Refrigerator Repair – Replacing the Dispenser Waterline (Whirlpool Part #8201537)

Refrigerator Repair – Replacing the Dispenser Waterline (Whirlpool Part #8201537)

“Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re going to show you how to change
the dispenser water line on your refrigerator and it’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a putty knife,
a quarter inch nut driver and a sharp utility knife. Let me show you how we do it. Now before we begin this repair since we will
be working near some electrical circuits we suggest that you unplug the refrigerator,
so simply just pull the plug on the wall. The next we’re going to pull the little
drip tray on the bottom of the dispenser and set that aside. And then with a stiff putty knife, I’m going
to just gently pull into that opening pulling it down on that discussion. Now at the bottom released you just lift up
on that escutcheon and pivot around release the locking tab on the wire harness and pull
it away. You’ll note the three hooks on top of the
escutcheon and engage three rectangular slots top the mounting bracket and the two clips
on the bottom that will engage the matching clips on the escutcheon. Well next you’ll notice two little plastic
locking tabs and on the side of the dispenser just release those and you can tilt that up
and away. The waterline is located over here on the
right hand side through a little mounting bracket and that’s held in place with a quarter
inch hex head screw, so we’ll remove that screw. Then you can just slide that bracket forward
and then that will allow us to remove the tubing from it. Now our next step will be to remove the lower
kick plate and disconnect the water line at the bottom. We’ll just open one of the doors. We’ll take our putty knife, we’ll slide it
in between the top of that toe panel in the face of the refrigerator and just pry that
out away from it closer to one of the edges. We can do the same on the freezer side as
well. You can close those doors up that toe panel
is held in place with an arrow head clip on both sides that fit into a little spring type
receptor. Well next we’re going to reach in underneath
locate the water line going up to the door will be a callit there that has a little color
on one end of it that we will depress pull it away from the water line. Now there’s going to be some water in that
line so it’ll be a little bit that will spill. So I have something there to stop that up. We’ll pull that water line free
and then we can remove it from the top. So we’re just going to grasp that water line
and the bracket we’re going to pull straight up on it and we’ll pull it completely out
of the freezer door to reinstall the new waterline, we find it a little easier if you feed it
up through from the bottom. So locate the hole on the bottom of the lower
hinge and then just slowly feed that tubing all the way up. If you do meet some resistance just pull it
back and give it a little twist and then try again don’t force it. Now once it comes out through the top here
just peel that forward it doesn’t kink and you can pull some of the excess through. The next we’re going to take note of how much
of that tubing protrudes past the end of the mounting bracket and actually how that is
situated on there. Remove the old tubing and duplicate that process
with the new tubing making sure that we don’t get any kinks in it. And we’ll pull that excess back down through
from the bottom on the bracket up with the mounting tab. Again make sure that there’s no strain on
that tubing we can then replace that quarter inch hex head screw. You can then reposition the cover making sure
that switches will engage with the two levers nothing is impeding that spread open those
four locking tabs. Now to reinstall it cover to make sure that
that top edge fifth up under there’s four little notches there that will fit in to make
sure we line those up before we pivot it into position that will ensure that the switches
line up with the levers and just pivot it down until the two locking tabs on the side
engage. You can check the operation of the paddles. You should hear the micro switches activate. Next, we can put the escutcheon back in place. So we’ll start by reconnecting the wire harness
making sure that the locking tab lines up engages and then we’ll line up the three tabs
across the top show us it’s flushed across the top and then snap the bottom into position
and then we can reinstall the drip tray. Now with the tubing attached in the dispenser,
we can turn off the excess here on the bottom, so we’re just going to do a measurement of
how much tubing you’ll need, we don’t want to have too much that we end up getting a
kink. Now the important thing is to get a nice straight
cut on that tubing so using a razor sharp knife just going to make a nice square cut
right through the tubing check for any burrs
and we’ll reconnect to that collet. So we’re simply going to push that in until
it bottoms out and pull back on make sure it’s engaged, we can tuck it back in underneath
and we’re ready to put the toe panel back on. Now with the kick plate back in position we’re
ready to push the refrigerator back into its spot reconnect the power and our repair is
complete. I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching and good luck with your

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this video! Going to do this job today. However, my line has the anti-drip valve, so it MUST be fed from the top (not the bottom). Hope it goes well! 🙂

  2. What about where that line connects to and replace that section all the way to the connection behind to the wall?

  3. Hi dave, I got Westinghouse virtuoso model rs643t. How can I replace the new tube under the left door goes to the water dispenser?

  4. You are awesome Steve!
    I wish I'd seen this before I twice repaired the line where it broke- right at the pivot / hinge on the bottom of the door. Once with a quick connect coupler, once with a compression union.
    Now I will have more faith in manufacturers- I always figured they would make everything hard to fix and I'd have to pull the whole inner door lining or something. Parts Select is now my go-to for online parts.
    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Steve,

    I tried to fish the hose via the bottom and also from the top, the hose did not go back to the dispenser. I think I am stuck now. Thinking about disassembly the liner, but just before I open another can of worm, do you have any suggestion?

  6. hi steve, I have a galaxy model 10655122700. I having a hard time getting the front plate off-are the tabs the same on the bottom as you show in your viedo? I don't want to break it thank you , timmy

  7. When I tried pushing the new tube up through the door from the bottom, it repeatedly got stuck on some obstacle part way up. So I pulled it back out, cut the tip off at a sharp angle, and tried again. Then it slipped past the obstacle quite easily. I could have trimmed the end square after I was done, but decided to leave it that way. Obviously, the other end that connects to the water supply line must be cut off square.

  8. The video shows the new tube mounted in the bracket incorrectly (above the center metal tab, rather than below it), which will cause the the tube to point too far back, making it somewhat difficult to put a cup under the water dispenser to fill it. The tube then tends to drip water behind the cup. Carefully compare the video images of the old tube in the bracket with the new tube. When I had this problem, I ended up replacing the tube again, with improved results regarding aim of the water tube into the cup to be filled.

  9. Steve, or Jim Cole – I installed the line, everything went smoothly – until I realized that the bracket that holds the trigger for the water release was broken. I'm going to need the entire plastic bracket. I will have to search for the part number, etc…………..this is unfortunate.

  10. I just wanted to thank you for your informative video. I have the exact model that you replaced the line on, and I have been afraid to tackle it myself. Seeing how easy it was I tried it, and it worked exactly how you showed on your video. I have been without the water line for about 1 year lol. The Light bulb by the water line dried it out, and it got brittle. I have since replaced the incandescent bulb with a cooler burning L.E.D. bulb.

    Thanks again, I appreciate your help!

    Dean F.

  11. Wow…This is a great video Steve. You don't happen to know how to do the same with a GE fridge do you? Basically I need to do this on my GE but the line will not budge. At exactly 2 mins into your video, you are removing a fastener that would appear lock the tube in place if not removed. However, on my fridge i'm not able to locate any such screw or fastener. Tried GE support and they have offered zero help without a warranty. Real nice considering the issue that started this was their defect. Any idea if there is a way to remove the ice funnel inside the door that could provide access to the inside of the door where the line is?

  12. You, sir, are a lifesaver! I read elsewhere that I would have to replace the entire door. The line is either clogged or frozen. I had no idea it was that easy to route the line through the door. I thought I'd have to somehow tie a string or something like that (as with electrical conduits). Thank you!

  13. Thank you! I was thinking I'd have to take the entire door apart to replace a cracked water line. This was a ridiculously easy fix after watching this video.

  14. Thanks soooo much. My wife wanted me to call a repair man but after watching your easy to follow video I did it myself with no worries


  16. Glad I found this video 1st. Off to replace the water tube. Thank You.
    I'm back and that was easy. Only the dispensing end had broken off so I pulled 3 inches up from the bottom and closed it all back up.

  17. Hello! I have this fridge (I think…my ice make is in the actual freezer as opposed to the door). I unscrewed it (after letting a Coke blow up inside) just to wipe behind it. Now, the ice maker won't work. I still get water to the door, etc. I also have a piece, (facing ice maker) that I too from underneath. left side, two screws, that when put back, blocked the rail that, supposedly, holds the ice bucket. I might have the wrong rail (while thing is apart), but I can't figure why tge ice maker stopped…I don't think I disconnected anything — just held it our a little, wiped the wall, and put it back…..any light you could she'd would be so appreciated!! 🙂 S

  18. is there any difference in the tubing itself between buying this as a kit from an appliance supply or or buying the same size from a hardware store?

  19. i Have a Siemens fridge freezer and it has a different front to yours, i cant see how to take it off and i cant find the model number anywhere

  20. thank you..thank you ..thank you. now i don't have to live with out a water dispenser, because I wasn't going to hire someone to fix that. funny thing, that refrigerator is the same one, that I have.

  21. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your help. I knew what the problem was but had no idea how simple the repair was thanks to you. This video probably saved me $200.00 if I had called an appliance repair if i could have found one. I would like to add that it should be criminal to use the garbage plastic tubing they use on all refrigerators. how many floors have been ruined by pin holes that just developed in this tubing obviously by design. Thanks again

  22. Thanks so much for this video! I ordered my water line from Amazon and installed it using Steve's instructions. It worked perfectly! Thanks for saving me the money I would have had to pay a repairman.

  23. Thank you so so much for this video we got our refrig used and did not have a book on it we had to take off the doors to bring it inside one we did so we could not figure out why the water would not work your video show us that we had broke the tube on the door and now we know how to replace it … Again thank you !!! Heather Martinez

  24. This is a great video because the views are detailed and clear, and the presenter is very well spoken. A big thank you for this!

  25. Hello, I tried following your instructions here and I seem to have a problem pushing the new tube in. It is not funneling to the hole where the dispenser is. Instead it is making it's own path throughout the front of the fridge. It is a whirlpool…

  26. We have a Kenmore 'fridge; the water line gave out. I found this video, followed it closely, got the tubing at Lowe's for $1.22 and got the job done. Great help! Thanks!

  27. THANK YOU for such an informative video.  I am a 59 year old disabled  woman and do not have the money
    to spend on a service call or repair.  I have successfully  repaired my Whirlpool Refrigerator with the information
    you have shared.  Sincerely,  Tea

  28. If i just unplug the first plug behind the water dispenser area, will that prevent the water from coming out? That is my goal. Thanks!

  29. Everything worked as described in your video, except while reattaching the new water dispenser tube to the compression coupling, the other end of the coupling came loose from the water line. It seemed to reattach by just pushing the water line back into the coupling, but now it leaks from that end of the coupling. I have tried to push it in further, but nothing seems to help. How do I stop this from leaking?
    I have a Kenmore Elite side by side refrigerator/freezer, model # 10650204993.

  30. Thank you! Thank you! thank you. I did it. the most easiest replacement in the world. I walked around like a proud peacock after completing this task.

  31. Hello. I have a GE model that is a little different, it has only one tab for both ice and water. Similar to the one shown in the link below. It seems to have no easy access to the hose, since it has a hard-plastic fixed tip (instead of the hose end to dispense water). Do I have to remove the freezer shelving to access the line from the back of the door? Sorry, could not find any videos on that one, and o top of that the model number I have (GSZ23QET WW) is from a production sold in Mexico and Brazil, and I have not been able to find the equivalent numbering for the one sold in the US (which would yield more videos, I suppose).

  32. Thanks…this was very helpful! I was thinking I'd have to disassemble the freezer door to replace the waterline…thanks for showing how easy it is!!! 🙂

  33. I'm having a new refrigerator installed tomorrow and I was told I had to drain the water line 24 hours before. Do I have to unplug the refrigerator and remove the food to do this process and how do I do this?

  34. Hello! Thank you very much for making this video. I just did the repair at the moment in my refrigerator, I do not have a Wirpoold I have an Electrolux, but anyway I used your video a lot. Greetings from Argentina.
    ¡Hola! Muchas gracias por hacer este video. Acabo de hacer la reparación en éste momento en mi heladera, no tengo una Wirpoold tengo una Electrolux, pero de todos modos me sirvio mucho tu video. ¡Saludos desde Argentina!

  35. Hello! Intressthing video(Y).. But how Replacing the Dispenser Waterline for aSide-by-s ide DAEWOO FRN-U20DAI.
    Thank you . Best Regards Packo

  36. Does the waterline have anything to do with the door rusting under the water dispenser?.. If not what causes that rust?

  37. Many thanks taking the front panel off was the mystery for me I did not want force a screwdriver into the side you explain the trick to it many thnaks

  38. So, it appears that there's some sort of conduit to guide that tube to where it's supposed to be at the dispenser. Is that correct, or does it take some trial-&-error to get that new tube to the dispenser location?  The reason I'm asking is:  the water line froze inside the freezer door on my mom's Kenmore/Frigidaire, and in using a hair dryer to thaw it from both the bottom of the fridge and where it dispenses, the heat seems to now have damaged the actuating lever so that it's not contacting the switch.  If I'd known that water line could be changed without having to get inside the freezer door's walls, I would've removed it to thaw it and then put it back, not risking the heat from the hair dryer damaging something.

  39. Thanks! Great video, clear and logical and informative–one of the best "how to" videos I've ever seen. Like so many others, I watched your video and then replaced the broken tubing in a few minutes with no sweat at all.

  40. Hi,  My LG GR-L247NSS water dispenser tupe has split at the bottom of the door.  Can the tube be replaced or is it a new door?

  41. Our waterline is cracked in the portion of the line that goes from the back of the fridge, under it, and To the connector that you showed in your video. How do we get at that one?

  42. Thank you for the great video, clear and precise explanation. I do have a question though, when I pull on my water tube from the top of dispenser I’m getting a lot of resistance, may it be due to ice build up? I’m afraid to pull it out. The fridge I have is a Frigidaire, thanks.

  43. Thank you Steve so much for a outstanding how to video 👍🏻 just repaired the water line on my boats refrigerator today 😁and saved us lots of $$$$$$. Freash cold filtered water is a must on a fishing boat 😁.

  44. PROTIP #1- if you leave the light on 24/7 like I do, you should shield the line from the light with lots of tin foil. Otherwise, the heat of the light will eventually cause the line to crack…making this repair necessary.

    PROTIP #2- if you feed a new line thru the fridge, leave extra length of the line in the bottom of the fridge, in case… subsequently years down the road, you just need to replace just the top 2 or 3 inches of the line.

  45. Thank you. This video was very informative and extremely helpful. I’d like to add a little hint that helped me feed the waterline. Because the kit I bought comes with the nipple attached, I was forced to feed the water line through from the top. After struggling with trying to get the line to come out the bottom door hinge fitting, I pulled it back out and snipped a bit off the line at about a 45 degree angle which gave it a point. Then I was able to feed it down all the way through with no problem. Then I recut the line at 90 degrees and reattached the line at the fitting. Good luck to all you Do-it-your-sellers like me!

  46. There is an error in your video. The position of the old tube in the bracket at 4:43 of the video is not the same as the position of the new tube at 5:16. The new position shown will lead to poor aim of the water stream when the water dispenser is used. I cut the new water tube at a sharp angle before threading it through the door from the bottom. This helped to get it past some invisible obstacles in the door. No neet to trim the tube end after it is threaded – the angle helps the water flow into the glass.

  47. And never ever check the tube connection for leaks before you replace the kick panel. You'll know it when it destroys your wood floor then you can deal with it.

  48. Great! Now I see how to pop off the cover to the ice/water dispenser so I can clean it! Amazing how dirty it gets with no instructions how to clean it.

  49. It was so great to find your video recently. My fridge's water dispenser tubing was old and brittle, and finally it cracked at the curve at the end of the spout, leaving me the choice of doing without filtered water, or to have it repaired for a ton of money. Your video granted me a THIRD option: fix it myself! Well, I never would have succeeded in figuring this out on my own, in fact I would have ruined the fridge in the process. I played the video a couple of times (it is really well done, guys), then purchased the tubing, and had it completely fixed in less than an hour. I'm relieved and extremely grateful to you.

  50. Hello and thank you for this excellent video.
    I have a LG GWL207FLQA fridge/freezer.
    I can follow your instructions until one point: On my LG the water dispenser at the top end of the waterline is not the tube itself that comes out, but a grey rubber thingy, which seems to be unmovable – maybe even unreplacable. Is this so, or can someone point me to a vidoe that addresses this type of dispenser?

  51. Very well done video. I should now be able to tackle the replacement of the water dispenser micro-switch, as you've shown how to properly get to things. Thanks!

  52. All this tubing causes the first two glasses of water from my fridge to be warm, since it’s dispensing the water that’s in the tubing. I wonder if there’s any way to solve this. Makes the dispenser useless.

  53. I know this video is a few years old, but I wanted to give you a HUGE Thank You! Our hose cracked and started leaking. My husband decided that meant time to replace the entire fridge. I'm so glad I found this video! It was so helpful and easy for me to follow. The new hose cost a whopping $3.73 and took me about 15 minutes to replace. Thanks SO much!

  54. THIS IS A STAND-out brilliant video, with an extremely clear and competent DIY instructor. 5 star clarity in every aspect. THANKYOU+++

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