Savers Thrift Haul – Home Decor

Savers Thrift Haul – Home Decor

Hi everyone, my name’s Tyler. Today, I’m here with a home decor thrift haul. It’s going to be pretty short because I’m really struggling finding thrift finds in the new place I moved to. And I don’t normally shop for home goods, but I moved into a new place if you haven’t seen my life update video, you can watch it over here. Um, just to see where I moved to and find some information on that. But, I’ve been struggling. I’m not a home goods shopper at all. Normally, my thrift finds include like, a lot of clothing and pretty much, that’s it. So I’m dabbling in home goods and I really want to decorate my apartment…uh…with a lot of thrifted, secondhand finds because I’m on a budget and I want to find cute stuff. Also, it’s good for the environment by shopping secondhand. So, with that being said, I want to show you guys what I got. Um…Only a few pieces, like I said, but, um I feel like some of it is really good, so let’s get into it. The first item, I’m obsessed with. It’s this very pretty throw pillow. It’s like a really nice ivory color and it has little silver sequins on it and I only found one. This was six dollars. I got it from Savers Thrift Store. And it is so beautiful. My color palette is like neutrals, like browns and ivories and like pops of greens. But, this pillow, I was like this will look so good thrown on the couch So, they only had one and this is by Target. So, I went on Target’s website to see if I could find the match But apparently they don’t sell it anymore. So I’m on the hunt for another match of this. Because it kind of looks crazy with just one pillow on my couch. So since I just moved, I’ve really been watching like, DIY Youtube channels on home decor. I’ll put some of my favorite DIY channels down below that I’ve been watching. But because I’ve been watching those I feel like I am an expert crafter, DIYer, which I am not. I have no patience for that kind of stuff. But, I felt so inspired. So… I ended up making a pillow Um…I…so I bought a pillow from Savers Thrift Store. This was three dollars. Um… but it came with this on it. It was like inside this thing that says Smile and I didn’t really like it that mu ch, so I took the pillow cover off and I bought some fabric And the fabric was…so the pillow itself, like the smile pillow itself was three dollars I want to say and the fabric was three dollars . So I took some fabric. I cut it up. And I hand-sewed this pillow because my sewing machine doesn’t have the right threads. It had like black threads and I need white. But I think it came out really nice. And again it’s like that nice neutral palette. It’s ivory and it has brown stripes and it’s a nice little throw pillow. And I, I don’t know. I like it better than this smile pillow. But then, now that I’m looking at it together I feel like this fabric kind of looks like, you know pillows a lot of the times just have stripes on them like before you put it in an insert I feel like this kind of looks like it needs to go inside an insert. I don’t know. I’m proud of my creation though and I think it’ll look good with my color palette once I get like my bed and all that stuff set up. The next items I got are these two little milk jugs. They say fresh on them. And I thought this was so cute just to put maybe some plants in or some flowers and these were both a dollar No…were they both a dollar? These were both like fifty cents. Wherever I went they were super cheap. The next item I got is this really nice picture frame. I really like that it kind of a rustic look to it. It has…it’s white, but it has like a brown kind of… I don’t know. It just gives me all the neutral tones that I want for my apartment. Um…this was a dollar and fifty cents from Savers Thrift Store. The next item I got I was super excited to find. I don’t currently have a coffee table, but when I get one this is going on it. It’s this really nice wooden like, tray. It’s by Target. Um…it’s a good size and it’s a really pretty wood color I like. But it’s a bed tray. So it actually has legs so you can eat in bed with it. But I think I’m going to just put it you know, on the coffee table with like, some candles and some books on it. But I think it’s so nice. And this ended up costing twelve dollars. But it was still brand new. It had the sticker on it. I don’t know if you can see the sticker residue. I got most of it off. But it’s still pretty sticky. Um… but it’s a good find. I’m so excited for this. So, So got this, even though I’m struggling with thrift stores, I was like okay… they have good stuff. So that’s why I’m like never give up on the thrift stores. Keep going back you never know what you’ll find. Even if time and time again you find nothing. You’ll stumble on something…eventually. The last thrift find I got I was really excited about. It’s actually my desk chair. I’m sitting in it now. So I’m going to maybe pan out or like do some kind of footage so you can see what it looks like. But I am in love with it. It’s a really nice wood color. I again am into DIYs, so I changed the fabric on it. I, what, I reupholstered it. But not really? I don’t know what I did to it but I made it work. And it was very difficult to get the fabric on it. But I’m happy with how it turned out overall and it looks really good contrasted against my white desk. I’m not sure who the chair is by, but I got it from Savers and it was ten dollars. And I’m telling you my boyfriend was like that looks so uncomfortable. It is such a comfortable chair. I am super happy with it. So those are all of the recent thrift finds I’ve gotten for this home decor kind of thing. I’m still on the hunt. I need a lot more stuff. My apartment feels very empty. So, more of these videos will be coming soon. Let me know in the comments below which item is your favorite. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, let me know what the best thrift stores are for home goods. Because I’m struggling out here. And I thank you guys so much for watching, I’ll see you guys next time. Bye.

10 thoughts on “Savers Thrift Haul – Home Decor

  1. Nice finds! I like the chair and tray! You can also finds good deals at Ross for small furniture items. Sometimes they are on clearance too.

  2. LOVE that chair you scored! Two questions : How far away are you from Savers? How does the Savers there compare to Summerlin Savers?

  3. I couldn't understand what's wrong with your sewing machine, cause i have the same one (saw it in your apartment tour) and I'm a little bit worried if it's not good I guess

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