketch/line art that I did.

  36. Been using these for years since like 2012 and never knew about using the blender like that O.O game changer. I only used it to fast my colours out

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