Hi, guys! Welcome back to my channel! So, today is Day 4 of our room renovation. Here are the woods that were taken off on our cabinets which we did for almost 1 hour So, what we’ll do today is we’re going to paint the wall We will also make an accent wall so that the room will not look too dark So first, we prime the wall for our accent wall because the color of our room it’s like yellowish so I want it to be white at first So, here it is. All the paints that we used are water-based For the color of our room, here is what we use It was mixed at Wilcon Depot 2427C – Midnight Blue So the color of it is like this. Then, my suggestion is get the odorless and water-based paint Look, it already dried up. Dark. Almost navy blue. Then for the accent wall, the excess to this bio-fresh midnight blue paint I also got two shades lighter of the two colors This one is 2425D – Slumber It’s color is like this. Then the other one both of them are “Davies” brand Both was also mixed (@ Wilcon Depot) Then for the accent wall so that our room will not look too dark, I used this one 2425 D – Slumber and two shades lighter Night Horizon – 2423P Again, all the paints we used are water-based. Here it is. So, let’s start at Day 4. We applied the base paint at the bigger parts of the wall instead of starting at the corners to cut in. Because it’s our first time to have a room renovation we decided that we’ll be hands on doing it but unfortunately we do not know how to build a loft bed aside from that the finishing, like painting the wall making an accent wall and putting designs in the room me and my husband thought of the concept. Of course, it’s so fulfilling if the things you worked hard for are the things you both did together, right? It’s good to rest if you know you really work hard for those things After 30 minutes of drying the first coat that we did we apply for the second coating But based from Davies’ paint instructions this is not considered as second coating Second coating is four hours after your first application. So if you are planning to have your DIYs in painting the room you must really read the instructions on the paint you will be buying. After our second coating on the paint we started the accent wall. Here we only used masking tapes because we weren’t able to find any painter’s tape which is usually used when doing this kinds of walls. We just attached tapes on the wall until we form geometrical shapes So, here what I wanted is to have more light colors as compared to darker colors. What I want to do is for the accent wall to be the center of attraction in our room at the same time, of course it’s instagramable as well So when vlogging or even taking selfies it’s better that the accent wall is our background We did same procedures in painting the walls So here, our first coating after 30 minutes we then apply the second coating then wait for four hours for the final coating. At first, I really wanted this one with an hexagonal wall decor or wall accent but then I thought we only have a week as timeline for this room renovation then I thought of making random geometric shapes instead then just focus on the colors of it different shades of blue My advice to those who are planning to do this kind of wall is you must really be patient and you really need to work hard in painting One of the keys in making an accent wall like this is the proper color choices in my case I opted to go Monochromatic in the shades of blue like this one Honestly, it is very fun doing this type of accent wall It is also a great bonding experience with your loved ones. Hi! I’m here at Mandaue Foam at Quezon Avenue I’m looking for a table / desk Here is what I’m going to buy Then here’s the chair Day 5 after I went to Mandaue Foam we start to install the vinyl tiles So, for our room it’s 11 square meters we consumed 84 pieces of vinyl tiles We bought it at CW Home Depot at Commonwealth We used tile adhesive for the installation of our vinyl tiles We were also advised that the proper installation of it is thru brick-style and not adjacent to each other only Also, for easy installation we did three rows at a time Hence the texture of the adhesive will then be tacky which means it’s ready for the vinyl tiles installtion It’s also the time for us to rest! Here comes Day 6 of our Room Renovation So here, I was not the one who painted the top portion because I cannot climb that ladder that’s why my brother offered that he’ll paint it for me 🙂 If you’ll notice we used light colors dominantly on our accent wall because as you remember the paint we used on most of the walls are too dark so the accent wall will give lightness to our room This is it guys! This is my favorite part of our room renovation! The very very satisfying part the peeling off of the masking tapes on the accent wall that we did I love to rewind it over and over again because the outcome is so fantastic after peeling off the masking tapes. At first, I thought it will not look great because there were paints all over the masking tapes but when we removed it Wow! Gosh! The result was so beautiful! All our hardworks in painting this wall were very very worth it! We were also very careful when peeling off the masking tapes because we were so bothered that the paints might be peel off too on the wall that we painted Fortunately, there were no paints that were peeled off while doing this procedure In this room renovation journey of ours I did not expect that we can make a room beautiful as this an accent wall beautiful as this one I also discovered we do have our own artistic sides I’m happy that we did great! I’m so proud of us! For those of you who are planning to renovate your own rooms Just go for it! Keep pushing! You can do it! We have so many resources that we can get our ideas from like Pinterest, Youtube and there are so many vloggers out there about their room renovations At least, you may also check for ideas that you like as concept to your room That sums up Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6 of our room renovation Please wait for Day 7 Reveal Day of our room renovation Hope you’ll LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!!! See you on my next video! Bye!

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