PROTECTIVE COATING for a MURAL | Anti Graffiti – UV Protection

What’s up, y’all? I’m ten hundred. I’m an artist from Seattle, Washington. You know, I’ve gotten so many comments from people about what I do, once the mural is done. Do I seal it? Do I protect it in any way? And to be honest, most of the time I don’t. But I just painted a mural last week. I posted the video of it last week. That mural of Bird Luger, the tribute mural, and the client really wants me to seal it, because they want an anti graffiti protection coating. So I figured today’s video — since I get so many comments from you guys about UV protection, graffiti protection, we’re gonna go ahead and seal this mural. To show you guys how that process goes down. This is actually my first time doing it myself. So it’ll be kind of a learning experience for me, too. But first this video is brought to you by Skill Share. Skill Share is a super awesome online learning community. They have thousands and thousands of tutorials on everything from drawing to painting, to Photoshop, to technology, business, all kinds of stuff. There’s a link down in the description where you can get two free months if you sign up through that special link down in the description. It’s special just for you guys, so get yourself two free months of learning on Skill Share and also support the channel. So yeah Let’s go ahead and get started on this. Gonna head to Sherwin-Williams and grab some of this Sherwin-Williams graffiti shield stuff. [music] All right, let’s see if we can get us some anti graffiti coating. We’re here at Sherwin-Williams. Let’s see how this goes. Hi All right, so I got this stuff. Anti-graffiti-coating, pretty expensive. The list price on it is like $221 a gallon. So, yeah, let’s go ahead and go down to the mural site and see if we can work with this. All right. So we’re at the mural and I got my anti-graffiti-coating and UV resistant coating that I’m gonna try out Sherwin Williams This stuff is pretty expensive, but if you have a Sherwin-Williams account, whether you’re a business or whether you’re a home owner, you can set up an account, and this is way cheaper with an account. So there’s that and then I got this long nap roller for the brick wall. So we’re gonna put a protective coating on this and see how this goes. Usually I use golden brand fluid acrylics, and they’re already UV resistant, so I don’t put protective coatings on my murals a lot. But for this one there’s probably gonna be a lot of graffiti activity in this alley, there’s already like a ton of tags around here, so the building owner asked me to put a coating on this and I think that’s a good idea. In all of my mural contracts and proposals, the additional protective coating is always optional and it’s the responsibility of the client whether they want to do that or not. And in this case they wanted to do it. So here I am. So yeah, let’s go ahead and get started. All right Let’s pop this open. Mmm, mix it up a bit. Whoo. It’s like real thick. Real thick. [music] All right, so let’s go ahead and give this a whirl. It seems like it’s gonna be pretty simple… And my roller..– it’s really thick, it’s like glue. Well, if you’ve ever used epoxy resin it’s kind of like that consistency. Oh yeah, that goes on real quick. It’s kinda hard to see where I’ve done it and where I haven’t… It doesn’t really smell too bad which is nice. Smells like nothing, honestly. As far as I can tell, outside. All right, so I got the top part done. That’s it! I just threw that coat on there. Pretty simple, got some on my hands and it’s super greasy, which is probably good. So if somebody spray paints on it, it’s so greasy and slick It’ll just wash right off. But yeah, my hands feel super weird. Yeah, that stuff was pretty chill. In this weather and this temperature it’s probably gonna take about eight hours to dry and about 72 hours to cure or set. But yeah, this is my first time using this stuff. Very, very simple. Anti graffiti, UV resistant, adds a protective layer to keep the paint safe, so it’s as simple as that. You just got to spend the money and put it on. But yeah. We’ll see once that maybe the first person tags it. So I actually have a great track record with my murals. There was like one mural in an alleyway in LA, that got tagged. One time and that is pretty much it. On one of my murals, somebody took a sharpie and wrote “I love Brad” on it or something, like this big but that’s about it with my murals getting defaced or tagged. So, knock on wood that that trend continues. but better safe than sorry, at least that’s what the building owners think. I think it’s a good idea. So, yeah, mural protective anti graffiti coating complete. [outro music] Hey, hey, what’s up, you still there? 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