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Hi, I’m Harshpreet, I’m a Design Partner with, I’ve been associated with Livspace since the past 2.5 years. And today, we are here at Bestech Grand Spa
at one of my client’s apartments. And it’s a 3BHK apartment which we did beautifully
in Scandinavian lines and modern style language. The client was very clear about what they
wanted in their master bedroom as that was the space where they wanted to spend most
of their time. And they are people who have very elegant taste, and very subtle taste in colours as well. But also we had to add a touch of luxury to their bedroom. So we used mirror paneling and wooden paneling behind the bed. The great part about this house is that they’ve provided with a lounge area as well. Because that is the recreational space for
the entire family, where they have their TV set up, and also this is like their private
zone. So we planned on creating something in a different colour like a bright blue colour, that we thought of. So here we had to design a seating which could be again converted into a bed when required, because this would act as another bedroom. Also, the seating had to be comfortable enough, so that they can sit on it, recline on it and watch TV. So I think we’ve come up with solutions for the same. The living, dining and foyer – the 3 areas
are connected with each other. This is a huge, open space, and we wanted to use key elements in each area, to differentiate the areas from each other. So, but we also had to think of a connecting element which connects these 3 areas as well. So we washed all the walls with a nice shade of greige, and that makes the space look much bigger than it is as well. And for the foyer area, we used beautiful
pendant lamps as marked to the entry into the house, and for the living area, we’ve used elements on the wall, like we’ve created a greige wall with a wall grooving and we’ve created a bar-cum-display area, which is also a storage space for the house. Since we’ve used neutral colour tones and
material palette in the entire house, similar design language was followed in the kitchen. We used Statvario digital printed tile, the
entire space of living, dining, kitchen and foyer can now be treated as one big space. Since all the areas are joined by the use
of colour. Mr. Sarvjit has two sons, both of them are
engineers, and they are living in different cities. But one of the rooms in the house had to be given to the sons so we decided to do it in a more industrial, bachelor pad sort of a design language than a kiddish one. So we used a palette of navy blue, and white bricks in the room. We’ve used solid gold colours all across the house, and we had an opportunity to use some sort of wallpaper in print in one of the areas. I felt that the guest room was a perfect space for us to use it, as that was the space used lesser by the client, as they did not like
too much patterns and prints. But they were open to experimentation and they wanted some area of the house which looked different from the rest of it. So we explored that by using a digital printed Krsna Mehta wallpaper and we used absolutely vibrant shades over there. And it has come out beautifully, by combining it with wooden paneling and we’ve accentuated it by taking a solid colour from the wallpaper and using it in the curtains and accessories around it. So I think that’s a very vibrant room of the
house and I think it’s going to be an eye-catching space for anyone who enters the space. If you like this video, make sure to share it on Whatsapp using the share button!

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