Removing Paint from a Window: Dremel Rotary Tool

Removing Paint from a Window: Dremel Rotary Tool

Removing Pain from a Window A Dremel rotary tools gives you lots of
options when it comes to sanding. For this demonstration we’ll be removing
old paint from a window with a Dremel 300 series tool, a #407 or #408
Sanding Band can be used for more aggressive removal, a #502
#504 flap wheel for medium removal and a #511E or #512E abrasive boss brush be used for fine sending applications. A Dremel
400 series XPR or 200 series or 10.8 Volt Lithium Ion
tool can also be used for this project. When using a sanding band set your tool
to a higher speed of around 20,000 to 35,000 RPM’s. Sanding bands require a light touch
because they can quickly remove surface painted old material. We offer sanding bands in 60, 120, and 240 grit in sizes of both a quarter of an inch in diameter and a
half inch. FLap wheels are also great for finish
removal because they’re a little more forgiving and run
court because of the flaps. These can also be run at 20,000 to 35,000
thousand RPMs. The #511E in #512E abrasive buffs are EZ lock compatible and could be used with our #402
Mandrel. These are ideal for tight areas and odd
shapes. When using the abrasive buffs said you’re
too tool to 15,000 RPMs or less. Switching from sanding bands to flap
wheels to abrasive buffs is a great way to remove old material and prepare wood
for repainting or staining.

6 thoughts on “Removing Paint from a Window: Dremel Rotary Tool

  1. Any sander without a vacuum tube to collect all the dust (if the paint is older than 1978 with lead) will make tons of toxic lead dust. Read up on lead safe work practices at epa website on lead. Faster, cleaner, safer with infrared paint remover from eco-strip.

  2. A dremel is a useful little tool, I have one and love it. Even so to do large flat areas such as this you would be better served with a random orbit, detail or belt sander as the dremel will take forever. Even hand sanding with a block is likely to be faster as you cover so much area in a single stroke compared to the dremel.

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