ProDPI Wood Prints Review by Swift Galleries

ProDPI Wood Prints Review by Swift Galleries

This is the wood print from ProDPI ProDPI is taking a piece of maple and they’re printing your image directly on top of that so it has a really soft natural matte effect to it there’s no sheen or gloss. I do want to point out that the wood grain is showing through on some of the white or lighter parts of the image you do have to really search for it underneath some of these darker inks i wanted to point that out in case that something that your client may not love there’s a tiny bit of wood grain on his face if you look for it it’s not that much and i actually prefer the woodgrain showing through here because it’s mimicking this wood that’s already in his senior portraits and I just think it’s a conversation starter I’d like it if you want to see what it would look like on a wedding image there’s a photo of a bride and a white wedding dress on top of the wood print on the ProDPI website so that you can see how that’s going to turn out but overall I would say it’s a little bit warmer than the actual photographs i think that’s just from the maple showing through it’s not enough to deter me from buying the products that i did want to mention it so we’ve got the five here there a half-inch thick i’m in the back has this nice smooth maple with the pre-drilled key holes for easy hanging and i want to mention this is much more lightweight and I thought it was going to be when i heard would print I thought it was going to have to some-some heaviness to it but in actuality i would compare it to a lightweight canvas or a lighter framed print it’s definitely not as heavy is an acrylic print or something like that they come in sizes 8 by 8 up to 20 x 30 but they are cut a little bit short when they actually come to you so this 12 x 18 print is actually 11 and three quarters by 17 three quarters and you just want to keep that in mind if you’re putting the other gallery wall and you’re trying to matchup sizes overall i think is a really great product offer if you’re wanting something that got someone to its eco-friendly way that the conversation starter will be sure to take lots of photos of it and also be posting more reviews from pro tebe icing

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  1. This wood print by ProDPI is a really great wall art product for all-natural photographers. Also a note on the images you choose for wood prints where the wood grain shows through the image – images with your subject (person) further away will look better that way the wood grain doesn't get confused with a person's complexion.

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