Real Survivalist Tries Not To Die In The Long Dark

Real Survivalist Tries Not To Die In The Long Dark

100 thoughts on “Real Survivalist Tries Not To Die In The Long Dark

  1. i really love Survival games! But them i might be good in survival games on what to do for i know how games works. But these guy is on different level. Hahahahaha. They should hire these guys so we can have more realistic survival games!

  2. this game is not very accurate so of course, in reality, surviving is just the opposite and the game is just a game.

  3. Yeah. Why can't I use the abandoned houses in the game or make a 'lean too' with the right resources and create makeshift shelters? This guy had some really solid perspectives. I think that if the game complied to his ideas then he would have lasted longer. He would have burrowed into the hay bale or made that makeshift shelter. Hibernated his energy more effectively when sitting in the vehicle. This guy be like…I keep dying because the game won't let me use anything.

  4. Christopher Nyerges: survival educator. Links, and name in description, please. Show some respect to your guests.

  5. Giving that they are specialist and or experts this will be very entertaining for me and others to view and actually watch the episodes to see the outcome…….==>👇keep reading.

    Survival game series…. real experts.
    Have them and 10 episodes as a series and see how far they get or a specific task to do and only ten episodes to achieve it. Set the a challenge or specific amount of time they have to survive.

  6. They should have specialist and experts like him and similar people test their survival games to see what else they could improve and input.
    Their opinions and facts could make games like this really realistic and enjoyable.

  7. They could had at least told the guy how to get to his inventory so that he could see how to put clothes on ffs. He kept dying because he didn't know he had to put the clothes on after he found them.

  8. Not being able to utilize those bundle of hay really is frustrating, I'm glad that guy pointed it out. Hopefully, someday that will get added to the game as well.

  9. Even if he does not see the temperature bar, what kind of survivalist would prioritize food over shelter in a snow storm, immediately after a plane crash?? I expected him to explain death by exposure and seek shelter immediately, instead he's all "GRASS!!"? I feel like he was assuming he was playing as himself, fully winter clothed, with hunting weapons, not like a plane crash survivor.

  10. I wonder how much better this game would be if except of the mood they would care enough to hire a survivalist 😉

  11. Compared to the knowledge of realistic survival, this game is basically a joke for real survivalists since almost anything can be repurposed for survival needs but the game doesn't let you do that. I'm assuming the person you're playing as has minimal knowledge on basic survival thus the inability to use the environment without proper tools etc.

  12. This is actually pretty nice to watch, him giving some infos on what could be done if you are in that situation, and what can be add to the game to make it more realistic.

  13. This reminds me of when I (a wrestler) played DND (as a character with a wrestling background), and kept trying to use wrestling moves on monsters, only for the DM to repeatedly tell me that the game didn't have any mechanics for it.

  14. Dont hang out in cars. Basically a giant refrigerator. It will feel better than the weather but you will freeze in your sleep.

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