Reverse osmosis troubleshooting: No water or a poor water flow from your pumped system

Reverse osmosis troubleshooting: No water or a poor water flow from your pumped system

if you have no water or poor water flow from your pump reverse osmosis system here are some checks you can perform after each of these fixes try to repeat the problem before proceeding the first thing to check is that you have a good water supply entering the first filter close the self-tapping valve remove the tubing from the first filter hold the tubing over a container and open the valve slowly you should have a good water flow if you don’t have a good water flow then you need to remove the self-tapping valve and bore a three millimeter hole in the plastic tubing using a drill in some cases the water pressure can cause the whole board by the self-tapping valve to close over if you intend to bore the tubing remember to shut off your mains water next check the pressure in the pressure vessel you can use any standard car or bicycle pressure gauge your pressure should be eight to twelve psi if your pressure is low then you can use a car or bicycle pump to increase the pressure if your valve does not hold pressure and continues to lose pressure the bladder inside the valve is damaged and you need to replace the pressure vessel next you need to check the pump make sure the pump is plugged in and that the power source is okay and the fuse is okay turn the valve on the top of the pressure vessel to open turn on your water tap let the water run and check your pump comes on if your pump does not come on after a period then you have three potential problems your pump and transformer may be at fault your high-pressure switch may have a fault or your low pressure switch may have a problem to check the pump and transformer unclip the two top filters to gain access use a multimeter to check the power place one end of the multimeter and the terminal of the high pressure switch and place the other on the terminal of the low pressure switch as shown you may need to check each terminal combination make sure to remove the plastic covers from the terminals when checking you should have a current of twenty to thirty volts no current here indicates a fault with your transformer use a multimeter to check the two terminals on the low pressure switch if you do not make a circuit then the switch is indicating that you have low water pressure if you know water pressure entering your low pressure switch the switch will prevent the pump from coming on to protect pump check the water supply entering the low pressure switch on the underside of the switch detach the plastic tubing from the switch if there is no water then check the water supply to the second filter if the water flow entering the second filter is okay but poor pressure excellent then you may need to replace your second filter if the pressure is okay on the filter entry and exit and you have recorded an open circuit on your switch then the low pressure switch may be faulty the high pressure switch has been removed from the unit for this demonstration attach the mains water tubing to the switch hold your thumb over the end of the switch to build the pressure put the multimeter on the terminals if the pressure is high then there will be no circuit release your thumb to drop the pressure the multimeter should record a circuit indicating the switch is working

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  1. I have a very low flow of water from our system. The pressure tank doesn't have any pressure at all (no water leaks) but I can't pump any air in. Completely blocked. Can only the valve be replaced (is it a special valve) or I have to replace entire storage tank. Could you please comment?  AJT – South Africa

  2. my project is water purification by bicycle but pump are given to low pressure so membrane are no workable. please give idea to increase water pressure in pump.

  3. my kent mineral ro  water purifier installed yesterday and only get a full tank water (8 liters) but then after  not produced purified water. System has frequently starting with pulling waterfrom line  and quickly stopped with a 'tuck' sound and red light is on but   green light is not glowing and water dripping through reject pipe. kindly  give directions

  4. I have a tankless system. It will only work until once then pump goes but no water comes out. At first I thought it was an air lock.
    Now I suspect pressure switch problems. It will stop when faucet is off but won't give flow after faucet is turned on again even tho I can hear pump going around…

  5. Hi, I have RO system but pentair TLC -Membrane 75 is not work properly. So it is very expensive always replace & install new membrane. So help me repairing method in my residents.

  6. I have an RO System Water Purifier with 5 stage inline filters. 1. Sediment Filter, 2. Pre-Carbon filter, 3. RO-Membrane filter, 4. Post-Carbon filter and 5. UV filter.

    The "reject" water flow from the RO filter has become very slow and the product water is salty in taste. It almost tastes like the raw input water to the RO System. I have changed two RO membranes in the last six months. The output pressure from the pump is absolutely fine and there are no issues with the Low Pressure Indicator and the transformer of the pump. Also I have changed the cartridges of inline sediment and pre carbon filter that are used before the RO filter recently. The flow through these filters are absolutely fine. The flow through the inline post carbon filter that is used after the RO filter is also fine.

    Is it possible that slow reject water flow might be caused because of the Flow Restrictor (FR) block? I have been using the same FR for the last 4 years ever since I purchased the RO system. Two questions:

    1. Does a FR really get blocked?

    2. And if it does, does it in any way damage the RO membrane?

    Kindly help. Thanks.

  7. My water starts out strong but after about 15 seconds it slows and almost drips. my feed line is clear. so not sure, from this video, i may have low pressure in the tank. Anyone knows how long it takes for the pressure to begin to decrease in the tank?

  8. I need help. I have been working on the whole system for weeks I have replaced all the filters (5stages) I just installed new tanks, and check valve. So that water going is is great! but after is goes through the three housing unit I check the water coming out and it is a WHOLE lot slower. We were having low water and running out quickly.Tanks aren't fill which is why I just changed the tanks. So should I give it more time…. Or did I get to strong of filters for the system? Thanks for help

  9. Hi.. we are using an industrial purpose RO plant but since it's commissioning we have faced when difficulties like low permeate flow over the period and ultimately high delta P across the RO. And many membranes have got damaged. frequent membrane failure and replacement is being done. we have done all types of cleaning but the problem persists. I know this information is very less but do you have any suggestions pls do tell. Thank you

  10. Hi, I am using Hi Tech reverse osmosis water system with booster pump. But i have doubt of pipe connection in all system. Can anybody guide me how to resolve this issue?

  11. hi.. i recently replaced outer filter but after dat water coming out very slow… vibration also have changed

  12. Hi
    My RO system suddenly stopped producing water – doesn't fill the tank and the tap is dripping. Filters were changed just about month ago. What might be the problem?

  13. hi! I have replaced my ro membrane with csm 80 gpd one.after running the system product water rate is much higher than the waste.however TDs level is higher nearly 410. what I actually happening the reverse. I am confused whether I need to replace it . please help me.
    with regards

  14. You were into the demo only a very short time and you solved my issue. i had over pressured the tank (tank said max pressure 100psi so I put it at 40) and it worked for awhile, and quit. Backing off the pressure to 7-8psi made it work, (I had replaced the filters). Thanks again.

  15. Hi, I have recently changed the sediment filter, pre carbon filter and RO membrane of my water purifier. The water seems to flow smoothly through all the stages but doesn't come out through the RO membrane stage. I've checked the RO membrane thoroughly and water only seems to be coming out of the reject side and not from the pure water outlet. What could be the problem? It's a brand new membrane and is pretty expensive :'(

  16. Return pipe मधून पाणी येत नाही..Please help me.मोटर चालते

  17. Thanks,
    I had moved my tank to work on our washing machine and my tank lost pressure somehow. Zero pressure when I checked it, I didn’t think of no pressure but that was the problem. I pumped it to 8 pound and waters back.

  18. i had barely any flow on the product side was told to chec k my membranes i did so and they seemed fine no buildup present but after i reinstalled thgem now the system acts like theyre not even there my nproduct pressure is off the guage !!! help what did i do i have a water store comercial system and its been down 4 days HELP PLKEASAE

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