Re-Purpose with Spray Paint – Home Decor Tips

Re-Purpose with Spray Paint – Home Decor Tips

There are countless ways that you can
use a simple can of spray paint to update or repurpose items in your home. In fact, spray-paint is one of the best items that you can use to get a huge impact. And this week I’ll show you how. I’ve updated so many things in my house with spray paint and I love it because you get more and more options as they come out with a better products.
Here are just a few ways that I have used spray paint in my home to give it a quick update and
re-purpose items. Door hinges – our home had brass door
knobs and hinges when we purchased it I’m not a fan of brass We switched out the door knobs and used
spray paint to paint the hinges to match. One $10 can of spray paint updated
the hinges on 7 doors in my house. Replacing them would’ve cost way more money. Updating my accessories – now I admit my tastes change often So what can happen is, I end up
with a lot of home decor items that no longer work in my space. I’ve
discovered however, that simply spray painting them to match
my new decor is a super cheap way to incorporate what
I already have into my new design. Take this vase for instance. I went through a phase where I loved reds
and golds This worked perfectly, but now I’m into
neutrals So, one can of antique white spray
paint and it fits perfectly into my new decor. Our light fixtures were brass too, but
instead of spending tons of money on new fixtures, I simply painted them black which will go
with anything. Brass fireplace surrounds – you don’t need
to replace them simply purchase a can a barbecue
spray-paint; they usually come in black or silver and just spray
it. This paint is made to withstand high heat, so it will work just fine on the
fireplace. Even your plastic patio furniture can be
painted So the next time you’re thinking something isn’t working in your space anymore Consider how it will look with a new
coat of paint. I think you’ll be surprised at the look that you can achieve. I hope you enjoyed this week’s tidbits and I would love to hear how you use spray paint in your home to repurpose items
or just give it a fresh update. Remember, if you like this video don’t
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3 thoughts on “Re-Purpose with Spray Paint – Home Decor Tips

  1. Hi Meagan! I loved your idea about spray painting the brass around the fireplace with BBQ spray paint; although, I am wondering how you sprayed it inside your home without betting overspray everywhere. I am sure you taped things off and also covered everything up. I just want some tips on how to accomplish this fireplace DIY. Thanks for sharing your ideas, your my favorite YouTube channel.

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