See How 2 Families Make Life Work Under 1 Roof

See How 2 Families Make Life Work Under 1 Roof

(gentle instrumental music) – [Male Voice] There we go. Perfect. – [All] Cheers. – [Male Voice] Happy Sunday. Let’s do a toast. – I’m thankful for all
the people in this room. – It didn’t start off with the idea of living together. – I’m thankful for
everybody being here today. – [Woman’s Voiceover] It sort of morphed into living together. – [Woman in Blue] I’m
thankful Frank cooked. – My husband and my
brother-in-law both work a lot. So when we started having children, my sister and I, we sort
of leaned on each other. – [Cathy] It’s gorgeous
out here this morning. (laughing) – I was very lucky because Cathy’s kids were always
a little bit older, and my younger two children
are 14 months apart. So she was a huge help
in helping me navigate that part of my life. – My wife and her sister both love to have families. They both love to have family gatherings. Actually, this was just
a natural progression of just moving in together. – First, you’re vacationing together, then you’re spending holidays
together, weekends together. All of a sudden you say, “We’re always together.” Why do we go to separate
houses with cars at night? We just go to separate bedrooms. – Our husbands are used to Cathy and I, but we were kind of expecting
a little more pushback. Like, really? We’re gonna live together? As soon as they saw the billiards room, they were all in. – This was a really unique
project because it was a bringing together of two
families under one roof. (upbeat music) This is the coolest thing. These two families, taking this
house, making it their own. – That was important for Cathy and I. When we looked on Houzz
and she found Julie, it was super important
that we found somebody that really got our vision
and our values, as a person. – We needed somebody that
was going to work with us and allow us to have
a lot of design input. – [Julie] She warned me that the house had been vacant for some time. The kitchen was dark. I could see layout possibilities, and I started talking with them about how I thought it should be laid out, and it was exactly the
page that they had been on. – The kitchens on Houzz
really inspired me. – She would just take me
on her phone for hours, and we’d flip through the stuff. – It made it so much easier
to plan the whole thing. Especially because we were
planning this as a team effort. – I was really excited to design
a kitchen for two families. So, there’s two very large
refrigerators in the space, and there are two dishwashers. How much seating did we want? We needed a bigger range. The layout for this came
together really quickly. The specifics of the type of storage and cabinetry and things that they needed took a little more development time. – Hidden behind here is where we keep all of our appliances plugged in. – [Julie] It was really
fun to talk with them about, you know, are you a spice addict? – [Cathy] We’ve got spices and
oils and vinegars for days. – Do you have a cast
iron skillet collection we need to have space for? – My pots, which of
course, pull out easily. – What is it that’s unique
about you and your family? – I get into that stuff. I love organizing. I love putting the silver
away a certain way. – They did it right on site. They brought the pieces of wood. We actually got out our silverware, and they made exactly the
right size spaces for each one. – [Cathy] My sister,
who is super organized, keeps all of our snacks
and breakfast things. – That to me, rocks my world. We have a pantry system. I write on all our jars. I’d rather do that than watch TV. – [Cathy] I love to clean. – I think if you are designing a kitchen you should have a paper
towel drawer like Cathy does. – So I love my paper towel drawer. – You gotta have one. There’s a beautiful
blend of function here, and great storage, with
just beautiful touches. The mullion doors, the tile going all the
way around the window. One of the unique things
that she did was decide to not just have a
beautiful marble island, but make it bold. So it’s actually double thickness. – We knew we wanted to use marble in several areas of the house, so we searched high and low. I could not find exactly what I wanted. I knew I wanted a whiter base marble, and I knew I wanted a
variety of shapes and sizes. So I went on Houzz and found
exactly the marble I wanted. My installer thought I was crazy. He was like, “You are
not ordering five pallets of marble online.” So sure enough, we ordered
the marble on Houzz. It is incredible. We’ve got it in all the bathrooms, through the kitchen. My installer actually had to come back and say it to me, “You were right.” It’s probably the best
marble he’s ever worked with. – Frank and I, we each married a sister, and in saying that, we
looked at each other and said, well, we better get along because we’re going to
be together forever. – I came from just being
the only son in a family, and Doug is the same way. So we didn’t have brothers. So it was interesting on developing this brother relationship, and it’s worked out very well. – [Debbie] Why this works is because we all know each other’s quirks, and we just talk about it. And there’s days we’ll say to each other, “We spend a lot of time together, like, I’ve over it.” This house, in particular, works because it has enough retreat space. – Upstairs is like living
in a boutique hotel. There was an area upstairs that Cathy had a great vision for. She wanted kind of a balcony bar area. – [Cathy] I start every
morning there with my coffee, and it leads right out
to the balcony outside, which you feel like you’re
just in the treetops. She also helped me with
my master bathroom, which turned out spectacular. – I was more of a second opinion on that. She would send me “I found this on Houzz, do you think this would work?” And she just ran with it. And it’s absolutely stunning. – [Cathy] My husband
loves the steam shower. I love my seven-foot tub. It’s my little spa retreat. – Cathy had a very strong sense of vision for the entire home. You’ll notice there’s really
a whole house palette here, and things flow. There’s nothing jarring
or seemingly out of place. The colors, the styles of
things, the furnishings. – The kitchen’s truly
the heart of the home. We really made it so that it actually has a sort of an elegant form, but super easy function. – You’re able to multi-task. You’re able to open up cupboards and find things that you want right away without searching for ’em. – The leatherized granite, you don’t have to worry about it. You can lay hot pots on it. Having up to 10 people
in the kitchen at once, you’d think, oh that’s crowded, you’re going to be
bumpin’ over each other, but the way our kitchen’s designed, it becomes a fuller place of enjoyment. – How they spend so much time together in making this home work for two families with kids in very different life stages was just heart-warming. – [Woman’s Voice] The apron is on, people. The apron is on. “Sauce Sunday” is beginning. (laughing) – Being that my husband’s Italian, he loves to make sauce on Sunday. – Sundays are a big day here because we do try to
still have that tradition of the culture, the food,
the family coming together. Everybody brings a little something, and everyone has to do
a little bit of work. – Sunday dinners are meant for gathering, sharing the week, having some good food, good comradery, and really get to catch up and stay connected. Don’t drain all the water. I’m trying to save the water. – [Man Carrying Pot] Okay. – [Girl] Here, want me to do this? – The best part of being
together in the same house is the support factor. – [Woman With Spatula] Awesome. – You’re not on an island by yourself depending on who’s schedule is what. We’re helping each other out. – When you have children, and if you have a late night that you’re working, and they come home from school, someone’s already home. They’re coming home to someone. They’re coming home to someone saying, and caring about ’em, “How was your day?” “How are things going?” – The combined family works fantastic. Family is someone that’s going to be there to support you, love you. Gets back to the old days when you used to live with your Grandmother and everybody in one home. That sense of generational families. – Here’s to “Sauce Sunday.” – [All] Yay! Cheers! – What our goal is, is
to have this home base, so that everyone can launch and really be the best that they can be, and we’re all supporting
each other in that. – [All] Woohoo! (birds lightly chirping)

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  1. That is a good idea in other countries this is how they like years ago in our country America a lost generation now but this family is making it happen.They must have a lot of love for each other God Bless Them!!!***

  2. No way could I live with my sisters…unless we had separate wings (and entrances). We are completely different people with very little common interests.

  3. In South Asia this is what u see in most families 😍. Love that it’s coming to west! U guys will enjoy this living. The coolest thing is u have people around for always ,and depression have a ‘no entry’ to this home 😍

  4. This is normal in Europe. Houses in Europe are built by the family and inherited. They are usually built with 2 separate apartments. One downstair, one upstairs, so when a daughter or a son merries they have a place to live without starting the life with a mortgage. You have parents to help with the children and you can help your parents when they are older. People live very close by but they are not interfiering.

  5. This is nothing new to us Asian peeps. We have more than one families under one roof. For families, we make things work whether we have room or not. Saves both families money and why not…

  6. It works because there is enough space and u already have a family that is used to being together. It's like having that one cousin who use to come over every weekend always there. I love it.

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  10. So Western culture is leaning towards Indian culture? Very sweet. Hope now we Indians will start to become Indian again, although I still live in a joint family of 20 people. Not necessarily our parents have more than 1 child of their own, but I think I have got more love during my childhood till today, than that of a child from a nuclear family.

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  17. As a child, my family included of 40 people and it such a normal thing in Afghanistan. Actually its kind of weird still when a family decides to move out, it kind of has a negative stigma.

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