Quick Flip Decor – Hints of Havana ( Home Decor Trends 2018 )

Quick Flip Decor – Hints of Havana ( Home Decor Trends 2018 )

welcome and thank you for visiting this
is Jackie from the dave Forsyth band with quick flip decor now quick flip decor is
based on the law of neutrals now you can go with really white and gray neutrals
or you can go with more the earth tones though maybe the beige is which I call
toasted coconut and almonds and creams and so here what I have all your major
items should be neutral and if you have that you can change your decor within
the matter of minutes or less to something totally different so today we
are going to start with sort of a floral vintage look but you know sometimes you
don’t always want to show your granny pants so what you will do is you might
want it a little more masculine and today I would like to introduce one that
I call hints of Havana now hints of Havana is incorporating a
little bit of the salsa music flavor into your decor okay what I have here is a few items
that we’re going to use now this the first one is some slipcovers because you
may like me have lots of little decor pillows so what you might want to do is
invest in maybe some slipcovers they don’t take as much room so I’ll have
that here’s a velvet little placemat green that I might keep with this or I
might put it in the other side pillow with the macaw parrot design that I
think might work now not everybody has a mannequin, but I do so she’s gonna
need a new out fit, a throw perhaps we’ll use this as well and a couple more
pillows there’s a green candle could be handy
and maybe a couple of florals so with really not much at all we will change
the look of the room oh forgot one thing the main event I am going to incorporate
a nice parrot picture now it has beautiful
color all the bright colors green red yellow all that you could imagine and my
wall here ok so just give me a few minutes and I will totally flip the side
of the room okay we’re back so what do we do here
well not too much change the slipcover the placemat put on different throws we
changed a couple of the pillows took pillows from the one side put them to
the back put up our new picture which really is just stretched out fabric on a
canvas stretcher and you don’t even really have to frame it and it still
looks good so changed up Nicole which you know most
people don’t have to worry about the mannequin and a couple of acessories and
another trick is you know if your plant isn’t doing so well looking a little
sickly throw a few silk florals in it and you’re good to go okay so there you have it I am drinking
like mango infused black tea right now which is delicious and let’s just give
myself a little room here there we go and this is hints of Havana and I really
didn’t put too much effort on this side of the room a little more on the other
side of the room and I stuck with my neutrals putting a little bit more green
dark wicker basket and there you go hints of Havana and here is Charlie one
of my big inspirations to the decor look right now hints of Havana this has been
Jackie from the dave Forsyth band with Charlie
with quick Flip Decor { Music} If I could buy you
a dream there are many more videos on the Dave
Forsyth fan channel so please come on over and subscribe he’s got a few new
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