Ratatouille Everything You Missed

Ratatouille Everything You Missed

>>Crazy Nate: Hey Gents and Gentlets, we’re
cooking up another video. And like always, I’m using your comments as
the ingredients. Looks like a lot of you thought Ratatouille
the Movie would be a great treat. So it’s time to go over everything you missed
in Ratatouille. [intro music plays] Since this movie is about rodents, and Disney’s
mascot is a rodent. And Disney owns Pixar, naturally there are
several hidden Mickey Mouses spotting throughout the movie. When Remy is fixing the soup we can see Mickey
Mouse appears in the bubbles. This next one’s going to be a little bit of
a stretch I get that. Trigger warning for those of you that lack
imagination. But when Granny shoots the spatula you could
possibly say that that part right there is part of Mickey’s ears. In the kitchen on top of the cake is another
Mickey Mouse. When Collette pushes the pan to the stove,
there’s once again another Mickey. Also when Remy is tasting the combination
of cheese and strawberries, we can see another Mickey is in his mind explosion. Here we can see a secret tribute to Cal Arts. If you look at Rocky the rat, you will see
he used to be some sort of a lab rat.>>Crazy Nate and Batnate: They’re Pinky and
the Brain, they’re Pinky and the Brain. One is a genius…>>Batnate: The other’s insane.>>Crazy Nate: And the tag on his ear says
A113. When Alfredo Linguini is sleeping on the couch,
and the couple on the TV is playing smochy smoochy, if you look at the train car in the
background, you can see A113. What do you think the chances are that train
is the same train from Cars?>>Batnate: Really?! Are you serious? Probably not, they’re aren’t even the same
type of train. Did you even look?>>Crazy Nate: OK, thanks…>>Mega Mind: You were right, I was less right.>>Crazy Nate: Do you know who I think she
is? I think the kind hearted old lady is Granny. That’s right. The lady from the oldie cartoons that owned
Tweety. If you’re old enough to remember, she too
was a tough old bird. That Granny didn’t take nothing from no one.>>Tweety: That a girl Granny, give him a
hit in the head.>>Crazy Nate: Here’s what backs up my little
theory. Old lady and Granny both wear glasses. Granny knits, crazy shooting Granny knits
too. They also both ironically prefer red white
and green threading. But the icing on the cake is what we find
in the attic. There you can see Tweety Bird’s cage. The bird cage!>>Tweety: I thought I saw a putty cat.>>Crazy Nate: That’s not just any four legged
friend there. That’s Dug from the movie Up.>>Dug: My name is Dug.>>Crazy Nate: Jurassic Park had a magical
trailer. Well Ratatouille has a magical jar. Watch when Remy starts to run away. We see a jar on the ground. But then the very next scene. Abra Kadabra, Ala Kazam! The jar disappears. We all know the little secret that Pixar leaves
Easter Eggs to their next movie, in their current movie. Wall-e was the next movie that Pixar released
after Ratatouille. So naturally there are several Easter eggs
referencing to Wall-e. If you bought the movie then you can find
in one of the extra bonus clips, when they’re talking about how awesome rats are in real
life. And how we should love them and everything
like that. If you look at the little bus driver in that
video, you’ll see Wall-e is the captain. But for those of you that don’t have the movie,
if you did watch the movie at some point in your wonderful little life, then you possibly
saw when Linguini is trying to bring his bike into his little apartment, if you look on
the wall, you will see Hal the cockroach from Wall-e. You can do it! Remember when Remy first tried mixing the
combinations of strawberries and cheese, and his taste buds had an explosive reaction? Then Remy’s best rat friend Emile tries the
same strawberry and cheese combination but his taste buds had anything but a magical
moment. Well, that’s because Remy probably has a real
life special gift that’s called a Super Taster. It’s believed that only 25-30% percent of
us are super tasters. We all have these little dots on our tongue
called taste buds. Most people only have 15-30 of these little
taste buds in their mouth which is considered average and what most of us have. If you have more than 30 spots, then you are
just like Remy, and you are also what’s called a Super Taster. If you have less than 15 dots, then you are
what’s called a non taster. Not trying to be mean, that’s just what they
call it. Let’s find out if you are a super taster or
not. Here’s a simple trick you can do to easily
count these little taste buds and see what you are. Get a few drops of blue food coloring on your
tongue, then get it all over the place. The taste buds will lite up like little spots
on your tongue. So today’s survey is this. Are you a Super Taster, an Average Taster,
or a Non Taster?>>Willy Wonka: Ewe!>>Crazy Nate: Before voting, test yourself
first and count the little squishies on your tongue. Don’t feel bad if you’re a non taster though,
that just means that you aren’t a very picky eater, and you can tolerate more spicy foods. But, if you are a super taster out there,
next time someone teases you because you can’t tolerate the spicy foods. Don’t feel bad, just means that you have a
magical power of recognizing more exactifying flavors.>>Chef Skinner: You’re FIRED! F.I.R.E.D. FIRED!>>Crazy Nate: If you see my Bugs Life video,
you probably remember the famous Chinese take out box shows up several times. When Linguini first comes into his apartment
you can see the Chinese take out box. Then again on top of the fridge, and even
inside the fridge. As often as we see this Chinese take out in
Pixar films, I’m starting to think this place must taste way better than Panda Express. But I’ll take my chances with Panda Express. Yum! When Remy is being chased around the city
by Chef Skinner. If you watch slowly, for a few frames you
can actually see The Incredibles poster next to the bus. There’s Mr. Incredible in his original outfit,
and no the bus driver isn’t wearing a mask. those are just glasses. Also in the cat and mouse scene, if you look
at the bridge you can see the Pizza Planet Truck! WOOHOO! And for those of us that don’t speak French
like me, according to Google, this means no smoking. And kids, don’t smoke, yuck. When Linguini is trying to find a clever spot
to put his new friend Remy, thankfully he decides against putting the rat in his pants. But if you look closely at his tightey whiteys
you will see those in fact are not tightey whiteys. In fact, they’re Incredibles underwear. Obviously putting Remy in his Chef jacket
wasn’t working out very well. But when they are in the fridge reformulating
a plan, look at the fish next to Remy, that’s a fishy Easter Egg to Finding Nemo.>>Gusto: If you focus on what you left behind
you wont ever be able to see what lies ahead.>>Crazy Nate: Lion King!>>Rafiki: Oh yes, the past can hurt, but
the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it. Ah! You see?>>Crazy Nate: This next one isn’t really
easy to tell because a soccer ball isn’t as rare as a Pixar ball, but the soccer ball
is likely the same soccer ball that was in the Scare school of Monsters Inc. Let’s talk about Anton Ego for just a moment. Not only is he the cause of Gusteau death,
and he doesn’t believe everyone can cook, at least not at this point in his life. If you notice the room he is in, is in the
shape of a coffin. He also closed all his blinds blocking any
happiness from coming in his life. And even his typewriter is plagued with death. Maybe he’s a vampire.>>Mater: What the, I want to siphon your
gas. No, I’m just kidding.>>Crazy Nate: He’s also not a fan of Chef
Boyardee.>>Anton Ego: Gusteau has finally found his
rightful place in history, right along side another equally famous Chef Mi sour Boyardee.>>Butler:Tushay.>>Crazy Nate: Apparently he wouldn’t swallow
that either.>>Anton Ego: If I don’t love it, I don’t
swallow.>>Crazy Nate: When Mr. Ego tries the specialty
dish at Gusteau, it’s so good it takes him back to his childhood, reminding him of his
mothers home cooking. Here’s the confusing part though. If we look at Bomb voyage we can see he is
entertaining a boy. That boy is no other than Anton Ego as a child. So did Anton time travel somehow? Why do you think Mr. Ego’s childhood self
is here in the future with his current self?>>Anton Ego: How could it be?>>Crazy Nate: While we’re looking at Bomb
Voyage, we can see that this is where he starts his career in a life of crime. He starts off as a street performer, then
he upgrades to a life of crime in this movie. If you are looking at the news paper you will
see his bad side is revealed on the front page. And yes we all know from my Incredibles video
that he was in that movie also, and technically, yes The Incredibles was made first. But in The Incredibles, the Incredibles got
a costume upgrade. In Ratatouille, you can see the poster was
advertising Mr. Incredible before he was married in his original costume. That means that even though the Incredibles
was made first. Ratatouille had to have been in a earlier
time frame. Speaking of earlier times if you remember
this scene, this was a reference to a movie based on a true story called The Great Escape. If you’re old enough, you should go watch
it sometime. It’s a great classic. In my Bugs Life Video I had a contest to find
all five hidden Easter Eggs. If you want to try to find them, go watch
the video, then come on back. Because I’m going to show you where all of
them are in 3… 2… 1… The winner of that contest is Kian HD, congrats! Also there is a contest going on for Moana
right now. To win your free copy of Moana, just go find
these five Easter eggs in my Moana video and comment on that video with the word #Moana. Remember, to also include where the five Easter
eggs are hidden. Don’t just say #Moana, that’s not gonna get
a win for ya. The squirrel is the hardest to find, and a
lot of people ask for a hint for that one, so here’s a little hint, the squirrel is hidden
where there’s a lot of places it can hide. And you will go coco for coconuts when you
find it.>>MCTyyyy: I’m MCTyyyy.>>Batman: And I’m Batman, and you’re watching
Crazy Nate.>>MCTyyyy: Remember, share a smile, they
are contagious.>>Batman: I don’t want to share.>>Remy: So what do you say? Can we make peace and… [parody disclaimer begins to read]>>Remy: this isn’t over yet! Oh no. Emile, how many times did I say they’re going
to slap something on the end and now they’re doing it. Now, look at this. It’s like it’s in their DNA. I’m surprised I’, surprised. Guys, business as usual. But you know what? You know what? Our voice will not be denied.>>Emile: You’ve had your say, can we please
get something to eat?>>Batnate: Now click one of these videos. Just do it. Just do it! Click one of these videos!

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