Renter Friendly Wall Decor Ideas

Renter Friendly Wall Decor Ideas

Months ago when I asked my Instagram
followers what are the main issues they face while decorating their rented
apartment and they told me we cannot paint our walls,
we cannot drill holes in our walls how can we decorate our home? That’s what I
am answering today. Welcome this is Disha and I am here to help you
transform your house into a home. Today’s video is sponsored by PaperLam India and Handikart. Since we just crossed 25,000 subscribers so in
association with Handikart, I am giving away three beautiful gifts, pair of red
puppet, bamboo pen stand and paper mache glossy lamp to 3 of you and for that you
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this video with your friends. Now let me announce the winner of previous videos
giveaway. They are Rashmi Dhaka, who wins Gond panting and Rubina Ali who wins
Madhubani painting. Congratulations to both of you. Please tell me your shipping
address as soon as possible. Either DM me on my Instagram or you can
find my email id in description box below. Now let’s begin. Today I will be
talking only about wall decorating ideas and I’ll share different ideas from
cheapest to little higher on a budget so that there is something for everyone and
the first idea is the simplest and the cheapest one to add colors to your wall
and that is Washi tape available on stationery and craft stores
and available online too and these are the posters that I have. First place the
poster and mark on the wall. Now start sticking poster using washi tape like so.
Remember you can use only posters, postcards, art prints and greetings
to stick on the walls using washi tape. Here is before and this one is after.
With just hundred bucks you can add a lovely pop of color to your wall. and removing washi tapes is easy
and it doesn’t leave any mark on the wall Wall Decal is the next
budget-friendly wall decorating option. See this chandelier wall decal that I
have for past three years and while painting this wall I had painted on this
too and later I just wiped it off with wet cloth and it still looks good.
Decals come in numerous size, shape, color and variety and they are quite
cheap too. You can change the look of your walls within 500 bucks. You can buy
some of my favorite like these. I have added the links in the description box
below. Next is command hooks. Command hooks come
in various sizes like this white plastic one in medium size which can hold up to
2.2 kgs weight and it is suitable for hanging picture frames. Putting it on
the wall is quite easy and removing it is also super easy and it doesn’t leave
any residue on the wall. First clean the surface now remove the liner from the
hook and then press it firmly against the wall and now hang the pictures or
create an embroidery hoop gallery wall like this one. You can find the tutorial
of this DIY on my Instagram. Link is given below in description box. Please do not use command hooks to hang
glass frames or valuable things. Use only light objects like this bamboo
Maa Durga hanging which I got from Handikart or you can hang lightweight masks,
rope basket or jewelry. One more option to use these hooks is
Polaroid photo wall with string light which is quite trendy these days. Use
twine and a string light or maybe string light only and hang your favorite polaroid photos using wooden clips and tadaa!! Here’s the mesmerizing result. All my accessories here are from Handikart. This is sunboard and this is casing and capping. Which is used for electrical works. Here I’m using it to make frame because
I could not get the white frame in market so I’m gonna make myself. I have
cut this piece and this one I am going to join using glue gun and the same I’m going to
do on that side. So the pin board is ready. This base is
sunboard and this frame is made of casing, used for electrical works
to conceal electric wires and next I would like to show you this.
Can you see 3M command strips come in different sizes small, medium and large.
This one is small and I have four strips that can hold up to 1.8 kgs weight
and this one is approximately 800 grams. So these strips will definitely hold it.
These are the 4 strips and this is how you have to separate it. On the reverse
side you can see there is a liner and you have to press it gently until it
clicks and once it is set remove this liner. I have removed only one because
first we will stick this on our frame and then we’ll remove this liner and we’ll
put it on the wall. One strip I’m going to put here and one
here. I’ll coverl just 2/3 of the length because once it is attached you just
need to pull the lower part to remove it from the wall whenever you want. Yeah, my little helper is also here and
he is going to stick the second strip Yeah, go ahead. Press it firmly. Right!
Use your thumb. Remove the liner yes and then place it here. Yes, now press it firmly. Yes, correct!
Press it firmly. Good. That’s it. now we’ll put it on the wall. Yeah! So we are going to put this on the wall. and before that I’ll just remove all the
liners. Is it right in the center? Yeah. Once it is up on the wall, you just need to pull and slowly just take it off and leave it just like that
for one hour and after that you can hang your picture there. The pin board is
ready. And now I’ll show you what else we can do with this pin board. You can put
patterned paper here like this one and using thumbtacks you can pin it on the
sun board. And that’s your background is ready and
here you can pin whatever you want. This is how it looks. You can create a gallery wall using
command strips like this one. This picture is shared by Vinitha, one of
my subscribers. She has created this gallery wall using command strips. Next
I’m talking about the most elegant wall decorating options from PaperLam India
Yes, self-adhesive wallpaper are now available in India too and renters can
decorate their walls without worrying about their security deposit. it’s a bit
of a splurge but definitely worth the spend. It’s a perfect wall decorating
option for renters just peel and stick the wallpaper on the wall. First, I tested
out the wallpaper whether it will[ leave the residue after removal or not and it
passed. No residue and paint didn’t peel off too. This is self-adhesive wallpaper
that I got from PaperLam, I’ll just remove this backing and paste it on the wall.
That’s it. I am installing this wallpaper in my son’s room. This is the wall. First,
I’ll remove the wall decal and then wipe off the wall properly. Take measurement
of the wall and cut the wallpaper at least two three inches more. Now remove
2/3 inches of backing along the width and align it on the wall and press it firmly. Now keep removing the backing from both
the sides and keep sticking the wallpaper using smoothing tool or you
can use putty applicator. It is so easy to install and it blend
seamlessly. This self-adhesive wallpaper can be used on walls, cabinets and
furniture too. I worked really hard to put together
this video for you and I really hope that you find some ideas to decorate the
walls of your rented apartment and if so then leave me a word or two in the
comments below and I keep sharing small little DIYs in my Instagram page too. So
don’t forget to follow me there and in this video I’ve just talked about wall
decorating ideas for rented apartment and some other rental friendly
decorating ideas will follow soon until then Keep decorating!!!

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