Sanjhi – The Art Of Paper Cutting | Paper Cutting Art

Sanjhi – The Art Of Paper Cutting | Paper Cutting Art

Hi everybody, welcome back! I am Disha and I’m here to help you transform your house into a home. In today’s episode of our Indian Art form series, I’m gonna talk about the art of paper cutting or better known as Sanjhi. Like the name itself suggests Sanjhi or paper cutting artwork is an art of paper cutting in a way that paper holds together and yet it shows beautiful intricate pattern on it. So like always, I’ll start with the origin, style, theme and then process of the art. So let’s start Sanjhi is practiced in Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh in India. Though it is done all across the world but Sanjhi is little different from all of them. Sanjhi is said to have originated around 400-500 years ago in the 16th or 17th century So like all the other Indian Art forms that I have shared in my previous videos, this art form is also very ancient. And some craftsmen believe that Sanjhi word is derived from Saanjh or Shaam which means dusk the time of day when temple floors are decorated using these stencilled papers and on the other hand, some craftsmen believe that this umm Sanjhi is derived from Sanjhi word is derived from saaj sajja or sajavat which means decoration because these papers are used to decorate temple floors. Since it is a traditional art form of Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the theme mainly depicts the life of Lord Krishna and his various leelas and temple floors and walls are decorated using these stencilled papers and rangoli This art form is highly refined so it is mainly done by the Brahmin priests in temples. Nowadays only few families to be precise only 14 or 15 families are there in Mathura and Vrindavan who practice this art. If you are interested in seeing Sanjhi in temples then Radharaman temple in Vrindavan is the place where you can see this art. It is believed that Radhe (Radha) used to decorate her walls and floors using colored papers, foils, colored stones and flowers and leaves to woo Krishna and then all the other Gopis also followed the suit But during the Mughal period, the art form began to depict more scenes like Mughal architecture, floral and geometric patterns and various other scenes. Like I said earlier, it is an art of paper cutting so only paper, specially designed scissors and sometimes blade is used to cut paper and then intricate mythological figures, floral and geometric patterns are cut into paper. And here I would like to share an amazing fact that in its traditional form, craftsmen don’t draw or trace the design on the paper they would just make the paper cutting directly on the paper It is done precisely that you wouldn’t be able to find any flaw. and hence here I would like to mention two names who are still reviving this art form and keeping it alive. They are Mr. Mohan Kumar Verma and Mr. Ram Soni. They are fourth generation Sanjhi artists. Let me introduce Pooja Ajmera, a paper cutting artist. I’ve featured her in my blog. the link is given in the description box below. She left her corporate job and started “Teekhii Chhurii” where she makes and sells paper cutting artwork. Here is some of her paper cutting work. For paper cutting art you will obviously need a paper. It can be a handmade paper, good quality printing paper, watercolor paper or any paper from 90 gsm to 385 gsm But remember the thinner the paper is, the easier it is to cut but that will increase the chances of making mistakes. I’m using 120 gsm A4 size scrapbooking paper. I’ve added the links to buy all the products in the description box. Next, you’ll need a self healing cutting mat so that your work surface is protected. this mat has grid and patterns marked on both sides. This is a must-have item for crafters and for people who love DIYs. and also, you’ll need a blade or scalpel with fine point. a pencil and an eraser Now place the paper on cutting mat for design either you can create your own design like I did I’ll try to add it in printable format in my blog and then I’ll add the link in the description as well or you can find free templates online. Download the template and then you can print it on the paper the printed side will be wrong side so make sure you print the mirror image of the design. Here is an extra tip Don’t apply cream or moisturizer on your hands or else you’ll end up staining your paper This second fish I’m making to show you the paper cutting work in easier way I’ve shaded all the parts that I’ll cut out using blade It looks like stencil and it’ll be easy for you to start with this one make sure you have a sharp blade and keep some spare blades too keep them safe in a case My blade was blunt so I am changing it now hold the knife like pen and try to keep even pressure Enjoy the process and relax. Don’t do it in a hurry While making cuts hold the paper with the other hand for more control. For cutting straight lines you can use ruler but for such curved designs it is better to move the paper around. Cut the paper deeply enough that it goes through the paper but not too deep Remove the pieces of paper as you cut them out You can use blade’s tip to lift the chip of paper and then pull it with your fingers. Do it gently. If it doesn’t come out easily then use blade to cut it again and it’ll come out easily. Here I’m demonstrating how to cut intricate and complex patterns cut as close as you can to either side of the pencil line Do it slowly and enjoy every bit of this process. No matter how pro the artist is the blade sometimes slips and can sever an element of your design Don’t panic at that time Use either sticky tape to fix the element or use a chip of paper and stick it on the place where you have made a mistake. once the design is complete you can either get it framed between glasses or you can use contrasting paper for the background. I am bit confused about the background color. I’m showing you some backgrounds here Please help me by leaving the comment which one you liked the most So I really hop that you enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. And in case you try to make this art form then do share with me on my Instagram This is my Instagram ID and this my Facebook ID I’ll see you soon in my next video. till then watch either this video or this. Wish you all Love, Luck & Sunshine. Bye Bye

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  1. Happy Holi to all those who celebrate. On the Occasion of Holi, I bring to you the tutorial of an art form that originated in Mathura which is the birthplace of Lord Krishna.

    Please turn on the CC. I did voiceover in the midnight so the voice will not be very clear as I was too tired. Hence I have added the captions.

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