Renopreneur #1 : An Exclusive Interview with Famous Interior Designer in Malaysia – Dr. Eric Leong

Renopreneur #1 : An Exclusive Interview with Famous Interior Designer in Malaysia – Dr. Eric Leong

Renopreneur #1 : Dr. Eric Leong Exclusive Interview (Johor Interior Designer’ Association, JIDA) for any interior designer or any bosses
and any businesses do you want to make money so if you do something not make
money you should stop basically I think I
always tell my students I so this is very important is that you have as a
patient you must love what you are like what you
are doing so that you will feel that you are working that passion is a develop
from young time you know say I wasn’t comfortable rich family so basically I
do my study I work part time so I always see the display at ISA to display you
know beautiful Prada and also like a lot of that different merchandise and make
it beautiful making a campaigner so from there I get inspiration a lot I
see also inspired well how wonderful you can make something so beautiful ever
they finish the season video I will talk to them so then as I said can you give
me the props out there I go back I display at my room so my mum saw me in
while you can display her so they give me us a small corner in the living hall
me alternate Esteva the monkey festival time so I always a display the corner so
it becomes a develop I start my own company during the economic crisis are
97 98 day timer so quite a big hit la fórmula need to work all over against I
decided okay I come back but this time I apply what I learned previously you know
then I start to go for the media site by using educational system let me teach
people how to do desire do they cope oh yes of course I always get inspired
from different industrial people so I have two very important person in my
life I wish is they are my mentor first one is a Jamie Oliver
you know Jamie Oliver I already know he make cooking very simple
so in only to measure how many spoon also cook a good dish
then I’ll lead into leading to make function so simple and so easy to assess
everybody so I was thinking that why not I make interior design a very easy one
they say how I start developing next step how to make the Spade
transformation they I start doing the TV show writing columns publish book and
all the publish account for me so they develop seminar series yeah this is how
I get inspiration from both of them bigger challenge is me my seller because
I think the biggest challenge here is a service we are providing very
competitive and the same time accessible let means that everybody or can get in
touch with you they I think is very very big challenge for this era the career is
that you need to make people know UEFA’s so there is a each other the people who
believe in system so I always sit down bench song develop system develop
strategy to implement what I have planned to do so that is very important
the biggest challenge and I need overcoming a Malaysia we say our is
improving today’s day is for sure if you compare like 10 or 20 years ago the
public general public like when they get their house key at a new house key that
they don’t buy me they don’t get into a designer to designer houses just buy off
shall those ready make furniture to just use it and they start living orally I
think for me as an inter designer as an educator a very important role because I
we are educating the public to what is going to your design if you say we go
out from any buildings in Malaysia and you were seen left right behind in front
surrounding us is the buildings the new buildings so there is the market ready
so I would say the market is increasing so it just like the challenge for now
the interior designer or even the contractor how to tap into the mark
that is very challenging and very important strategy he need to plan their
parents very important don’t foster children to learn into your design or
don’t force yourself to assign into your design and your design is adding these
icons so you need to have interests and passion if your kids don’t interest on
designing though hey don’t hit the patient about interior design if they
say they have an interest they have the passion about this design art so they
will run happily then they were perform very well and like they were continuing
when they finish the school then they’ll continue this career otherwise they get
a diploma or the degree they will go fall somewhere else then you are wasting
your time wasting your effort if a kid they really like to see detail like to
know how to do it why we do it I think there is a potential one so don’t force
them don’t force a kid to learn it you design them to see whether they like
this industry or not so that’s important keep learning keep seeing things
keep talking to people you built your networking this is very important and
know your market you must know your market well so that you can develop your
service or product to serve this market then you can make money remember how to
make for any into a designer or any buses and any businesses you want to
make money so if you do something Normandy you should stop

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