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– Hey, is your freezer frosting up a lot and then the frigerator
not getting cold enough? I think I know the problem.
(soft music) I’m gonna share it with you
today on GardenFork, all right. Here’s basically how
refrigerator/freezers work. The freezer is up here, has a coil that gets really cold. And some of that air is sent
down into the frigerator below. Beyond that, there’s a couple of gizmos in here that regulate everything. And a couple of them
determine whether the coils in the freezer work or don’t. And in my case I noticed a bunch of real frosty stuff at
the back of the freezer, and that’s where the coils are. So, let me show you. Oh, I have an audience. You girls gotta wait. It’s not dinnertime yet.
(growling and barking) Here’s our freezer compartment. There are two screws
here, which I removed, and then this, you reach
up here and pull this down. And it might be frozen in place. Luckily, this one isn’t. And then behind here, see if
I can get the light in here. Behind this plate, there’s some wires. Make sure your refrigerator’s
unplugged, by the way. Reach in here with your two fingers. That disconnects and
allows that to come down. And it exposes the freezer coils here. Quick refrigerator/freezer anatomy lesson. This is a fan that
distributes the cold air. This is the freezer coil, and at the bottom is this black thing, which goes underneath and
comes back out over there. That heats up and
defrosts the freezer coil. This back here is the thermostat, okay. All key things in keeping your freezer or refrigerator running nicely. For a frost-free refrigerator,
what’s actually happening is that coil is being defrosted automatically every X number of hours. I think on this one it’s every six hours. So what’s going to happen is there’s this thing called a timer. I took the fridge apart,
and I can’t find the thing. Oh, here it is. There’s this thing called a timer, which is very similar to
one of those light timers, those ones that are very analog and mechanical to plug a light in and turn it on and off
when you’re on vacation. Well, this timer controls
when the heating coil underneath the freezer coils turns on, melts the frost off, goes down a drain in the back, by the way. And then goes back into refrigerator mode. And if this is broken, the coils frost up, the heater doesn’t turn on. This this gets full of ice,
and your refrigerator warms up. There are a couple other
things that can break in your freezer and refrigerator. The heating coil can go,
or the thermostat can go. But I’m gonna show you
know how to test to see if it’s the thermostat ’cause this is more than
likely what’s wrong. Ready? So lets go down into the
refrigerator compartment here, and on this one there’s
a unit at the top here. And inside here are some screw holes. You’re gonna have to
stick your head in here. But this one doesn’t have a screw in it. It has what looks like a
way to adjust a clock, okay. And I’m gonna put my screwdriver in here and engage the screw. (clicking) You hear it clicking? (clicking) We want it to make a big click, okay. Okay, did you hear that click? And then the compressor of the refrigerator stopped running? Now, we’re gonna go up here. We’re gonna just put our
hand close to this thing. Don’t touch it, or maybe
you wanna touch it. It might take a few minutes, but we wanna see if this
black rod underneath here is heating up after that first click of the thermostat timer. That might take a minute to heat up. Okay, I waited just a minute, but you can put your finger under here and that is hot, okay. Ow, that is hot. And you can also tell by, you can start to seeing
water dripping off the coils. See, this is all frosted? That’s not frosted. That means it’s defrosting. That’s what that thing supposed to do. Very cool. Okay, what does this tell us? This tells us that the
defroster heating coil’s working and that the thermostat in here, the little black button-y thing that’s on the end of the coil is working. And that the timer is not telling the defrost coil to turn on. In other words, this gizmo here, I’ll link to below where I
think you should buy this thing, is broken, and this is really easy to fix. It’s much easier than fixing that defrost coil I’ll tell you. So we’re down in the fridge. We’ve turned off the
fridge and unplugged it, and we’re gonna remove this housing here. Get your six-in-one screwdriver tool ’cause it’s my favorite tool,
and remove these screws. All right, and this comes down like that. I’m sorry, thermostat. So, I wanna unplug this, and then pull this out away from the back wall like
that and bring it out. See how that just came out like that? Do this gently please. Here’s the old one. Here’s the new one. This will only go in one way. Turn the timer switch a couple times. You wanna hear two clicks. After two clicks, stop.
(clicking) One, two. Okay, then you’re in cooling mode. If you turn it and go one click, (clicking) you’re in defrost mode. One more click (clicking),
you’ve left defrost mode. You’re now in cooling mode. There’s a tube back here
that goes into that hole. Reattach this to here. There’s only one way that
this will go back on, like that, and we will screw it in now. Plug our refrigerator back in again. All right, I hear the compressor running. Light bulb is on. Now we’re gonna turn the timer one click and see if the defroster will kick in. One click, ‘kay? And wait a minute and see
if the heater heats up. After you’ve been working
on this for a while, this coil is basically
gonna self-defrost itself, so when you first put the timer back in, the defrost here might
not heat back up again. Turn the thing on and let
it run for a couple hours and then check that defrost
heater rod again, all right. But more than likely,
it’s the defrost timer, which we just replaced. And you did it yourself. It’s not rocket science. That thing there controls this thing here. Funny how that works, all right. If the timer is not the problem, it might be the thermostat
or the defrost heating coil. That is hot. All right, there you
go, more eclectic DIY. It’s like fixing stuff and cooking food and Labradors and Eric’s world. Whatever we do on the weekend,
I make a video about it. These two are usually involved. And I think you can fix your fridge. If it’s beyond you, please
hire a professional. Remember to unplug things. Again, this is a DIY
use-at-your-own-risk kind of thing. But the timer seems to be the
thing that breaks the most, so I’ll link below in the show notes where to order a timer for your fridge. You’re good to go. More information about
me below the video here, and Henry, because someone’s hungry. Who’s hungry here? Who’s hungry? (barking) Is it dinnertime? (barking and growling) I’m not convinced. Yeah?
(barking) That’s better, that’s better. Could I have a kiss first? No kiss?

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