Recordings Give Rare Glimpse Of Jeffrey Epstein In His Own Words | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Recordings Give Rare Glimpse Of Jeffrey Epstein In His Own Words | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Recordings Give Rare Glimpse Of Jeffrey Epstein In His Own Words | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  2. Epstein died from suicide, open and shut. He attempted suicide just weeks before, and Bar and Agolf Twittler knew this and made sure he had the opportunity to finish the job so he would never testify. Barr's father hired Epstein to teach in an all girls prep school… can only imagine how many girls he sexually assaulted while there, and Barr's father covered up to save his own reputation. Now the public may never hear about that part of his life.

  3. Don't care how he died just hope he suffered along the way. A garbage human being who used his wealth to cover for his crimes.

  4. MSNBC rats knew hillery Clinton knew and covered it up for her. You've been lieing for democrat filth for years. Your to blame also. Your sicko propaganda for loosing cult. Shame on your lies and brainwash fail….you knew.!

  5. Find somebody who can cover. "Nothing there"story.
    Push false narrative on Trump, avoid the real scum Clinton.
    Huge Democratic contingent here.
    Hillary also went down to the island at least 7 times.

  6. Barr should never been allowed to be on this case. His father was the guy who gave Epstein his first job teaching high school girls even though he didnt have a teaching degree. Barr was also at the same law firm as Dershowitz, Ken Starr and Epstein’s other lawyers. And then theres the small detail that Alex Acosta was part of Trump’s administration even though he had zero experience to get him the position he got. And then there’s the fact that Maxwell was recruiting girls right out of Mar-a-Lago. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Trump was also close to John Casablancas, another pretty sketchy dude who ran a teen “model agency”, and some of his other close associates include George Nader and Tevfik Arif, a couple other convicted pedos.

  7. STOP the lies already!!! Epstein was not murdered nor did he commit suicide. He is very much alive! You mean the Illuminatti Autopsy report!!😉🤫🤔😬😂😂

  8. So, I leave Autoplay on and get taken from the X22Report to MSNBC garbage? Why would the YouTube suggestion algorithm "think" anyone watching X22Report would be interested in MSM propaganda? Maybe YouTube is pushing the same propaganda?

  9. There needs to be more laws. If a person knows of a crime and does not report it to authirities they should be charged just the same as a person that commited the crime. Los Vegas passed this law back in the nineties when a child was molested and killed in casino to people that saw this happening and did nothing. There is laws on the books that are not enforced. Just like Epstein his money had to come from children, being bought, sold, and abused. SO WHY WAS HIS ASSETS NOT TAKEN? He should have died poor, if he is dead. Just another rich person gotten by with crimes. Boy OJ you set Presidence.

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  11. get on the Melania scoop. Melania's invisibility from media ? Look back, how did she begin, where, her rise, that network. Who did she know, and when trump got her who did he know in that world. If Msnbc is carefully sidestepping "Melania coverage " and connections then I want to know why, and it seriously undermines your credibility, msnbc, so get on it.

  12. There is less truth being exposed, a bunch of sleazes. Epstein was murdered, no doubt in my mind, he needed to be silenced.

  13. Yes where is Maxwell to day she should be arrested for she was a part of the sick operations that Epstein the animalistic pervert……..Ghislaine Maxwell seem to have vanished from the planet, I wonder when she will be found DEATH………….

  14. ..the underworld holds the power because they 'ave perfect'd the art of performing extremely wick'd deeds..

    ..'aving said that, it is not inconceivable that they had someone to drug the jail gaurd's lunch and/or dinn'r, wait for them to become too sleepy or drowsy to make their rounds, work their way into Epstein's jail cell, rob him of his life, and then send their mission accomplished report to their boss who reigns as head of the Rothschild family..

  15. Epstein was a Mossad agent tasked to get compromising info on presidents, politics d and corporate heads so they can be blackmailed later to do the bidding of Israel. WHY do you think the US leaders are so militantly PRO Israel even when Israel bombs kids plzying soccer on the beach, for example or drops white phosphorus in Gaza, the open air prison.

  16. Can not hide any of your gross nasty sins from God you will be repaid for all your nasty things everyone that has involved with this case

  17. Funny that MSNBC still will not be honest about Slick Willy Clintons connection to Pedo Island. MSNBC also covers for rapists Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.

  18. Ten bucks says that Epstein was a CIA operative who was their guy to help rich people launder their money, around the world. The entertainment, parties, women, girls (boys?) and so on just came with the fast jet-set pace of his clients lives. My money is on the CIA.

  19. albert eistein's 'theory of relativity,' harvey weinstein's 'theory of misogyny,' (maybe that should be wankstein) & jeffrey epstein's, 'theory of depravity.'
    all three are jews who liked shagging women of all ages – well, that's the theory.
    maybe einstein's theory should have been of adultery.
    jews do like stretching their foreskins, don't they? joke!!!
    i thought it might schnickle your fancy.

  20. Mossad must be the unidentified "claimant". His funeral should be in front of Hyenas. Juugle can't find Ghislain ut can track down your dog.

  21. It's safe to say, people in power, famous, or rich and powerful are kid didlers, pervs, and pedos. Coming out into the light more and more often.

  22. So this guy went to the island supposedly to interview eppstein and make sure to note that the room he was landed in was empty , and brings with him a piece of audio that sounds like it was recorderded underwater, so bad. If he was an interviewer certainly he would have had better equiptment ? I think this is all terribly shady

  23. Actually I find suicide highly credible. If you knew you would spend your old age being sodomized, beaten and eventually murdered, you'd snuff it too.

  24. We are being fed crap the man was over 6 feet bunk beds only five four you're telling me he broke all those bones in his neck you want to know something I'm tired of it I'm not even going to listen to it anymore it's all crap

  25. That’s a lie you can’t break your hiatal bone by wrapping bed sheets around your neck & cutting off the air. It takes manual strangulation caused by another persons hands. Also, they don’t talk about the SCREAMS heard coming from his cell. MSM GARBAGE!

  26. Sarah Ferguson borrowed about $35,000 from Epstein to pay off a debt. Even if divorced from Andrew, why wouldn’t the Royal Family help her?

  27. He spoke like a politician, you can tell he was around powerful people 24/7. Also, whoever believes every word they claim about his 'suicide' is naive, plain and simple, there were simply too many 'freaky occurrences' surrounding his death

  28. Barr was reported in attendance at the prison just before Epstein broke his neck then hung himself, as the guards slept and the video cameras went offline or was corrupted,as screams were reported by other prisoners,and is not Trump the boss of Barr,and Trump is boss of a lot of people and other political people,including a lot of names on Epstein list,Wake up Americans your so gullible,f

  29. Clearly bought off to simply not write story and now he’s dead so he’s talking !!!! Seeems if you were real
    Jouranislt you would have published this either way back then

  30. Main steam
    Media is now gonn be seen as protecting their preferred frienss. Does really not e believ that these Tucker’s who have been caught in perveerse and predatory acts had no connections to him

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