Researcher on a murals mission

you just can’t give it back how vibrant
the colors are with some of these murals and sometimes I just go there and sit
there or just like go and like kind of like pet the wall like oh this is so nice my
name is Viktoria Havasi I’m originally from Hungary and I’m an md/phd I have
been working at UAB since 2006 and I’ve been doing cystic fibrosis
research and I like taking pictures of murals and you may have come across my
magic city mural account on Instagram I have taken photos over a hundred maybe
one hundred and five hundred and ten and I have a list anywhere between twenty to
thirty all the time that I still have to find I still don’t need to go and take
pictures off most of them are in public spaces like this one is just like right
on this street and a lot of those murals are in places that were kind of rundown
before it was an ugly gray wall and someone came with a bunch of paint and
made something beautiful I think the most exciting part is when I first see
the mural because sometimes I don’t even know how it looks like I just have an
address and the name and then I go down Wow I would hope that people would
discover how pretty Birmingham is how many murals we have like how many nice
areas we have that people would not even know about if I would not going around
taking photos I think the artists are coming up it’s newer and newer and
murals so until they don’t stop I’m not going to stop either

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