1. Tonight is the eve of my moms cremation, ive been watching your vlogs for about a year and it somehow made this process less scary and more comforting. We asked our director for a private viewing of the cremmation for me and my siblings. I spent tonight making her a beautiful rose and carnation lay flat flower piece for her box. It smells so good. I dont know how i will feel once she goes in since we all said goodbye at the hospital on the 28th when she was warm and i held her all morning. She wasnt embalmed so im thinking maybe a box hug, we will see. I want to remember her in the best light i can. We did take a death photo minutes after she passed and me and my brothers literally weeping holding my mom surrounding her like children again. Its a very special photo to me now, i wonder if i could make it into tin? Maybe. Thanks for always making beautiful vlogs, they really do help in all the sense.

  2. My family have a tin type photograph from around 1900, maybe a bit older. The thing is, we're from a part of Ireland that was incredibly poor, people just didn't have the money to do this kind of thing, and we don't know who the family is in the photo… they're not English landowners, they're definitely native Irish by their names, so it's all very strange. We can't find any documents to support this family's existence locally, which you would also expect to find if they were well off enough to have portraits taken around here. Our own little mystery!

  3. Fascinating but macabre ๐Ÿ˜Š ( I do know of someone who took digital photographs of her deceased second husband in his casket and at the funeral. These she produces for the inspection and admiration of visitors. Bad taste if you ask me)

  4. This makes you appreciate photography as it was.I did wedding photography in the 1970s& 80s.You had to know film,lighting,ect.Today point shoot a thousand &pick which is best.

  5. Thank you so much for doing these and all of your videos. My mother is in end stage liver failure and your videos have made helping her have a death plan so much easier.

  6. If a woman died while she in mourning, did she get buried in mourning clothes? This must have happened just given the general life expectancy and of course wearing arsenic laden clothing.

    Perhaps you knew painting as Whistler called it: "Arrangement in Grey and Black"

  7. This was really interesting, not just because we learned about the Victorian mourning practices, but also about photography.
    it was also really funny, the moment when Caitlin's corpse close-up was finished and the photographer says, 'thank you,' and the 'corpse' sits up and stretches.

  8. Thanks to this channel and the Order of the Good Death, I recently set up a living will and made arrangements for a green burial. Hope I don't need them for a long long time of course.

  9. When visiting my grandmother as children we would often sneak off with her photo albums. I will never forget the first time I saw a photo of her sister, the only photo ever taken, and of course, taken in death. She was very young, the coffin was leaned against the house and she was standing, leaning against the inside wall of the tiny coffin. Her eyes were open. I was very young and at first I thought she was alive. I can almost remember exactly how my thought process went. It was quick, but it felt like it took a strangely long amount of time for me to accept the fact that she was indeed dead. Horrified, of course the first thing I did was show my siblings and cousins. After that, almost every visit included a look at that photo in secret. It was such a strange feeling. I argued with myself that thereโ€™s no way that could be a casket this child was standing in and why in the world would she be doing so if it was? And of course out of respect for my grandmother I did not want to ask her because I could sense that it was something I probably should not be asking a lot of questions about. I donโ€™t have a ton of memories that really stand out in my mind from my childhood, but that is definitely one!

    Photography has always been something of great interest and fascination to me, especially photography throughout history, as well as beliefs surrounding photography. I enjoyed this video immensely and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you guys taking the time and energy to do such a fantastic job and share it with all of us. As always, just the right amount of humor to balance out the rest of the subject matter. Adore you (and your face!)

  10. I've posed for this type of photograph. Standing still that long is very difficult. I even had a head stand behind me to keep my head still so I wouldn't blur.

  11. X___X The neat/kinda grim thing about this video… This was uploaded on my dad's birthday; whom no longer is with us. He'd have probably found this interesting though! He's the reason why I like monsters/spooky things like this!

  12. My family still has a few tintypes of our ancestors. I always thought they were super cool. None of ours are death pictures (the ones we have are photographs not tintypes) It was really interesting to see the whole process of taking these.

  13. I learned the old school way of developing photos from 25 years ago in high school. The results are amazing thanks for sharing this amazing process!

  14. If you're doing another old fashioned Ask A Mortician, is there any chance you could answer this question?
    I've read that cremation in a wood cremation coffin is actually better for the environment than cremation without a coffin, because the cremation takes less time with the added kindling provided by the coffin. Is this true?

    I also have a question about natural burial. I live in a rather small country (Netherlands) with limited amounts of nature. We do have some natural burial cemeteries, but some ecologists say that natural burial actually damages the ecosystem, because it provides too many nutrients in the soil, and the ecological balance is generally maintained by scarcity. Have you encountered this criticism of natural burial before? What is your view on it?

    I'm just trying to find the greenest legal way to dispose of my corpse whenever that becomes necessary. Thank you!

  15. This video is so interesting but can we just appreciate that Caitlin could totally put together a kickass girl group with exclusively banged women just from her phone contacts? They could call it The Bang-les or Caitlin Lang and the Siss Boom Bangs

  16. I have always loved the Victorian way of death. I had a photo of my great grandmother, with my grandmother, who was aged about 18. My great grandmother was dressed all in black, deathly miserable, but her name was โ€˜ happyโ€™ amazing.

  17. Random nifty thing… When I was looking at houses with a Realtor, one of the houses had corpse photos of a baby throughout the house and a memorial headstone in the front yard. I wanted that house so bad! They didn't take our offer. They also had on display a flag in a case with a plaque honouring a soldier who had died.

  18. Your name should be Mortisha!!!LOL Also you should have black roses around your set!! Strangly addictive videos. Please stay alive too keep up the great videos!!

  19. I never got a pin with my book, Barnes and Nobles you thieves!
    I do know that my cat will in fact eat my eyeballs, which leads to another question, am I fattening to my cat? My cat is already pushing 18 pounds so he doesn't need fattening eyeballs. How do I prevent this health hazard?

  20. I feel your pain, Caitlin, I have all your books, I've liked all your regular video's and Symposium video's,and yet you haven't called, written or visited. It's very sad. Whats a boy to do these days…? <JK, BTW> 8-P

  21. I use to do civil war re an acting for years, this is something my ex husband had done with a friend and it was such a amazing experience! Coolest part was everything was backwards which I thought was so neat, I use to collect tin types and most were post death which I always found so neat!

  22. So interesting. Thank you. I love" the Scream "and I believe that painting characterizes this. Probably, only the well to do could afford this? I loved the house they used-charming. I believe there would be a market for that these days,or is this just me?

  23. I remember staying still for an hour to get my brain scanned and to get other brain tests ooof yโ€™all it was pretty wild

  24. The only photograph that my family has of my grandmother as a teenager was taken with a group of mourners at a funeral for a child back in 1914.

  25. I learned about Whistler's Mother from the Mr Bean movie. Get some culture Caitlin!ย 
    (I am joking – how would you know Whistler's Mother if you never saw Bean Movie OR Looney Tunes? You poor sheltered child)

  26. Quick question, what would be the logistics of scattering ashes? For example where can some one spread their ashes, receiving the ashes, and so on.

  27. You crack me up and thatโ€™s why I like watching you so much!! How about telling us about different culture burials. That would be interesting. Great work. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘

  28. I'm not sure if anyone said this yet but the mourning photos with the two ladies remind me of the "We irritating" meme, lmao

  29. this is super interesting and really amazing to learn how photography worked way back when. In the 19th century, did they have to be of the wealthy to have a portrait to be made?

  30. To the people who thumbs down here – please go away! There's ton's of awful videos out there, this certainly isn't one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. there are post mortem photos of diseased children with their mothers blurred, due to her not able to keep still in her distress

  32. Love your vids Caitlyn. You asked for suggestions on your "Iconic Corpse" series, so how about Prof. Einstein, the physicist?

  33. I love this woman to death! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I apologize for that, but seriously……love her to death. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  34. The Riverview Asylum in Coquitlam, BC has a really fascinating history. Riverview has a mostly nameless cemetery on it massive property where many of the patients (arguable, victims) are buried. This is one of the most filmed locations in Canada. I've visited several times and have spend hours roaming the grounds… I definitely recommend!!!

  35. Does anyone know which video of hers mentions an at home funeral where they propped up the body and had them hold a cigarette? I do not think my mind made this video up haha

  36. Question for Caitlin: Does being a mortician create any anxiety with regards to wanting to stay alive? Are you scared of death knowing someday you could be a puddle of mush or end up being roasted in a crematorium? It seems your occupation might influence your thoughts about how the dead become a different form of "existence." If so, do you eat, sleep, drink, exercise in a more healthy lifestyle to prolong your life in an attempt to delay the inevitable?

    Interesting stuff you provide. I'm sure many can't handle everything provided in your videos โ€ฆ perhaps a tad too much detail <g>.

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