Reclaimed Home Décor

My wife and I have always been known as
the people who’ve had the unique things. We’re looking for those unusual household items that
people are not going to find in other stores. That kind of make a statement. Les has been collecting forever. He was a coin collector.
He did some stamps. He started going to auctions
and I just thought that was ridiculous and then I went to an auction with him
and I was hooked. And so, then we started doing this together. So that sort of led us down the path of saying
that we enjoyed this kind of as a hobby. That’s kind of how we expanded into having our own store. We want people to feel good when they come in here. And that makes us feel good
because we feel like we’ve done our job. It’s a gratification of being able to go out there
and finding that really unique thing. It gets back to the bottom line of this business. The hunt is the real fun part about it. And it’s always that one certain piece
is just right around the corner That keeps us going and trying
to find the stuff for our store.

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