Recycled Pallet Wood Art: Using Pallet Wood and Random Items to make Wall Art

Recycled Pallet Wood Art:  Using Pallet Wood and Random Items to make Wall Art

The Wave All right, here’s some of the material I’m using to try and make this recycled wall art. I have some pallet wood, some old barn wood, some glass scraps, this thin piece of plywood, and then I have some old Christmas lights.
I’m going to go ahead and get started by putting the pallet wood onto the plywood. *spray paint* So there you go recycled pallet wood wall art. Overall I think it turned out pretty cool. It was just basically a fun project because I’ve been having this idea about wanting to be all artsy and uh… make kind of uh…
like a framed art piece using pallet wood and some up random scrap material so this is what i ended
up with i’m really happy with it ya know
considering I’m not artsy at all. I suck terribly at drawing and you’ve probably noticed all I ever draw are waves because that’s all i can draw so busted out a wave over there I did kinda like a little floral scene over here with the glass
you know the palm tree in some flowers and stuff like that in the background it’s kind of like
uh… this a little painted graphic you know what sun beams come out represent a sunset with the nighttime
coming over the top. So finished it up there with a barn wood frame and oh yea the best part oh yea twinkling stars pretty cool, huh So yeah, that kinda finished it up with the stars
That’s just old Christmas lights with with holes drilled and I poked the lights through and I just kinda think it gives it a cool affects so that’s it for this week until next time Stay bummy beach bummy LOL!, that was stupid.

89 thoughts on “Recycled Pallet Wood Art: Using Pallet Wood and Random Items to make Wall Art

  1. wow! Too cool!! Not artsy? I'd beg to differ.

    Love the twinkling stars LOL.

    Anyway, how many hours you put into this?

  2. I didn't see anything but that sweet mustache you're sportin'…

    Seriously though…that was a cool project. What was that tool you used? Some sort of dremel/jigsaw?? Whaaa???

  3. Oops!! Didn't finish my comment! What I was trying to say is, I really love the idea of making something cool out off stuff just laying around waiting to be repurposed! Beautiful piece of art from a talented guy! 🙂

  4. so excited to see another post! my home is a better place thanks to your tutorials. I picked up a tube of minwax express color wiping stain and finish and just started sanding and staining/distressing my second hand furniture. Now I get compliments on my things all the time and i have friends asking me to make them stuff. Thanks for showing us how easy it can be. oh and I'm diggin the stache, keep sharing!

  5. Still rockin the stache. The project was great but I like the way you put together this video. Great production bro.

  6. I love this saying! You are an artist no doubt I will do my best to stay bánh mì it isn't hard LOL thanks for another great video

  7. Okay Siri misspelled about half of my words but hopefully you can get the gist of what I'm trying to say 🙂

  8. That was possibly the coolest thing ever! If all you can draw is waves, then just go with that. Go with what you know! My boxes always look rustic, I just can't do 'new looking' so I just go with it! You're a funny guy too!

  9. Seriously dude, you make the coolest stuff and definitely inspired me in all of my projects. Keep bummin' from Cali!

  10. WOW!!!!!!!!! I am so impressed brother! Please don't hate but I will have to attempt this and a bit more. My father was an artist and passed away yesterday, today I feel like giving it a go, but like you state I 'suck at drawing' BUT I like you have great vision.

  11. I love your projects…I can't tell which hand tool youre using to create the design on the wood…it looks like a router but I cant seen to find a similar 1 anywhere…I like the portability of it…if you could please describe with a brand and name…thank you

  12. BBL, have you heard of a "wonder bar"? It's a pretty flat bar on one end with a curved neck on the other end. If you don't have one, look at one, it is great for salvaging wood. I was going to send one to you but never heard back. They're relatively inexpensive so I keep a good supply of them scattered around. Best of luck

  13. inspired even more.. i want to build a pallet wood cooler and bar !! keep up the awesome work bro !!

  14. Thanks BBL! I need to make some cool pallet art like this. Thanks for the inspirado! Keep making these great videos.

  15. Hey thanks Tina!! For this project I only did one and it was more for fun and to experiment than anything. 🙂

  16. Thanks! Yeah, that was actually my first idea but I decided not to because I was just needing to get the project done and took the easier route. Maybe on a future project I'll do that though. 🙂

  17. Nice! You are artsy. I have same problem about not being the best at drawing but hey there is so many ways to express creaTIVITY 🙂

  18. You are a work of art bro! You struck again! Man, I love watching your video's. Always looking forward to the next one!! ….Hank

  19. Really innovative and cool!!  I'd only give you one tip…………bring your work UP to you with blocks or something……less strain on your neck and back!  *)

  20. Where did you get the glass from or better question where are some common places people can get some sort of glass like that???

  21. Can Anyone tell me the name of the Tool he was using to do the waves and parm tree with ??? 
    your answer to my question is much appreciated. 

  22. this is awesome! i know people that would pay hundreds for something like this.
    1:17 reminds me of a tattoo artist outlining a tattoo!

  23. I think it's so true when it's said 'We are all artist' whilst you humbly, say 3:45  "… considering I'm not 'arty' at all; I suck terribly at drawing, I suck terribly at drawing".  The outcome of what you did here proves the former.  What you made here is very much in vogue (as I type this) and there's no reason to believe it will be anything else … but I'm sure that you know this.  I often look for something original, something different and what you do here falls into those lines and could earn you good money specialising within the realms of 'beach art'.  (btw; I am in NO way affiliated to any arts or crafts sites.)  It wasn't until I clicked on your Link that I discovered that you sell the items you make, which is hardly surprising given the quality of your work, and making one-off's can be very lucrative indeed.

    Great video and nice to see you make this item from scratch right up to finish!  Well done you!


    [Edit for typo's]

  24. this is such a cool project – art piece.. I especially likes the waves… but you didn't tell us how you did it…. YIKES. I wished you had paused every so often and explained what and how you did this stuff. thank you.

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