Rainbow Loom Nederlands, Mini Mural, uiltje, easy! ( English subtitles)

Rainbow Loom Nederlands, Mini Mural, uiltje, easy! ( English subtitles)

Hi everyone, in this video I show you how to make this little own Mural. A difficult word to pronounce but this is what is meant with the word ” Mural”. It is fun to use this as a little wall decoration, or bag tag. I thought a Mural would be difficult to make but it is surprisingly easy! Because I want to explain well, the video is quite long. However, once you get the hang of it you can make this in 30 minutes or so. Please check the description box below for the band count. I use double bands in this video but you can also use double capped bands. If you use double capped bands you need half the amount mentioned in the description box. This is the schedule I will follow. We need 11 pins for width and will hook 15 rows long…good luck! This is how I use the rainbow loom: the middle row removed and the big blue base removed. We will not use the first and last pin. We start with placing double bands on the loom as if we would make a single chain. We need to connect the rows and therefor we place connecting bands. Every time before we place a new row of bands, we place 3 connecting bands. I show you first with yellow, and then I will use clear bands. I put the first band over 4 pins. The second connecting band will overlap and will also capture 4 pins. And the third and last band will capture 5 pins. Alternate the pins. So next time I start with 4 pins, then 5 pins and then 4 pins. It does not really matter how you alternate, as long as you do 🙂 I change the yellow for clear now, but if you do not have clear just use the border color from your mural. When you have placed the 3 connecting bands you place the next row of bands. Look at the schedule to see what bands you have to place. We will start with the ears on pin 2 and 10. Mark the rows so you know where you are. Now you hook the 3 connecting bands over the pins to the middle. Hook the bottom 2 bands over the top 2 bands for each pin. Easy 🙂 From now on it is just following the schedule. I stop translating now. Just follow the schedule. Remember to always start with 3 connecting bands before you place the next row. Good luck! Hi! I am back to translate the finishing. Hope all went well so far! We will transfer the front row to the back row. Take you time! Do not loose the bands… Now that we have emptied the front row, we will place double bands again as we would make a single chain. Again skip the first and last pin. Now that we placed the bands on the first row, we move all the bands from the back row to the front. (I worry about the length of this video. This will cause upload problems…) Now hook the bands. (clock is ticking…) Put your hook through the last bands you hooked. Hook a band through and make a slipknot. Now you can remove your mural from the loom! You have to stretch it out to give it its final shape. Finished! I hope you like this project as much as I do! Thank you for watching and hopefully till next time! Bye!

61 thoughts on “Rainbow Loom Nederlands, Mini Mural, uiltje, easy! ( English subtitles)

  1. hoi eveline.op het laatste moment moest je gewoon loomen oversteken dus maar toen brak er een stiekje wat moet ik in deze situatie doen

  2. for those who are english the duch colours in englisch are
    zwart=Black oranje=Orange paars=purpel
    geel=yellow the amount of bands you need is in the description box

  3. oef gelukt Eveline ik vind dat je hele leuke figuurtjes kan maken, ik vind mural ook super cool.
    Ik vroeg me af of je ook een tutorial kan maken met een mural badminton racket of met een badminton pluimpje ik hoop van wel
    Groetjes Wout

  4. Hey Eveline als je dit leest het lijkt me heel leuk om weer loom creaties te maken en wat je allemaal gemaakt heb vind ik heel mooi

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