Real Estate Investing | Home Improvement |Property Investment |Rehabbing Houses

Real Estate Investing | Home Improvement |Property Investment |Rehabbing Houses

– Hey guys, Lex Levinrad over here. And I’m standing in front of
a house in Port Saint Lucie. I’m going to go and take
you inside and show you this house is a complete wack inside, it’s just in really, really bad condition. Let’s go ahead and take a look
and look at it on the inside. Alright, and wow. As you can see this house is in really, really bad shape. All of this tile has been ripped up. What we know about this house
is that the previous owner was going to remodel it and
started ripping up all the tile but didn’t pull any permits
and the city caught them and gave them a stop work order and that’s how we found the house. And that’s how it was offered to us. So, this house looks like a mess, most beginning investors
would stay far away from something like this
but we purchased this house for $84,000 and we could
probably sell it for $140,000 or maybe even a $150,000 So, even if we had to spend $25,000 or $30,000 on the interior of this
house with permits, we would still have a very nice
profit on this house, right? So fixing and flipping, there’s opportunities everywhere. As I mentioned, this house
we found on It wasn’t even on our local MLS. So if you want to learn how to do this, if you want to learn how
to fix and flip houses, we have a fixing and flipping
houses boot camp coming up and I want to show you how to start making money flipping houses. So, go ahead and add your info
below and we’ll get started.

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  1. Lex Levinrad

    Hey Lex – Quick question what would you do if you wanted to spray paint the Floor Joists in the basement. I have used a medium dark gray in the past and it looked great. I have seen some people use flat black and that looks pretty good as well. I am painting the floor joists in a fix & flip I am doing I was curious as to your thoughts. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks

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