ROOM TOUR 2018!! Pinterest + Tumblr Inspired Room Decor!

ROOM TOUR 2018!! Pinterest + Tumblr Inspired Room Decor!

hey guys it’s Adrienne welcome back to
my channel and welcome to officially finally after months and months of
living here I am giving you my official 2018 room tour I can’t even believe it’s
happening it’s one of those things where my room will never be like exactly how I
want it like perfect but it is pretty much there now so I figured I would just
go ahead and show you the anticipation can be over now I don’t even know what
to say I’m just so excited I have never had a room that I liked so much I am
obsessed with this one I have so many things to show you guys that I got and
while I was decorating my room I really tried to like be a bargain hunter and
buy really inexpensive things so I’m gonna share with you guys some of those
little tricks and I will do my absolute best to link every product that I can
down below if I can’t find something or it’s not for sale anymore sorry but I’ll
let you know where everything’s from at least so you guys can go search it
yourself I want to thank Doh shopping because they sent our house a lot of the
stuff that is in my room and in the rest of the house which all eventually do a
house to work so to find a lot of the stuff that I did get you can go to the
doh tap follow me and I have a house and room favorites list where a lot of those
items are listed and you can actually order them from that app if you want I
will also just try to link everything separately but I did want to thank them
for sending a lot of this stuff I also want to thank Ksenia which I will tell
you guys about in a second when I show you they send us a lot of those art
prints that you see on our walls in our bedrooms and in our house and I actually
have a coupon for 25% off that is only valid until the 14th so if you guys are
interested in purchasing any wall or it’s very inexpensive it is so so so
cute you just can’t get frames unfortunately because they don’t ship to
the US quite yet but that code is valid for any prints not the hand-picked ones
but anything else they are so cute I highly recommend so I will also link
that down below and if you’re curious about the process of how I put my room
together and how I built things and made things go over to my blog channel which
I will also link down below because I have a lot a lot of moving blogs there
since the very start up until now and I’m still doing them everyday because I
always have stuff to clean and move so if you guys want to check those out I’ll
link the playlist down below but without further ado you guys I really have
nothing more to say I am going to show you guys my god room I’m so excited I
cannot wait so when you first walk in my room here is like an overall view I
think it’s so cute it’s very bright the colors are kind of white and black
minimal and with a couple pops of pink and pops of wooden as well as like green
for some plants so that was kind of the color scheme I went for so if you take a
look at wall one this is one of my favorite walls you’ll probably recognize
it as the backdrop of a lot of my videos so over in the corner I have my white
board on my door and then I have these little hooks that I just recently hung
up to kind of just hold my purse my keys anything that I need then I have my desk
I love this area it makes working so much fun I had just installed that shelf
recently and over on the right I have this paper holder from Ikea I love this
because it’s very heavy-duty I can stick really heavy things in it and I also
just think it looks really cute and my desk lamp is also from Ikea I really
like how it looks I added a little bit of fake plants just around there to make
it look super cute and these coasters I’ve had forever they’re from
Anthropologie next to these wall grids I will say I got this on Amazon for way
way way cheaper than a lot of other stores that have them the gold clips are
also from Amazon and this little desk organizer thing is from Target
I just wanted to stick with the white someone there I keep my hard drives and
some office supplies this pen holder is from cotton on an idea wide the other
one then I have this nice little fur rug that I throw on my chair apparently it’s
the trendy thing to do and just added some cute decor to my shelf the shelf is
from Ikea you guys it’s so cheap those brackets are 50 Cent’s and that shelf
itself is like ten dollars so that’s kind of what that looks like next we
have my bookcase and this bookcase was 30 bucks from Target oh my god such a
good deal so I just keep some books on top as well as a bowl from my dad’s
wedding that they had blown and then I got my work like a boss light-up box I
think these are so cute I got mine at Target and these pink crystals from
Urban Outfitters again I just added a cute little plant and the positive vibes
only which is from I think a store called on kit and then this gold paper
tray from Target and of course I had to stick in a cute little plant that is
from Ikea fake of course this a I also got from Ann kit and this little wire
basket thing from a target on the bottom shelf kind of boring I got my printer
and I have some file folders for where I keep my medical taxes all that kind of
crap so here in the corner I have these hanging plants the fake plants are from
Ikea they were super cheap these crochet kind of hanging down things and the
hooks I use are from Amazon and then I this sometimes it’s okay if the only
thing you did today was pre-post her from dicenio– and I put my laundry
basket over there which is kind of random but it’s very very cute so here
is an overview of wall number two which is my bedroom wall I have two
nightstands with these lamps on them from this clock I got a
long time ago in high school and these nightstands are from West Elm I just
like to keep some books some journals right on the nightstand and I like to
keep this cute little eye mask even though I don’t really use them but I
just think it’s cute slippers are a must because whenever I get out of bed I
really want to have my feet feel all comfy and I just recently added all
these pillows I’m so so so happy with how they look and I got my blue little
throw blanket so first these euro size pink pillowcases are from Amazon they
were very inexpensive they are so comfy and cute I actually di wide these
chequered pillow cases they were so much cheaper than the ones sold at stores so
I will link the vlog down below where I show how I made this DIY this chequered
pillow case is from Ikea I just stuck it around a pillow insert I don’t remember
where the throw blanket was from but my favorite part of the whole room this
gallery wall so all of these prints are from dicenio like I mentioned and I
actually like threw this out on Photoshop to see what it would look like
first and I just love the way this looks I got my namaste in bed it’s sticking
with that whole pink and green kind of theme I really really love how my bed
looks and of course my favorite part of this wall is this hello sign from Urban
Outfitters it is so cute I get so many comments about it every day
I will link it obviously it is so cute then I just have my other nightstand
same marble lamp got a little cute little trinkets candle is from Target
the same notepad from cotton on that I have on my desk and I just keep kind of
some junk underneath I still need to figure out what to do with that stuff
while number three is mostly my closet wall but I have this cute crochet
decoration from Amazon and then I just have this basket from Target with this
pillow from I think Urban Outfitters and this little + sign which I don’t
remember where I got that but I kind of just keep some extra blankets and
pillows in there and I think that it kind of adds a little cute touch to the
corner this is my giant closet and if you guys didn’t see my closet tour yet I
will link it down below and another cute print from dicenio–
think it looks so cute even in the mirror moving on to wall number 4 I have
another closet and I keep this stool with these little succulents just kind
of bare I don’t know this cool peace sign hook is from urban I think I could
be wrong I’ll link it down below I need to put some pictures in these little
frames haven’t done that yet and then I got my TV I got this lamp from Target
the shake your booty thing a brand gave that to me
candle from Anthropologie and this little rose gold basket things from
Target my favorite part of this ball you guys is this LED light I got this little
LED light strip from Amazon super super cheap it comes with a remote and I can
literally have it be a new color I want just adds a really cute inviting light
into the room then I got my classic mom dresser from Ikea love it got my work it
girl light up box mini version which I am also obsessed with and then we have
my bathroom there’s not a whole lot to see in here besides another print from
dicenio– I got my towels and you know just kind of all my stuff check out my
blogs if you want to see more about like this stuff just got some more prints and
then yeah that’s what it looks like coming out of my bathroom into my room
I’m so happy with how it looks oh my gosh I love it I hope you guys loved it
too I’m so happy with it I’ve never been so happy with a bedroom everything is
just so cute and how I like it perfectly my aesthetic so I really hope you guys
liked it remember to check out any of the links I also have a majority of the
stuff that I said I got on Amazon will be in my amazon store but I’ll try to
link stuff individually to just make it easy for you guys but check out the
description box because I put a ton of stuff in there and as I said also I did
a closet tour already so if you guys are interested in how I organize my closet
and what kind of clothes I have things like that go check out my closet tour
I’ll link that as well subscribe to my channel if you’re new click that
notification little bell so that you guys can know when I upload because I
know YouTube is weird and sometimes like doesn’t tell people and it’s really
annoying so be sure to click that Bell and I can’t wait to see you guys in my
next video I love you so so much I have a ton of really exciting fun things
planned for this summer in terms of video content
so cannot wait I’ll see you guys next time

63 thoughts on “ROOM TOUR 2018!! Pinterest + Tumblr Inspired Room Decor!

  1. I am obsessed with your room!!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน. Love you so much๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. Damn girl such goals!! You can tell so much thought and effort went into putting this room together! So worth it! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  3. i knew your room tour was going to be good but i totally wasnโ€™t expecting this!! your room is literally my pinterest coming to life!

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  5. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR ROOM!! ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ We kinda share the same style too. I loved how u edited this!

  6. Love your room. Was also just wondering what is the name of the lipstick you are wearing? Cool color ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. hey guys, im redoing my room too! my theme is white and grey and a light purple color. the main part on my room will be the bed which will have fairy lights covered by a sheer curtain behind it. im excited! im also getting a new desk and dresser. also a tv ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for linking everything down below for decor

  8. How did you fasten the paper holder to the wall? I'm looking into buying the same one but am worried about the weight of the papers knocking it down!

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