Roofing Home Improvement Financing: GreenSky Vs Enhancify review

Roofing Home Improvement Financing: GreenSky Vs Enhancify review

we live in the world where it’s really
hard not to take advantage of financing options available to us recently I did a
post about buy an iPhone 11 my post was if you don’t have cash to buy it you
should not be buying it you should not be financing it because it’s only gonna
make worse your financial situation and I’ve seen a lot of comments people say
but why would you buy iPhone 11 or any other fancy phone if you get pretty much
zero financing and I agree with it so we’ll live in a world where financing
makes sense and if you’re the contractor or home owner financing home improvement
project might have perfect sense for you as well so in this video I want to
discuss financing I want to compare two players in the finance market old player
named green sky being in the market for years and newest player Inhancify
recently we let enhance a fight in our roofing insights Network they were one
of the sponsors of our show they’re not paying me for this video I just want to
compare them as a new player to old player old-school versus new-school
and how financing market rapidly shifting and changing in the last couple
of years let’s compare the pricing intensify will cost you $4.99 a year and
green sky will will charge you and make their money on a dealers field so a
little bit different setup in the first case you don’t have a dealer’s fee just
have one monthly fee for entire year and another one you have a dealer fee so I
personally believe you will be saving money when inhancify let’s look at the
rates when it comes to rates intensify will cost you if you’re the homeowner
about five thirty four percent on average I’ve seen rates and loans for
roofing projects already lower than that under five if you look at the green sky
green sky will cost you at least 5% plus you’re gonna pay anywhere from 2% to 10%
in dealer fees with both companies you do have finance options same as cash
they both offer it when it comes to credit score and hence if I starts
financing homeowners with a credit score as low as 520 and green sky
I starting credit score is 680 so we already see enhance if I kind of moving
away moving forward a little bit if if it would be a race another comparison I
would like to make is how easy it is to set up from the get-go from the
beginning in case of intensify you can start everything within 24 hours where
with the green sky it takes 2 3 days to set up and you have 17 page contract to
actually get in like really big application really old school where you
have intensified it’s almost like signing up for the app you sign up
you’re ready to go another comparison I would like to make that a real person
like it’s a branding page and hence if I let you set up your company profile on
their website so it’s branding to your business you look professional looks
like you offer in it which is you’re just the middleman connecting to dots
but it’s customizable and it’s looks like it’s your one of your branding
products in and it’s just not applicable in the case of green sky one of the
biggest advantages of newer companies not only enhance if I but few other
players on the market like get hurt and few others it’s that they are available
to contractors who just started their business yesterday so if you’re brand
new player you can actually set up your profile will intensify and you can start
offering financing to your customers in case of a green sky you have to be in
business at least for two years which is a deal-breaker for a lot of companies in
the last comparison for the day between the two that I would like to make is
soft pool versus heart pool big difference between two companies because
in case of green sky every time your home owner applies for credit it’s a
hard pool and it affects your credit story in case of intensify it’s a soft
pool so you get approval or disapproval but it doesn’t affect your credit
history looking at this comparison today for me it’s obvious that enhancify if I
is doing business like contractors and homeowners wants to do business with
it’s easy to set up it’s more technology oriented less paperwork a little bit
easier in your credit faster to set up things that if I would
be building or consulting financing business today how to do business with
the contractors homeowners I would say enhance if I you know doing a lot of
things right and they’re listening they’re listening to the consumers
they’re listening to the contractors they’re listening to the homeowners and
I salute them for that and that’s one of the reasons I bring them to my network I
work with them I recommend them now when it comes to companies like service
finance or green sky they they’ve been in business for years the older company
they’re bigger I see changes coming probably after
reviewing the videos like that because you have to be competitive you have to
make changes everything moves too fast so most likely green sky will make
changes in the near future maybe they’re going to start you know lower in trash
hole to enter maybe it’s not going to be two years maybe a little one or even you
know right away like to start the business and apply I don’t think that
contractors should be waiting to be in business for a couple years to start
offering financing I think it’s something that like enhance if I’ve done
and get hurt down if other companies done it so it can’t be done and I feel
like other companies just gonna be losing their clients and that’s just my
humble opinion so I wish best a green sky I you know if you using green sky
comment below if any of this information was not accurate I would like to hear
from you and maybe a rates are a little bit off if you’re killing it and you’re
successful with the green sky or any other company comment below I would like
to hear from you if you do like intensify and you’re one of the first
clients I want to hear from me as well I’ve I’ve talked to a lot of contractors
who use them I’ve heard testimonials some of them gonna be playing after I
finished my comparison I’ll see you guys in the next video let me know what you
think about this comparison I’m gonna put the links below for both green sky
and intensify so you can check it out for yourself maybe sign up for one of
them highly recommend you to try and hence if I give them a call talk to them
but if you’re considering for yourself you want to compare for yourself go to
green sky dot-com and look what they have to offer maybe
information is not relevant maybe I miss something that’s super super important
to you either way don’t judge me for this review comment below if you
disagree I’ll see you guys in the next video as a small business owner I get phone
calls on a regular basis of people trying to sell me things and one day the
intensify team gave me a call and they happen to be in luck I was looking for
financing options at that time I had a client for about a thirty two thousand
dollar basement remodel and they did use the intensifier program the eight
thousand dollar profit that I made on that one job alone more than pays for
several years of the intensified service I bought a month later I got a call from
the enhanced by team they had started a program where they give a cash back like
a rebate type thing for each deal that’s closed through the enhance áfive program
and so I got a check back from the financing that the homeowner for that
basement did and that also covered the calls that I had been paying up to that
point for the enhance of my program on another occasion I had a complaint about
how an interaction went with the homeowner and they went out of their way
to make it right so I definitely am comfortable with the enhance if I team
I’m glad that I joined the enhance of I team and I’ll definitely be using their
program from now into the near future 90% of you watching our videos without
subscription I don’t know what you’re waiting for but you don’t want to miss
our sick content for roofing industry give me one of those subscribe to the
channel I’ll see you guys in the next video

14 thoughts on “Roofing Home Improvement Financing: GreenSky Vs Enhancify review

  1. I’ve been using service finance LLC. They are the best by far in my opinion after comparing with green sky and others. Greensky has very expensive rates and their money deposited in a credit card is a dumb way. Makes it more expensive for clients.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Dmitry! Here's a 10% limited discount for the Roofing Insights family so you guys can try Enhancify for yourselves: We also have a 30-Day refund policy, too. If you have any questions, give us a ring at 813-856-1535.

  3. Greensky is super expensive. But its incredibly convenient. Instant approval . Gives you a digital card . The power is in my control of the company . Ive tried heath that program was complete garbage . They were the middle man connecting homeowners to other lenders so more paperwork for the homeowners . Tried castle credit will leave them . They take to long to pay the contracter almost a month after jobs are complete and to much power in the homeowners hand . I will look into enhancify

  4. Just a heads up also based on my personal experience with Service Finance LLC. They do not have any monthly fees, and they also have one a very convenient loan with zero dealers fees. In other words zero zero cost for the roofer. In addition to that is instant approval in 10 minutes like I said for me it has worked the best I’m just throwing it out there as an additional option for everybody else

  5. I always feel bad when my customers take a home equity loan or a general bank loan to pay me for a roof replacement, id say 95% of my jobs the customer pays without a loan. Sad reality no one has money everyone borrows and stays broke.

  6. We’ve been using Greensky for about a year now. We’ve never had any issues with them until recently. Prior to the issue we were getting most clients approved but did experience a few surprises when, decent credit (600+), were denied. The recent issue we had was when our client passed away. For those that are not familiar with greensky, they give you a “credit card” number or their “account number” to be charged as a regular card on our pos system, which is great; you just run it as a debit card sale and funds are available right away. The day we finished the home the owner passed away… very unfortunate situation. Since he did not sign the “release” of payment, even though we had “card number” and account was existent and approved, greensky basically told us to figure it out on our own; they would not allow that charge to go through. Sometimes these situations are hard to predict, so we decided to reach out to greensky to explain and come to a reasonable solution. The customer service was very poor, which surprised me that they didn’t care about our business since we have been selling tens of thousands for them. We spent countless hours attempting to talk with someone that could help. Each time we were explained that we’d get a call within 24 hours. We waited several days with no response and this happened multiple times before we got a hard “Figure it out yourself.” Aside from that, the dealer fee is outrages on large projects, I believe 5% of total cost? Our representatives response to the question for high dealer fees was, “just charge the client the fee.” I would highly recommend looking else where for financing options. I am highly considering looking into Enhancify…

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