RUSTIC HOME DECOR – One Easy Way to Warm up your Space

RUSTIC HOME DECOR – One Easy Way to Warm up your Space

we needed to introduce elements to add warmth to the space and these mirrors was not quite doing it we could use elements like color different textures and lighting to warm up the space but let’s keep this simple let’s focus on one thing modern rustic shelves it can blend well with modern interiors because it breathes warmth into the space that can come from natural reclaimed wood that embraces imperfections like the knots dents and variations in the colors which brings character in this space these particular shelves was stain in dark espresso brown it’s actually made of five individual pieces it’s hollow in the back so you can slide the shelves onto the pegs, the texture of the shelves is similar to smooth sandpaper it does include mounting brackets and screws this is actually purchased at Etsy it was handmade so each piece is unique we also decided to add support brackets to the shelves which gives a more of an industrial look also the brackets prevents the shelves from sagging I found that the main complaint about floating shelves is the sagging by the way these are heavy duty support 8 by 6 inch brackets you can actually hold up 500 pounds its intended use is actually for granite countertops as far as functionality goes the shelves help free up the kitchen counter space and maintain a clutter free kitchen we like keeping things like spice jars coffee tea close at hand but never really found a great solution for these items until we added the shelves until next time guys I’ll talk to y’all later

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  1. I like this. I'm remodeling my kitchen and like the idea of open shelving, but I've found that everything looks too "farmhouse" as opposed to industrial- definitely a contender! Thanks for the video

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