Repairing wall with a 3D pen | 3d pen creations | 디아블로2 | 3d pen creations tutorial

Repairing wall with a 3D pen | 3d pen creations |  디아블로2 | 3d pen creations tutorial

for sometime now i have been watching sanago
videos on you tube and he has inspired me inspired me to stop being lazy. today it is
time to resolve this issue,lets get this sorted out. together we can change the world, brick by
brick. i am going to start by cleaning the wall,
as he does and i feel that is the only right thing to do. Loads of cobwebs, i hate spiders! yeah! that
will do. i am going to use my Tecboss 3d pen as it
is my favourite pen and i feel that this wall deserves the best. I have chosen white filament i will start
by building up the outline. i am now going to span the front, that is
a long span the fillament is droopy that makes me unhappy! that must change! lets try this front one again, thats better. i feel good about this project. i see a fly on the wall the fly thinks that
i made it a new home go a way fly this is not your home! it is already starting to come
together it is blending in very well it is a slow process but you cant put a time on
perfection i decided it was time to sit back take a break and reminisces on all the good
times me and the wall have had this was the only chair i could find lets carry on the
ant is enjoying it i think that we have had a successful day once i have finished doing
this i feel that i should add more to it i feel that this wall needs to be recognised
for its many years of service i want it to stand out and be better than any other wall. the ant has come back he is so happy with
this repaired wall although i did nearly burn it. hello mr ant, be carefull it is hot. i think that the ants need a bridge we are
not only giving back to the wall we are giving back to nature. i am very happy with that repair. i cant even see the difference it looks perfect. lets change the colour as i said before this
wall deserves so much more lets take it to the next level. Que the flip flop and socks lets go! its time
to get over the wall. super speed. i felt that i should add a waterfall for the
little rivers that run in to it. to give it some character even the cat is
excited about it oh no no no she is not hmm my bad i think that looks nice, i am a bit
scared that the ants might not be able to get over the water though i think now it is
time to make a bridge so that the local wildlife can get over the water lets start the bridge i think that will look good. it is time to put the bridge together i will
try not to knock the camera it is very fiddly i like the bridge the ants will be safe now! that looks nice it could do with some green and maybe some trees maybe next time

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