(re-uploaded cut version) I Finally Saw BABYMETAL Live in Manchester for the very 1st time! 日本語字幕付き

(re-uploaded cut version) I Finally Saw BABYMETAL Live in Manchester for the very 1st time! 日本語字幕付き

44 thoughts on “(re-uploaded cut version) I Finally Saw BABYMETAL Live in Manchester for the very 1st time! 日本語字幕付き

  1. Hi guys, due to there being a Territory claim on the main vid I've cut out the part that was claimed so everybody can view the vid and enjoy!

  2. So glad you got to catch them live!!
    I was lucky enough to see them 3 times on the US tour. I'm am pretty pumped because I got Rage Against The Machine tickets coming up…..IF I can get off work…might have to eat the cost if I can't because you can't transfer them.

  3. Muito feliz pela realização de um sonho de muitos fãs, que não tem a oportunidade de assistir ao vivo!

  4. Dude, we were on the balcony, so was good to see what it looked like from head on. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did, they were awesome ! Bad news though mate, Moa`s definitely mine !!!

  5. ahahaha this is making me so happy reliving this, thanks for uploading – btw I'm that kid who talked to you in the crowd I'm literally right behind you at 5:35 lmao

  6. Great stuff, so good to see you had such a good time. I saw them in London last night and they were brilliant again. Got myself a flag too … no idea where to hang it yet. (I made the same comment on your uncut version – just lacking originality to say something different here).

  7. Happy for you man, my dream is to see a Babymetal show live, but the probability of having it in Brasil is minimal, very very thanks for video, we are Babymetal from Boa Vista – Roraima – Brasil

  8. I saw them in Glasgow on Wednesday (in a much smaller venue by the looks of it) and had a similar reaction to you. The high points for me were Megitsune and PA PA YA. The crowd went absolutely crazy when they played those songs, it was amazing!

  9. Hi , I wanted to be like you at the gig. Here Japan I could not buy the ticket because there was very hard selection process. 🚀

  10. Was my first time seeing them too. The queue was very long, was worried they might have started before I got in! I tried to get some footage but apparently you're not allowed to use a GoPro and the camera doesn't work on my phone. The power of the music when Karate came on was incredible. People always say, don't watch their music videos, watch their live performance videos, well, watching them live is a whole new level. After the concert I wanted to get tickets for the rest of the tour!

  11. Hi guys, You are also precious to me. I love you!(By MOAMETAL)
    Remember we are always on your side!(By SU-METAL)

  12. Hey,Your Nice Guys!
    多くのbabymetal YouTuberの中でライブまで行く人は稀です。

  13. Congratulations!おめでとう!

    Japanese live shows have space for kids and women. Family pit. Because Mosh is banned in that place, it is a little higher than elsewhere, so you can see baby metal.
    Next I want her to watch BABYMETAL in a safe place.

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