Reinvigorating a Gable Eichler for a Family

Reinvigorating a Gable Eichler for a Family

(upbeat music) – [Drewry] You walk in the
door and you feel relaxed. Windows that go up to
the ceiling in the atrium are 17 feet tall and it’s
just entire walls of glass, and the soaring ceilings really give you a sense of openness. – [Andrew] It allows the
inside to come outside and the outside to come inside. – [Drewry] I think that
there’s something that’s good for the soul about being in an environment that’s so light and uplifting
and natural and peaceful. – The house is an Eichler. It was built in 1964. Joseph Eichler built about 11,000 homes in the ’50s and ’60s. His idea was that the
mid-century modern middle class of the ’50s and ’60s ought to
be able to afford a nice home. So they are a sort of Frank Lloyd Wright’s for the middle class. It’s mid-century modern. Very open, a lot of natural light. – I love the indoor, outdoor flow. We regularly have all nine
sliding glass doors open and the music playing and the
breeze is coming in and out. You can walk in and out of the house and feel like you’re still outside. – [Andrew] This style of
Eichler is a double-gable. That means there’s a gable
over the carport in the front, and a gable over the livingroom, and in-between is an open-air atrium. That is really another room for the home. – [Drewry] I’m a fan of the atrium. It’s just such a fantastic feature that really takes advantage
of the weather around here, and the sunshine. Sometimes the atrium is the hallway. Sometimes it’s a living room. It’s sort of a striking feature to have a beautiful, red maple tree when you walk in the front door of a house. – [Andrew] The maple tree in the atrium is just an example of that peacefulness. We decided to tile the
atrium with the same tile as the inside of the house
so it flows very naturally, from inside to outside. The window that we created
was previously a wall, and we changed that so that
we could see the backyard and it just feels like the
greenery is coming in to join us. We love the whole house
for its minimalism. It allows us to be able to
have a very usable space without a lot of clutter. We bought the house a couple years ago. We bought it from the
original owners’s daughter and it had gotten pretty run down. – [Drewry] We wrote a
compelling letter to the seller to assure her that we
were going to restore it and bring it back to it’s glory
of 1964 as much as we could. It was the right blend of being able to save something from being torn down and being able to have a modern home without having it be cold and unfeeling. It just still a very warm
and comforting place to live. – When we did the remodel for the house, we really had to gut it. We wanted to the look and feel to come back to the 1964
mid-century modern atomic age. But we wanted the infrastructure and the structure brought
up to today’s standards. We re-did everything. – [Drewry] The beams in the
house were a very dark brown and the panels of the ceiling
were also a darkish brown. It made the house much darker and we thought perhaps we could strip them and even out the tone a little bit, but they were so uneven
as far as the finish and the stain goes. There were scratches, there
were dents, there were knots. – [Andrew] The ceiling
beams, we had to paint but we tried to stay true to
the look and feel of the house. – [Drewry] We tried to very
much embrace things that are common in Eichlers, like globe lights. Some of the bedrooms had
no overhead lighting. A lot of the globe lights
didn’t match each other and we were very interested in bringing a consistency to the house. One of the other original
features of the house that we really loved
was the piece of artwork that’s over the fireplace. Its original function was
to serve as a room divider. So we knew that we wanted to
take it down and preserve it. We put it up there over the fireplace and it lines up perfectly
with the grout lines. It was as if it was meant to be. The color of the original
mahogany was restored. We couldn’t have asked for a better piece and that was a really nice symbolism of what the project was for us. We’re lucky enough to have that
piece as a keepsake, really. – In 1969 or ’70 my parents
bought an Eames table with six chairs. Classic round table, and that was my backyard picnic
table that I grew up with. My parents still had it in their house when we bought this house and we said, boy, that would look really nice and they were happy to have us take it. The look and feel of
mid-century modern in some ways has come back and in some ways never left. – Come here. – My son and I actually have
developed a monthly habit of going to the flea
market to treasure hunt and we’ve picked up things
like old-fashioned toys from the ’60s, a serving
piece here and there. I think that it’s the
perfect blend of mid-century with an emphasis on modern. And I love the fact that
there’s so much personality in the house. – [Andrew] When we bought the house, this is what we were looking for. An Eichler but also an
opportunity to restore it and bring it up to today’s standards. – [Drewry] We knew it was
going to be a big job, but it was really a labor of love. We’re going to live here forever because it’s just too perfect. – When I’m in my house I feel restful. The color tones, the natural
light, all make me feel calm. I feel lucky to be able to say, I really do live in my dream home. (upbeat music)

59 thoughts on “Reinvigorating a Gable Eichler for a Family

  1. Just love it! Great job, great house. Wonderful you took the time to restore the house. Thanx for sharing.

  2. They did a great job on bringing it up to today's standards I wish Eichler built more homes in Southern California.

  3. what an amazing home! i love that mobile/ kinetic sculpture with red dots hanging from the ceiling! and that atrium! omgggg

  4. Beautiful home. The 1605 is my favorite Eichler model. I really would have tried to keep the natural wood ceilings, though. That is one of the key features of MCM architecture & design, in my opinion. Again, fabulous job!

  5. Nice job on the renovation/restoration! Those Eichlers are a great example of mid-century architecture. I am glad people are restoring these beautiful homes rather than demolishing them.

  6. Gorgeous, one of the two most beautiful Eichlers I've seen. I lived in one in 1980, it was still original which isn't as luxurious. But the windows are always stunning, I love bringing the outside in.

  7. Such a Beautiful Home, so wonderful to see it restored. It's funny to think how the owner described Eichler's philosophy as 'designed so the middle class could afford nice homes' when today an Eichler house is probably very, very expensive.

  8. I love that atrium idea. It's a room within the home, however it's outside. These Eichlers are the coolest thing I have ever seen.

  9. Love the Eichler design. Only thing different I would have done would be to use an eggshell finish on the ceiling

  10. I love Eichler Homes. Too bad there are only a few hundred here in Southern California. This is my favorite Eichler design. The A frame in the middle with the flat roof on the sides. The atrium is what I love and It's the perfect design for me. The only issue I have is I wish this design came with a double car garage. The carport is great but I would like a place to lock up my cars at night and I would like to have a garage workbench.

  11. This is beautiful good job!!! but honestly some of those human statues would freak me out especially while I'm trying to sleep seeing in them in the night :0

  12. The house is wonderful, yet also the couple are so very warm and humbly poised!  Thank you for opening up your lovely home!

  13. We are planning to renovate next year… how much cost approximately for this kind of modern look not Art designs and stuff but rest. If u can let me know that would be great help. Thank you!! It’s beautiful!!

  14. Oh my gosh. I’ve saved tons of pics of your house in my Houzz idea book! So glad to learn more about it! It’s a beautiful renovation!

  15. I would choose this over a mansion any day, it would be my dream home. I can’t even imagine waking up to the beauty in that home on a daily basis.

  16. Wonderful job restoring this house! As we glimpsed a bit, there would have been much less white in the original finishes. Exposed wood ceilings and waxed plywood veneer on the walls were the norm. It's lovely what you did with the mahogany screen.

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