Quilling Butterfly | DIY Butterfly | 3D Quilling Butterfly

Quilling Butterfly | DIY Butterfly | 3D Quilling Butterfly

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ting to never miss a video from Shweta Zardi already hello everyone welcome to
my channel Shweta czar Calgary in today’s video we will learn how to make
this beautiful quilt butterfly but before that some formalities please
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materials willing strips of 3mm glue card sheets scissors quilling tool and
magnet so let’s begin take 3 quilling strips of 3mm using liquor pu bottle
make a bigger ring continue to make the Rings and secure the end with you make
two such bigger circular rings now using three quilling strips of 3mm and using
smaller glue bottle mix the smaller ring make close of small rings take 1
circular ring and each this ring from both the side and
Alif kind of shape now take our sheet and beauty-sleep
shapes onto the paper and cut the excess paper around these four pieces now I will show you how to create this
beehive technique Loops take a strip insert a tool and roll for around six
times and take out the tool repeat the same leaving an inch distance of strip take one leaf shaped piece and pupae has
pattern to it as you see in the same way repeat for the rest of the three pieces
using one strip for each coil make them tight coils and make cone shape of the
deep side points view bees to each other now blue one small and one big shape to
each other as you see you also view body and put the wings with each other as you
see here and place in pencil below the wings of the butterfly to keep a good 3d
effect now to make antennae use 1/4 strip fold
in two hearts and make clothes from the ends do this to the bottom line a beautiful quail butterfly is ready so
that’s it for today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed watching this and if you did
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  1. Hey Creative Folks,

    Here I present In today's video we will see how to make 3D Quilling Butterfly with step by step instructions to make this quilled butterfly. You can use this quilling art to decorate your home or gift you're loved once etc

  2. Nice quilled butterfly! I like it a lot. Interesting channel too. I subbed u. I would appreciate the support back as well. : )

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