Saving Private Ryan (5/7) Movie CLIP – Private Jackson (1998) HD

Saving Private Ryan (5/7) Movie CLIP – Private Jackson (1998) HD

Heavy weapon in a defilade below, I ain’t got a shot. Panzer move. Parker! Targets 8 o’clock low! Parker: Shit! God grant me strength. C’mon. Displace C’mon! (GI’s screaming) Cover Upham! Cover! Cover! (GI screaming) Parker: I’m out of 30 caliber. Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teach my hands to war, and my fingers to fight. My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; My shield, and he in whom I trust; Parker, get out! (Explosion)

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  1. Out of curiosity, if he'd fired at the barrel of the tank, just as the tank was firing at him, would his bullet hitting the missile have made the missile explode before it reached him?

  2. As soon as I would have seen that Marder point his turret towards me, I would have been down that church tower in a heart beat.

  3. The greatest thing about Jackson is that the first thing he does when he sees danger is not to save himself but to warn his friend.

  4. One of the best eppics ever thanks guys for sharing the best and to show that dificult Times for the actores and for the director thanks from Carlos Portugal

  5. In this particular case the Germans were many & the Americans defenders were few with light arms m1 Thomson. 1 machine gun few improvised grenades e t c.but they had cover any way it was in the captain's character to stand & defend the spot to the last man it was his leadership that makes the difference to hold under all circumstances until reinforcements arrives to save the day he actually did just that he stick to his aim but at the end it cost him his own life it was a victory because the Germans withdraw but he didn't live to see the turning point & get his final satisfaction now as far as I'm concerned about the sniper I'm of the same opinion I really thought that at the last moment he will fired his rifle at the tank cannon barrel & that some how he will reached inside & cause an explosion but sadly it wasn't to be its a great war story & always I keep a copy of it in my personal collection tom without any doubt is a great all around American actor .

  6. "Panzer move Parker!" …….erm, no its "Pincer move Parker!" He's saying the Germans are acting on a pincer move with their troops, multiple angles of attack down below.

  7. Fun Fact: Jackson’s rifle, an M1903A4 Springfield, in real life was only fitted with a 2.2x Weaver scope, which is present for the majority of the movie. But here, his scope was changed to an Unterl 8x Scope, which was NOT something guys could do in the field. On top of that, the Unterl was only used by USMC snipers in the Pacific, not by the Army.

  8. If anybody wants to know Barry Pepper actor who played private jackson as a sniper now plays russian sniper in another movie. His sniper scene is bit more controversial.

  9. It's a huge bummer to see Jackson die. By the way he is also an actor at another war movie which take place in the iwo jima beach.

  10. 2 mistakes in this clip, 1st one is he says he is out of .30 caliber when a belt is clearly seen hanging down full of rounds, the 2nd mistake is why show us a close up of the supposed .30 rounds if you can clearly see they are crimped and have no actual bullets on them!

  11. the ridiculous part about the scene is, how jackson and parker did not displace & take into consideration that the panzer was going to shot them. did they think they were going to be ignored by the panzer while they were taking down german soldiers one by one, like flies?

  12. 0:52 See the mistake in the movie, he points the gun to the ground and the bullet hits the body of the American soldier 😂😂😂

  13. I know that his death maybe wasn’t really a good sendoff, but that was the point. It shows just how life can change in a flash, especially in war, one second he’s sniping germans and the next he realizes his fate is sealed. At least it was a painless death for a great character

  14. whats the movie with the german sniper in the church tower just shooting americans it was black and white, can't find it anymore

  15. Private Jackson, left handed shooter, rifle made for a right handed soldier, Jackson's last stand, VS a tank BANG

  16. Can't find another Jackson anywhere, he is so badass!!
    I was like "please man…alive…" and then he died =_= War movie should not cast actors with handsome look for real, you know when it talks about war, there must be some freaking cool characters(their actions), with attractive look and they all die at the end =_= will never get over this T..T

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