room tour 2018

room tour 2018

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  1. I loved this video cause it inspired me redecorate my room also I wanted a headboard but they are really expensive but now I got inspired to do it myself ❤️

  2. Hey, guys, I'm a small channel and I have a goal of hitting 200 subscribers by the end of this year please help me beat this goal

  3. dumbass ur soooo extrathat u have these little wooden boards made personally for u
    what a waste on trees on such a spoilt brat

  4. Nobody:

    Hannah: My room looks like this all the time. I don’t know what you’re talking about…


  5. does anyone know what specific color that might be ? 😭😻👼🏼 – been looking for a nice grey for so long 🥺✨

  6. Has anyone found where her watering thing is from cuz i love it and want it for my own room! Lol help a girl out

  7. Everyone who has there own room is so lucky I’m sixteen and have to share a room with my sister and little brother my little brother!!!

  8. I remember watching this before my parents decided to rennovate our house and now i'm getting my own room and i'm def getting inspiration from your room 🙂

  9. I Love your makeup table !! i really wanna get one for my room , I tried searching for it at Lowe’s but no luck

  10. I’ve been looking for the white bedspread she got from urban but I can’t seem to find the exact one. If someone could give the the name or link that would be amazing!

  11. Ok my room rn sucks but I have $800 saved up, and when we move in 3 months I'm going to take so much inspiration from ur room it's so gorgeous

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