ROOM MAKEOVER – 5 DIY Home Decor Ideas | #WallDecor #Anaysa #DIYQueen

ROOM MAKEOVER – 5 DIY Home Decor Ideas | #WallDecor #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Bhaii.. drop me to college..I am getting late pls will see you I was saying that no one is at home the evening so shall I come? No I’ll come to you house this time as I wanna look in-laws house and ours room too… you know I realise now that you are the best sister in this world tell what you want? My GF is arriving today and she’ll definitely do break-up with me seeing the condition of my room go do your work ok I’ll tell you Mummy that…you on the name of extra class….. Ok I’ll help you so till then you hit 80,000 Likes to this video and do Subscribe to our channel Paint the empty glass bottles with any of your favourite colour and decorate like this with the help of glitter sheet and here we’ve converted used bottles into valuable one now let’s make these photo frames to make these frames we need craft paper do mark the lines like this then cut and paste and our photo frame is ready this cycle isn’t buy from market its handmade so let’s first make bicycle wheels cut the card board in round shape and cover it with woollen thread now make these sticks by rolling the newspaper and cover these sticks too with woollen thread cut sticks of these tyre size and paste it like this Now decorate these tyres with half pearls now et’s make basket for the cycle these type of boxes are easily available at home just cover it with woollen thread and then assemble it with cycle and then decorate it with pearls, half pearls and flower Now let’s make this beautiful lamp so start making its upper and lower part first for this we need cut card board in different shape circles likewise cut the glitter sheets too and then paste the glitter sheets over card board decorate its corner with the help of pearls likewise decorate the other circle now paste these prepared circles in descending order paste this golden rope at the lower part of the circle we need an empty plastic bottle to make its centre part separate the centre part of the bottle and mark all keeping 1 cm gap between each and cut it like this and paste colourful tape at its corner press the cut part outward giving the shape of a lamp and now just paste the half pearls over it and then paste keeping it in between upper and lower part need pearls and wire to make its hanging just put the pearls into the wire and then attach it with a lamp now let’s try some unique decorative item and to make it we need all these stuffs Firstly cut the card board in a crescent moon shape and cover it with woollen thread now will make a tree shape using wire and cover it with jute and woollen thread now let’s make the leaves draw a leaf shape on a green paper and cut it now to give the leaves a realistic look make curve like this now just decorate these flowers and leaves to make a tree now let’s make its base -paste colourful sheet on a round card board & decorate it with lace now make grass on this base using green woollen thread and then paste the tree with it

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  2. Diy queen is really the queen of diy………in my house their r so many things which i have made after seeing the videos of diy queen…… Love u DIY queen πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’

  3. I like that wall picture hanging
    And I love your all channels like shruti, anaysa,my miss ananand,diyqueen,and toy star

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