Repair Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

Repair Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

Welcome to TomahawkDIY. Today we’re going to take a look at a drain pipe that’s been leaking a little bit, show you how easy it is to disconnect and reassemble. The first thing to do is simply to unscrew. Make sure you have a bucket; you can see some water coming out. Now, I’ll warn you this is usually going to be quite stinky because of the gooseneck here, or also called a P-trap. That provides a break or separation between the sewer gases coming up from the sewer and your sink, so it should always be full of water. That keeps the sewer smell out of our houses. It’s a good idea to go and rinse them out in a bathtub or other sink to get some of the mess and the buildup, this black build up. This one’s been rinsed recently,
so it’s relatively clean. You may need to disconnect back here as well, and clean this. It can be slid off and poured out. You can see down there, there’s lots of black gunk in the pipes and that’s perfectly normal. But, by sliding these off and cleaning them you may be able to stop a leak. To reassemble, you simply repeat the operation. You want to get this ring, you see it’s a tapered ring, you want to get that lined up and tighten this loosely. As you go to put it back together,
you can loosely connect the different parts. You don’t want to tighten them all one at a time, but rather connect them loosely and
line up your different rings. You may have to fiddle with them to get them to the right height so they
sit properly. Once you’ve finished getting these all tightened down,
you can see they’re designed to be tightened by hand so you don’t need any special tools. It would be a good idea, you can see how we’ve got some bits of water all over the pipes from the work, so I like to
go ahead and wipe those off. Then turn on the water look for any leaks coming out.
Feel for some leaks. Go ahead and leave a bucket under here and
check it in the morning. I’ll make sure my bucket’s dried out and keep an eye on this after it’s been used for a day or two and see if we have
any further leaks developing. If there are leaks that develop, you’ll want
to just go buy a new assembly here and replace it. If there are no leaks developing, then you’re good to go.
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  1. What if the T-line part that comes out from behind the wall has decade? Can you show how to repair/replace that part? Thancx in advance…

  2. sorry – I don't have a need to make such a repair and make a video. However, you may be able to get some info from an employee @ Lowes/Home Depot type store in the plumbing section. If you find another youtube video that shows, please post a link here.

  3. How to fix a leaky P Trap toilet which is leaking from the back of toilet not the tank to Bowl & what kind of adhesive to use to seal the leak?

  4. Should add, plumber's name is Rabih Dirani from Punchbowl, NSW. Refused to provide me with an invoice at the end of the job. Refused to come back to fix the leak, even though he'd just done all the plumbing on my newly renovated property. Not even sure if he's licensed, so beware.

  5. Can dirt be the reason for a leak? I recently had my well pump replaced and turned on my kitchen faucet before all the dirt was run out of the line outside, and oddly the next morning my drain pipe started leaking badly.

  6. just unscrew the peices, remember how they were assembled. Clean out the threads, and re-install. Tighten firmly, just dont strip. Make sure the rubber/plastic washers going from joint to joint are in good shape, no cracks or bends. Needs to be perfect form, otherwise water can find a hole/crack. If you need to replace the washers, then go to any home repair store and get p-trap washers. They are cheap as dirt. No sweat. 🙂

  7. at 1:20 the "tapered ring" those are common to cause leaks if they are a little jacked up. Water finds any flaws

  8. Thank you for the instructions! My sink has been leaking and my boyfriend's fix-job has failed. So I am going to give this a whirl. 🙂 Just curious as to why the pipes used are plastic versus, say, steel? It that so there's no rust? I am teaching myself this stuff so please bear with the sophomoric questions…..and thanks again! Charlotte

  9. OK, now here's me….so if you could let me know about the pipe question, that'd be wondy! XD thanks

  10. mine leaked after i had to take it apart to clean the crap out of it since it caused my sink to clog up…when i tried to reattach it, it started leaking and i had to use teflon, but i still notice one or two water drops from the ring after sink use

  11. Working at the Loussac Library I have to respond to every type of question possible, these videos help me a great deal. Thank you all.

  12. thank you – I think your tip about the graded rubber thing has made all the difference – having cleaned out the pipe by dismantling, I wound up with at least two leaky bits.
    cross your fingers for me – wish I was better at this kind of thing.

  13. Thanks so much for the emphasis on the rings, I've been looking for a video that explains this since I managed to take ours apart and can't reconnect it. GREAT VIDEO!! Thanks again.

  14. Awesome! Know one else has showed which way or where those rings go. Seriously, I've watched about 10 videos and couldn't figure that part out.

  15. Is there a such thing nu-removable p-trap? My p-trap nuts looks like clued to the p-trap; therefore, I can not unscrew them.

  16. Thanks for this video! I followed the steps and no more leaks after I cleaned and retightened everything.

  17. Thanks for this.  I thought I was doing it right, but I was tightening up one end befoer the other.  You make a good point about tightening them slowly, alternating between the two.  Isn't it funny how one little leak be such a pain in the butt and make such a mess?  Thanks again … good job!

  18. Hi TomaHawk DIY – Do you have a fix for this problem.

    our sink drain is connectet to the sewer as they are, but the sewer pipe is 3cm bigger than the sink drain pipe what would be the solution for that?

    we have tryed duck tape glue and other sticky masses but nothing seemes to work.-.

  19. Omg the little rubber rings!!! when I took mine apart the little ring fell in the water bucket and I didn't even see it. Was watching a second video before it hit me like a brick. Had to rewatch this video for placement and direction. Yay, now I can say I successfully fixed my own drain leak!

  20. Thanks. I jus installed a new drop in sink and when everything was tightened up I have a leak at the back ring of the trap. I figure to buy a why new unit since it's over ten years old. Also I know I didn't tighten thme in unison.

  21. Thank you so much for taking the time to post! I was able to stop the leaking from my drain pipe. I used a paint tray to catch the drips, leaves more clearance than a bucket. 

  22. Thanks.  It worked.  And I didn't have to buy any parts!  I didn't find a tapered ring or washer of any type under the side that connects to the J-bend.  

  23. Thanks so much for this video!! I knew nothing about plumbing but I fixed my sink after watching this video. At first I couldn't figure it out because I was putting the pieces back on in the wrong order. I then realized that the rubber ring has to go in the middle. Thanks again!!!

  24. Thank you!! Found the piercing ball that accidentally came off when I washed my face. Saved me from stressing out and crying because my day has been AWFUL

  25. thank you so much! I could never afford a plumber as I am on a fixed income. You  have made my life almost  worry free. I may be 62 but I can still learn! Great job1111

  26. Mine keeps leaking around the top of the U piece.  There was nothing leaking before I removed it to get something that had dropped in the sink.  I retrieved the item but now have the leak?  Does that mean that I damaged something?

  27. try using pipe dope around the connections;  it worked to fix my leaks on my plastic joints and may also fix metal pipes

  28. bruh you help me out a lot my house is full of nothing but girls including myself after the sink started too leak I told myself well I got too fix it but I dont know anything about pipes or leaks and I don't wont too call someone out with out trying too fix it myself but thanks too you I think I fix it im going to check on it again tomorrow or thr next day thats bro 😉

  29. Thank you for this video.  I had a repairman out to fix a leak on the hot water under my sink.  Charged me plenty!  Two days later I go to check out why I'm smelling wet wood and find my drain and trap leaking.  I checked and find two of the connective rings loose.  I put a large bowl under it and set back watching it for two days not wanting to pay another repairman.  I checked out your video this morning and went back and look another look now that I know what I'm looking at.  It seems the rings were loosened, the seal was half off and upside-down and retightened slightly.  Looks like it was done on purpose.  This 71 year old women was able to fix it myself.

  30. Thank you for sharing this excellent video; due to heavy construction in our area, the white plastic slip nut came loose and water was leaking under the sink. I tightened the slip nut, but it was still leaking. It was only after I watched your video that I came to know about the tapered rubber ring. I lined it up; gently push up the S-shape pipe, and was able to connect and tighten the slip nut and the leak stopped. Here's a good article on the names of the parts.

  31. great video as far as it goes but my situation is a bit more involved. after removing and cleaning as you've done here I went to replace pcv parts of drain and as mine changed to stainless steal after p trap that is where my problems went from slightly inconvenient to a down right pain in my ^%^ as I replaced the PVC onto this stainless steal it literally dissolved on the under side in my hand, leaving me with a stainless pipe with no bottom. I tried to remove the old flange at the back of it but couldn't budge it. bought new tools still no go so I don't know what to do now I tried sleeving it inside with PVC pipe but still couldn't get it to seal right. So here I am on youtube trying to find a fix. Any good ideas

  32. My old pluming is from the early 60s Black pipe in walls & under floor, some stainless steal and under sinks PVC what a pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I've thought about adding energy and water saving features in my house but if the basic stuff is going to be this much Pain I'm not sure my skill set is up to it. S. O. S. Disabled on SSI no money for this big a bill any ideas will be welcome.

  34. I've been having problems with my P Trap leaking for probably the last two or so years. I replaced the plumbing as I found it and after not too long it would just start leaking again.

    I noticed in your video that the lower connection is in a position to be snugged up against the plastic washer that is built onto the pipe. Mine was backwards so that the lower connection was in the front and apparently always under water. There was a short, 4 or so inches of pipe connected to that front pipe. I removed it and the P Trap part fit perfectly, the lower joint is nice and tight and the upper joint is snug and above the water line.
    Time will tell I guess but I'm feeling good about this change, thanks to your video.

  35. Thanks, this helped. The hint about tightening a bit at each piece back and forth and not tightening one part fully all at once, is the tip I needed

  36. This is exactly what I needed. I have a leak and one of the pieces disconnected from the other. Looks like I can buy a new curvy piece and install is myself. Girl Power!!

  37. Some guy did a half ass job with my sink. No matter how much I try to put it in balance position it still leaks. He cut the other half in diagonal shape. I assume he couldn't figure out. I hate when landlords hire cheap foreigners. No racist involved…

  38. Any advice if it continues to leak out of the top of the connection after replacing gasket ring and tightening the connection ring back?

  39. I came here hoping you could explain what to do if the fittings continue to leak. The only successful approach I have used in the past (once cleaning and careful inspection have failed) is to apply a small amount of 100% silicone caulk to the mating surfaces of the pipes before assembling and tightening them. This usually will fix a small drip leak — but then the caulk has to be scraped off and reapplied each time you need to disassemble/clean out the p-trap.

  40. Cool . Helpful I will follow your vedios
    Thanks you subscribed me .
    I subscribed your nice channel…

  41. Very usefull thanks a lot i have been trying for half an hour try to fix it…then i saw your video helped me alot 👍👍

  42. Hi, I heard about your channel through Pleasant Green on youtube and he claimed that the proceeds to your videos go to donating/fixing people with DIY problems. Is that true?

  43. I'd wear gloves,and it ain't that simple,I use silicone lube, and put on o rings,plus,Teflon tape,on some,that don't grab,or,threads are not sharp, but,gloves,will protect you,from bacteria.

  44. Thank god for you, other wise my plumbing class would not have anything to make fun of for the last hour of class!!!👍

  45. Is there something that would connect a plastic drain pipe to an older metal one without having to tear out the wall and replace the whole pipe? I have one that has broken off at the bend.

  46. if you find the end w/no gasket leaks a few careful wraps with teflon tape around the v shaped valve will make it seal.

  47. Thank u so much, my sink in my bathroom was getting clogged really bad and I used a metal hanger to get some hair out.. but it wouldn’t work and I un screwed everything and couldn’t put it back together. I thought my dad was gonna kill me 😅 but thank god this video came up because now I know how to fix a leak and put it back together and my dad is super proud of me thank u so much !!!!!

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