Scandinavian Studio Unit MAKEOVER Philippines // No Renovation Interior Revamp // by Elle Uy

Scandinavian Studio Unit MAKEOVER Philippines // No Renovation Interior Revamp // by Elle Uy

We’re not going to do any construction, No renovation… not even any pain– (???) Again. Hi! This is Elle Uy, and welcome back to another makeover. Our makeover for today is this studio unit. We haven’t started yet, so we’re just planning something simple. We won’t be doing any construction, or renovation, not even painting. We’ll keep the walls white, but we’re going to change some furniture and we’re going to add a lot of cabinets and storage. So, I’ll give you a tour before we start making changes. As you enter the unit, as you can see, they really lack storage space. So we’re going to add some cabinets for shoes, and there will be a bench over here, then another cabinet on the side. So we’re going to keep the mirror because it makes the space bigger, right? Hi!!! There. Then, as you enter, this is her living area. We’re going to change the sofa into a daybed. Here’s their dining area. This chair over here is really cute. For the kitchen, we’re swapping the fridge for a smaller one, then we’re going to make an appliance tower. This is her closet. That’s the makeup area… we’ll work on that too… and that’s the bedroom. So… We’ll be putting a cabinet here, as well. So, stay tuned for the reveal of this unit later. Okay? I’m here in the unit for a visit because I’m going to pick up these frames here. plus… The one over there, because we’re going to be spray painting the frames I’m going to paint them white, then we’ll be changing the print. And that too. Hi guys! Welcome back to Elle’s channel. (Overlapping greetings) Elle: Hi! This is Chami. Elle: She’s my client for this studio unit. Elle: So… why do you want to renovate this unit? Chami: First is because I have a lot of things, Chami: and I needed more storage space. Elle: Most people who live in a studio unit, Elle: has a problem with storage. Elle: So, we had a lot of cabinets made. Elle: And what’s your theme? Chami: I want it in line with my theme, Chami: because you designed my first unit… Elle: Oh yeah, she also had a condo unit before this. Elle: So… there. I did that too. Elle: Years ago. Chami: 4 or 5 years ago… Elle: Way, way back… Chami: So there, it’s like, Chami: When I contacted Elle, Chami: I told her that I want the same style for this unit. Chami: Scandinavian? Elle: Mhmm Elle: It’s been reduced a bit. Chami: Yay! Chami: I moved out. Elle: She moved out. All her stuff’s gone now. Elle: What’s your favorite? Chami: What? Elle: …part of your unit? Chami: This one! Chami: This is my super super favorite. Chami: When this was delivered, Chami: though the unit’s still messy, Chami: I already slept on this daybed. Elle: Just check out her Instagram. Elle: She’s got a lot of travel photos. Chami: Chami-approved Elle: and #chamiapproved products that are nice. Elle: Actually, I always look forward to her posts. Elle: I always check out what she recommends.
You can check it out too. Chami: Yay, thank you. Elle: And as of now, I’m about to shoot the tour, Elle: So I’ll be kicking her out of her condo. (MUTUAL LAUGHTER) Chami: Bye guys! Elle & Chami: BYE So I’m here in the hallway of this studio unit, and we’ve maximized the function of this hallway. As you remember from before,
there were so many shoes, so much stuff, and what we did was… this! We made a storage cabinet for her, so this unit here is full of her shoes, even the compartment below, and that bench… they all contain shoes. There’s so many shoes, as in… Here, let me show you… So…here. Shoes, everything… There’s a lock. Same for this compartment. And we did not build a high storage here because… it’s also necessary for her to have a full length mirror. Since the priority here is to create more storage space… Here’s another piece which we had custom-made. It’s an Office Tower.
(Really an office tower??) There…all her office supplies are placed there. She has her printer here, and she also got drawers there. So… For the kitchen, here’s her kitchen. (Before) (After) We didn’t do much here. As in, that was her existing cabinet… everything here was there before. The only thing we changed was this one. So basically, her old fridge was huge, but she said she didn’t really use it that much. She didn’t need it, so she opted for a mini fridge. And we had an appliance/pantry tower made. So all, or at least the majority,
of what was on her counter top before… were transferred here, so it’s a lot more useful for her. And it looks way neater than before. For the dining… Here it is! (Before) (After) We changed the layout of the table. So since it’s a lot more spacious now, we can pull this off. Those two furniture there… they are existing furniture here. You just didn’t see it much because it got covered up by clutter. But now it’s a highlight. For the TV wall, we just replaced some photos. But the major change that we did there is having the old black frames painted white. The goal, aside from sorting the clutter, is to make it visually appealing to the eyes. So instead of creating contrast using the black frames,
it looks seamless this way. I’m not saying the black frames look bad because I love doing black frames. It just so happened that, for this space, it’s small and packed with stuff, so we try to lessen the visual clutter
as much as possible. Her favorite part of the area is this sofa. (Before) (After) We had this sofa done. It’s a bit like a daybed so if she has guests, they’ll have a space for sleeping. One of the goals here was to add as much storage
as possible to this unit. The entire bottom part of the daybed
contains two big drawers. Because before, her sofa here didn’t have storage, so we had it built for this. And… the pillows look so cute. This is velvet in soft pink color. These artworks are her photographs from her travels, so her pictures are very meaningful. We changed the pictures that were here before. They were from her old apartment. More edgy, black and white and cute. Meanwhile, this is more on the pastel tones, and we also changed the frame to white. So when you check out the sofa area, it’s very peaceful now. The bed area… (Before) (After) We changed this as well
because before there was just a ledge here. So we maximized all the areas
where we can put storage in. We have another storage for her clothes. And, the side table over here is really cute. This will serve as her coffee table here. And she can pull it over to the bed area to serve as a side table. I hung a rainbow plush over there… I saw it there, just hanging from the stand. It was too cute. So (laughing)… I placed it here just for an accent. It’s just cute. It’s more of a highlight here than where it was before. And the frames that were very colorful really matched here where we’ve also got a lot of color in the headboard area. This is an existing closet. This (make-up area) was also here before. We just added things to make it fancy. And we added a makeup cabinet underneath. So that’s it. As you can see, it was just a very minor makeover. We just added a lot of storage. We also added some pink and other pastel colors… …colors that would make the space happier. So with just a few changes here and there… visually, there will be huge difference. So small changes can make a big difference when it comes to your homes. That’s all for now, and just look forward to my next makeovers. And if you haven’t watched any of my old makeovers, check them out on my channel. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do. I’ll be posting more makeover videos, Decorating 101, and details about my future projects. ‘Til the next video! Bye!

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